Dumb Arguments

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zoleil преди 19 часа
ha ha funny number
CorgiKing преди ден
i have tears of joy know
random. преди ден
Lmao your ex gf sounds like my ex bsf, ngl.
Something happend
Something happend преди 2 дни
Today’s sponsor is nord vpn where you can defy the government and not get a felony
Mr. Q
Mr. Q преди 2 дни
I am really passive aggressive
Mahiba Mansoor
Mahiba Mansoor преди 2 дни
I'm proud of Dom for making that ex and ex.
Michaela Chan
Michaela Chan преди 3 дни
that first girl is VERY annoying
Violin Bros
Violin Bros преди 3 дни
I have an idiot in my neighborhood that picks a fight every time he can. He does it so much, that I just don't care anymore.
Nugget Likes The Pretty Lily
Nugget Likes The Pretty Lily преди 5 дни
Dang, I forgot about this, I'm glad you got outta that toxic crap
When When
When When преди 5 дни
A quote from ÇGP Grey thats related to this: "If you want to always be right, you have to always be ready to change your mind"
Owen Toad
Owen Toad преди 5 дни
“I’m not arguing” Noone has ever said that when they weren’t arguing.
シ Khemu シ
シ Khemu シ преди 5 дни
If people try to start and argument with me I'm just gonna copy and paste something that shows them how dumb they are for trying to start and argument
Lightning преди 5 дни
Android is better than iphone
Soundwave OP
Soundwave OP преди 6 дни
4:27 VEGETA's pride
phương trần
phương trần преди 6 дни
fionaapple montypython gidle marz garfield
PB&J Sandwïch
PB&J Sandwïch преди 6 дни
I sant icacram 5:50 Ye idk what this means either, so here in this useless piece of info
PB&J Sandwïch
PB&J Sandwïch преди 6 дни
Alexa Krznaric
Alexa Krznaric преди 6 дни
i like these ideas v much
XxpicesxX Oh yeah
XxpicesxX Oh yeah преди 7 дни
Not going I believe that the photographer do deserve the shoutout
Maddie Susan
Maddie Susan преди 7 дни
Yeah, I'm rarely passive aggressive but it happens on occasion
Mr top fox
Mr top fox преди 8 дни
Dang sorry domics i fell u domics bad bad bad Ex girlfriend
Yonso 「Water Trainer」
Yonso 「Water Trainer」 преди 8 дни
having a sibling basically makes me a master of arguments
Hoorab Khan
Hoorab Khan преди 8 дни
6:31 I died laughing lollll
Roberto Carlos Cabrera Castillo
Roberto Carlos Cabrera Castillo преди 8 дни
Im passive-agressive and agressive depending with who it is the person :V
Chris Ponzi
Chris Ponzi преди 8 дни
I love how he used "the past" as a gun mag
The Crioneese Video Maker
The Crioneese Video Maker преди 8 дни
Alternate title: how to not be a jerk part 1
Het Zarrow
Het Zarrow преди 9 дни
Scorbuney is clearly the best starter
Mateo Rives
Mateo Rives преди 9 дни
Literally writing down notes
XenoPetra преди 9 дни
Me: Mum i'm dropping out of university to edit animations for BGcd, i'm passionate about it. Mum: I like ya cut g
no I SAID NO преди 9 дни
I am going to go combust
Siddhant Parab
Siddhant Parab преди 9 дни
Let me give you a solution for useless discussions Buy a shotgun Keep it loaded always
Max Liu
Max Liu преди 9 дни
My last name is longer that yours domics Domics: Cool Domics ex girlfriend: Well just because your last name is longer than domics doesn't mean your last name is longer than mine... blah blah blah
JD Romero
JD Romero преди 9 дни
4:11 ah women
Ancient Aspirer
Ancient Aspirer преди 10 дни
The real question is Who's gonna explain to my parents? When they argue, I can literally hear the dumbness and suffocate me.
Mert Karakus
Mert Karakus преди 10 дни
This is so relatable, especially the gf argument things
Mj Dura
Mj Dura преди 10 дни
Ok so I realise my mistake... I'm...disappointed In myself
Ashten Pacenza
Ashten Pacenza преди 10 дни
“You your existence and every thing you love is garbage” “but I love you”
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen преди 11 дни
i suffocated from how toxic that was
Tj eslera
Tj eslera преди 11 дни
2:40 liked by 69 people NICE
Patrik Ljubo
Patrik Ljubo преди 12 дни
2:40 nice
Madina Ahmadzai
Madina Ahmadzai преди 12 дни
btw can I just say this dude speaks facts
depression hurts
depression hurts преди 13 дни
haha yeah my pride may be level 100
gambaylor преди 13 дни
bruh were going over ad hominem and tu quoque in English how tf
entertainment group
entertainment group преди 13 дни
Daniel Yoo
Daniel Yoo преди 14 дни
That photo credit argument is the dumbest argument ever
skitsophrenia преди 14 дни
i am bad
Isaac heinrich Macapagal
Isaac heinrich Macapagal преди 14 дни
Damn thanks
Waddles преди 14 дни
this video just became educational when Dom started talking about fallacies and giving example situations
Bea is Asum
Bea is Asum преди 15 дни
5:18 When u get a bad grade and ur parents know it.
Landon Lopez
Landon Lopez преди 15 дни
Filip Kubala
Filip Kubala преди 15 дни
4:04 i cant take that much dumbness and toxic
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic преди 15 дни
That was a super dumb argument with your ex
TK Studios
TK Studios преди 16 дни
Everything you love. IS GARBAGE But I love YOU So you.... ARE GARBAGE
Carter Thompson
Carter Thompson преди 16 дни
This is exactly what me and my friend do Argue
meep pup
meep pup преди 17 дни
Apple is better ngl 😐
octagon Taytay
octagon Taytay преди 17 дни
"And that is why she is now an ex" is the most savage line I've ever heard
Kabeer Ahmed
Kabeer Ahmed преди 17 дни
This guy is an educator of life
Shantanu преди 18 дни
Okay FUck I really Feeel bad for Domz But Lmao tht "ex" sucked Dom wht did u even see in Her Lmaoo
Koliman преди 18 дни
And that is why I never argue. My response is always : yeah sure, or whatever
-Boba Beans-
-Boba Beans- преди 19 дни
* coughs dramatically * so this thing happened to me the other day, lemme just- Me: so what’s the code for ur game? (We were playing among us lmao) Friend: hang on a second. Friends brother: * bumps into her * Friend: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MOM ,)JNGVGHUJJH6FFDCGNHNJJJ *screeches dramatically*
jamie leigh paterson
jamie leigh paterson преди 20 дни
Me and this guy in my class got into who's better he said Eminem and I said MGk beacause he is better
Abigail VR
Abigail VR преди 20 дни
3:21 to 3:19 That happen to me before with my older brother xD
clapxy преди 21 ден
4:00 LMFAO😂😂😂
Gabby K.
Gabby K. преди 21 ден
Well I'm glad SOME people know what fallacies are. Edit: because arguing with stupid people is pointless dont do it.
Gaming Palace
Gaming Palace преди 21 ден
1:40 ''Current''? oh boy you aint sleeping tonight.
IsaacBoomer3000 преди 22 дни
Friend: "and everything you love is garbage." Me: "You know what, you're right! You are garbage."
Psycho QT
Psycho QT преди 22 дни
4 letters for ur ex K A R E N
Unofficial Scholar
Unofficial Scholar преди 21 ден
It’s 5 letters....
Beat Bot CLIPS
Beat Bot CLIPS преди 22 дни
#Owada #Ishimaru
Brandon Munter
Brandon Munter преди 24 дни
R6 Gvibez
R6 Gvibez преди 24 дни
The ex who sees millions of viewers:😬😬
the ravens talk
the ravens talk преди 24 дни
6:32 domics predicted among us
Yuri fox & galaxy wolf
Yuri fox & galaxy wolf преди 25 дни
arent you gay? or am i mixinmg you up with someone
Boneless_cow 81
Boneless_cow 81 преди 26 дни
Apple is the best
Boneless_cow 81
Boneless_cow 81 преди 26 дни
Really want to fight
Boneless_cow 81
Boneless_cow 81 преди 26 дни
No you
Boneless_cow 81
Boneless_cow 81 преди 26 дни
Just shut up
Boneless_cow 81
Boneless_cow 81 преди 26 дни
Well my phone doesn’t over heat and explode in my pocket
Boneless_cow 81
Boneless_cow 81 преди 26 дни
Well at least my phone doesn’t break in my pocket and have to jail break to get iOS games
pepsiman 2000
pepsiman 2000 преди 26 дни
that girl sound's exatcly like karen
Nichole Clouse
Nichole Clouse преди 26 дни
Rahul Sarathi
Rahul Sarathi преди 27 дни
„... current and past relationships...“ He be a player
T_revTheDino преди 28 дни
Dumb arguments: *happen* Domics: naruto time
Chronixcz преди 28 дни
Wait isn't that the plot of promise Neverland
Howard Fung
Howard Fung преди 28 дни
So...is ur ex Brie Larson?
Emily Probst
Emily Probst преди 28 дни
RIP to guy who said "PMS?" He lived a good life.
panyang преди 29 дни
*Karen, that's a critique.*
FlameBlade Maou
FlameBlade Maou преди месец
For some reason 0:53 reminds me of Boku no Hero Academia. IDK why. Im not schizophrenic(probably).
percy machela
percy machela преди месец
bro he just described some of the tactics that nacssisits use.
Drape Nailed Talaoha
Drape Nailed Talaoha преди месец
Yeah NGL as a person who "likes" anime this what hard core Otakus and weebs are
Emmanuel Akosah
Emmanuel Akosah преди месец
"And everything you love is garbage." "But I love you"
Mina Playz
Mina Playz преди месец
I "accedentally" got into an argument after I said to someone your opinion doesn't count either after he said to another person your opinion doesn't count and he replied says the redditor and replied again saying go back to simping your fake anime girl which is obviously just because I put it in a thumbnail as a joke and the rest of that reply was and making crappy JoJo refrences you're more of a normie and loser. and replied again saying this is why dumb***** like you should are the reason anime should be banned, such a nine year old. I couldn't hold my rage so I replied I'm not nine stop assuming things you abusive piece of trash. And replied again saying oh yeah just because it's on a thumbnail as a joke you think I'm a simp. He replied you don't want to be hypocritical don't you stop wasting my time. He replied again saying and trash is better than anime. The rest is way too chaotic for me to remember the video name was pufferfish vibe check the comment that had the argument was saying Mom: the movie isn't sad stop crying The movie:
Adamarys Vive
Adamarys Vive преди месец
Me and my sister had an argument and tried to summon fictional characters and I forgot what we were arguing about
tal ben david
tal ben david преди месец
Bruh my family told they love to argue (and they're my family I can't make them my ex)
Justin Bakshi
Justin Bakshi преди месец
2:42 check the like count Back yet noice
SuperZ Animations
SuperZ Animations преди месец
6:06 as a math nerd that thing is called the transitive property so viewing this from a a math Perspective I was very confused XD
E-Mann Cubing
E-Mann Cubing преди месец
That was the most toxic conversation I have heard before
Comrade Tes
Comrade Tes преди месец
Me when i lose 10 times in a row in among us: OH COME ON WHICH SCHOOLS DO YOU USE KIDS AAAAAA Me when i win 10 times in a row in among us: gg? Ok bye
GHOST BOI преди месец
I heard a argument that went like this. 3 people tried to set up a tent but failed, so one person said "why don't we use glue?" "thats stupid" "why don't glue stick the the in side of the bottle?" So they start arguing, then first person said "what about toothpaste?" "What about toothpaste?" "Why doesn't it stick to the inside" "because toothpaste isn't sticky" so then they started arguing about toothpaste
Jack Squat
Jack Squat преди месец
Bad-faith arguing for enjoyment isn't always bad! It's a battle of wit, to see if you can follow an argument out with your opponent, even if you're in the wrong, sometimes it can be fun to argue something ridiculous as a joke! It's not always fun for others, so you often can't do it unless the other person doesn't shut down the possibility immediately, but simply enjoying a good bad faith argument isn't a negative attribute, specifically when they don't force you into those arguments when you're not down for one.
CLOUD ME123 преди месец
Is she a karen
jerry riyan
jerry riyan преди месец
Dom's ex-girlfriend: *arguing Me : I'm already dead!!!!!! please stop Dom's ex-girlfriend: no
053 xlunaticx
053 xlunaticx преди месец
No audible is not XD (IM SORRY I HAD TO)
Emmanuel Dulay III
Emmanuel Dulay III преди месец
Your ex is a Karen
Daniel Ray Quintanilla
Daniel Ray Quintanilla преди месец
Thanks man
Squidward преди месец
But fr Avatar is an anime
doggypics преди месец
Your ex is a f#%* up not to be rude just she is sassy
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