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This is the first time we recorded a Sober Convo live, and it was on my twitch channel!
Jomm: FlashJomm | jommish
Pluto: seanpIuto
Claire: chikarabbit
Additional Animators:
Aaron Estrada: aeron_estrada
Domi: greedomie
Christopher Carlone YT: Website:
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Ernest Capili
Ernest Capili преди 9 минути
When i have stomach ache i do the normal HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY LIKE TANK HEAVY POOP
memes do pedroca
memes do pedroca преди 4 часа
Eu sou o único Brasileiro da qui
ML Gaming
ML Gaming преди 6 часа
Trey Riddle
Trey Riddle преди 7 часа
what if you eat your poop, but you have to poop before you eat the poop that you are going to eat
Kayla Kirsten
Kayla Kirsten преди 18 часа
Started watching u today , I love u already 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gibs Lewiston
Gibs Lewiston преди 22 часа
What do you do for a living ... I’m Santa claws
おなようkurosai преди ден
OK here’s an hypothetical!! If you know Black Belt top tier Taekwondo are you technically a weapon?!?!?
Logan Fragoso
Logan Fragoso преди ден
What if you said you wanted to eat a tesla?
Pizzaboy преди ден
Would you shit a panda for a tesla?
GalacticMykal преди ден
3:10 "NO!"
Sevkips EMBaguck
Sevkips EMBaguck преди ден
Delete that crap all at once thing. Don’t give Elon Ideas
Pi8765ggy преди 2 дни
"Im either hungry or im in pain"
Jake Perkins
Jake Perkins преди 2 дни
If you're curious, its 4.836 cubic feet of shit
Playlist Boy
Playlist Boy преди 2 дни
Person преди 2 дни
Penguin Barli
Penguin Barli преди 2 дни
how many different times has he been sponsored by audible
Reckless Recovery
Reckless Recovery преди 2 дни
my husband said "What if we could cut a toaster sized hole in our stomachs and then we can add a toaster and then we can just make toast laying down whenever we want, he mentioned pooping the toast out when toasted but he likes the original better
S1gh n1
S1gh n1 преди 2 дни
Ugh talking to your friend again this is kinda boring
Slothurtle преди 2 дни
Ever notice how Domics intro kinda sounds like the PHub intro?
Ken Rocketman
Ken Rocketman преди 2 дни
Domics is dead.
Budhi Gurung
Budhi Gurung преди 3 дни
I would like you to know that you are the reason that I did not do my homework Because your videos are way to funny and interesting
alyssa caamal
alyssa caamal преди 3 дни
I was eating while watching this 😭
RobotVoice преди 3 дни
Dom dead
Daniel Ash
Daniel Ash преди 3 дни
this was so misleading XD was thinking it was about pandas but got poop for a Tesla.
Araihs B
Araihs B преди 3 дни
Viriya Sena Putra
Viriya Sena Putra преди 3 дни
why not shit a year for the tesla, sell the tesla, buy a tesla... isn't it safe from the shit work?
Steel Sand
Steel Sand преди 3 дни
Do drunk convos
Steel Sand
Steel Sand преди 3 дни
Phantom Fruit
Phantom Fruit преди 4 дни
I came here for a panda but I got the after math of Taco Bell.
Enzo Pacheco
Enzo Pacheco преди 4 дни
This video... man 😂😂😂
Lavenderp преди 4 дни
Pickachu Man
Pickachu Man преди 4 дни
if these are the sober combos, I wanna see the unsober ones.
Otaku Manga Studios
Otaku Manga Studios преди 4 дни
This is probably one of the best sober convos
Michaela Chan
Michaela Chan преди 4 дни
M Geeti
M Geeti преди 4 дни
I was literally eating bro...and you are chilling your poop story🤮🤮
bill bobs gaming
bill bobs gaming преди 4 дни
badbola boy
badbola boy преди 4 дни
In india you are inspiration for hundreds of people and I am one of them anyone from India watching this? Than like this to let me know
Nickholas Gherman
Nickholas Gherman преди 4 дни
When your moms birthday is feb 13
Muzzy Munchkin
Muzzy Munchkin преди 5 дни
I expected this to be about pandas... It was not
Xavier преди 5 дни
What if you eat something you become more fit and if you don't eat you become fat.
Hayden Wong
Hayden Wong преди 5 дни
No do not eat devil fruits double fruits are actually disgusting
Grimclaw Tigrex
Grimclaw Tigrex преди 6 дни
Anyone else saw that Monster Hunter reference
Vaibhav Lohani
Vaibhav Lohani преди 6 дни
Domics : you have to poop out a panda to own a Tesla Me : you have to win a Mr beast challenge to own a Tesla
millgiass преди 7 дни
They're forgetting that the poop-scenario for the Tesla has an extra benefit of not having to poop again for the rest of the year. That in itself is probably worth it.
Eileen преди 7 дни
This is quality content 😂😂
BloggerMoff преди 8 дни
Why am I watching this while eating
Marijane McCay
Marijane McCay преди 8 дни
Dom: Introduces Pluto and Claire Jomm: sO cAn i eAt nOn eXiStAncE fOoD oR liKe... HuMan mEaT?
Screaming Rowlet
Screaming Rowlet преди 8 дни
Lol Rathalos
Dovud преди 8 дни
What did i just watch for 10 mins?
Eschola Venus
Eschola Venus преди 8 дни
0:12 watch DOMICS intro in x1.5 😻
BasicBeauty - Photography
BasicBeauty - Photography преди 8 дни
And it’s called panda
J P преди 8 дни
how often do you make videos?
DIRKy -Drawz
DIRKy -Drawz преди 8 дни
*me eating while watching this* *Poop conversation comes in* ._.
Gurvir Sengh
Gurvir Sengh преди 7 дни
LOL same
VoiD преди 8 дни
Hi Domics, I met you thanks to the Italian dubbing channel Orion Web Dubbing, I love your work and I'm happy to have discovered it 🤗
loppyforever1 преди 9 дни
I'm here from the italian translation of your video (i do a maratoon about that, thx orion) and than i think: wow, i can improve my english and listen in original language.... My god I'm so bad I don't understand so much 😭 i feel dumb and idiot But I wanna try and your videos ar so good ^^ love it
Mr. zimir
Mr. zimir преди 9 дни
Тут есть русские?
Wierdo of the Year. If not, then prove me wrong.
Wierdo of the Year. If not, then prove me wrong. преди 9 дни
but if you want to buy food, LIKE ANY NORMAL PERSON, will it then give a stomach ache? but what if you ate bad tasting food, would it then give pleasure?
Kaelon Caieru
Kaelon Caieru преди 9 дни
This is lactose intolerance in a nutshell
Manjusha Kulkarni
Manjusha Kulkarni преди 9 дни
Assuming you poop for 15 minutes per day then your yearly time for poop =15*365=5475minutes Number of hours you poop for a year=5475/60=91.25hours Number of days you poop for a year=91.25/24=3.802days So, technically if you have to poop your yearly poop on 1 day then when you start you will be continuously pooping for 3 days (approximately)
gintoki преди 9 дни
Are you alive
Tofu Delivery
Tofu Delivery преди 9 дни
My FAVOURITE Animator on BGcd. I am also Filo
Abdulmenem Riad
Abdulmenem Riad преди 9 дни
Can u sell the food and make a multi-billion business out of it
Oven Mitt
Oven Mitt преди 9 дни
what about i take a shit and a menu appears and it shows which food i can get
Raphael Araneta
Raphael Araneta преди 10 дни
that one idiot
that one idiot преди 10 дни
Why did I watch this while pooping-
Shiro Shinsato
Shiro Shinsato преди 11 дни
"eat note" joke XDDDDD i love it.
Filet O' Fish *
Filet O' Fish * преди 11 дни
Thankyou for all of your videos. I was looking for some good animations, and some good humor. And on top of that some really important and meaningful lessons to be learned. Still lime your video on anger
Krishang Bhardwaj
Krishang Bhardwaj преди 11 дни
I work once a day 6:02 I’m pretty sure most people do that dom
Maybe Mosit
Maybe Mosit преди 11 дни
0:00 to 1:30 really hit me. I have ibs and it’s basically that except I have to pay for my ish
John Lillis
John Lillis преди 11 дни
You should make a video about space
ethanvaughandoesshit преди 11 дни
You know how raw your cheeks would be
Marinn Productions
Marinn Productions преди 12 дни
Poorly-Made Animations
Poorly-Made Animations преди 13 дни
1:45 rathalos is scared.
Skamz преди 13 дни
Why not just shit out a panda
no_name преди 13 дни
When r u gonna make your next video?!
Samuel Consuegra
Samuel Consuegra преди 12 дни
Gianluigi Maniscalchi
Gianluigi Maniscalchi преди 13 дни
I love your video, i'm italian
Amu BTS преди 13 дни
8:11 what if there’s a party.
Aman Rawat
Aman Rawat преди 13 дни
Stop these I'm donw with these convos I want the old domics backk
Karislost преди 14 дни
*s o b e r ?*
gtb C:
gtb C: преди 14 дни
Devil fruit 👌 1.40
AVE rodhan
AVE rodhan преди 14 дни
Now I know why this is called panda
M.A.V.S преди 14 дни
I cant believe I've been watching domics for 8 years
Dissident gaming
Dissident gaming преди 14 дни
Pleeees make podcasts !!! This is sooo good brooo!
The asdfghjkl asdfghjkl
The asdfghjkl asdfghjkl преди 15 дни
This video was not what I expected.The name......lets just say it was "Misleading"
basketball tips
basketball tips преди 15 дни
What are period cramps?
basketball tips
basketball tips преди 14 дни
@Kozi theres a period key on a keyboard?
Kozi преди 15 дни
its when the period key on your keyboard stops working
Gaming with John
Gaming with John преди 16 дни
What if u don’t stop eating so u don’t get die
MonCee MonCee
MonCee MonCee преди 16 дни
No One
No One преди 16 дни
nice title
Lewis McGregor
Lewis McGregor преди 16 дни
I should not have eaten brownies while watching this video
stevenU преди 17 дни
bruh Dom there is a sponsor for every video of yours.
turquoise fish
turquoise fish преди 17 дни
Everyone:watching the video Me:how many people are talking here??
Felix Denant
Felix Denant преди 17 дни
Dom plays valorant Watches food wars And is sober This man is perfect
Hans-Günther Waldfrieden
Hans-Günther Waldfrieden преди 17 дни
Hi I'm Steve
Luke 15
Luke 15 преди 18 дни
Baby panda free food tesla poop
Lachlan Tuckerman
Lachlan Tuckerman преди 18 дни
Hey dom I have a idea for a hypotheticals it’s that every thing you see in a book you pick out so if you see a banana you can pick out that banana then you have a banana to eat and pick out anything anything
Abiram M.
Abiram M. преди 18 дни
if you can poop a panda you guys can revive the panda speices
Ant0n V.
Ant0n V. преди 18 дни
Do you actually like animating because it looks like a lot of work
Frigorz 1.0
Frigorz 1.0 преди 18 дни
Hey! I always watch your videos but from the Italian Orion Web Dubbing channel, I have a lot of fun! (I know, it's not perfect english) Bye!
Shanika Thompson
Shanika Thompson преди 18 дни
Play some domination
Nikola Gjinaj
Nikola Gjinaj преди 18 дни
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