You can visit people's dreams, but you appear naked [Sober Convos 5]

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Ciel: Kaachiel
Domi: greedomie
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Ajay Kalsi
Ajay Kalsi преди 13 часа
Ash Draws Stuff
Ash Draws Stuff преди 14 часа
Who was number nine in karasuno I think it was ennoshita Edit: it was kageyama
Damian frame-patton
Damian frame-patton преди 2 дни
If you had the power to go into My dream just hope I don't kill you myself
Sai Sharan
Sai Sharan преди 2 дни
Who all think this needs to be a podcast series
Applelead преди 2 дни
Warning its kinda innapropriate: If you wanna opposite gender on dream if you kinda want arroused you can
Awston Trainor
Awston Trainor преди 3 дни
Wait? I thought all the world but the US used the metric system, not the Imperial system?
Viewer 6629
Viewer 6629 преди 3 дни
That one guy sounds like steven from danplan
Viriya Sena Putra
Viriya Sena Putra преди 4 дни
Import-export business? How about packing lots of Cargo into a box, then bringing it around, as if I'm not wrong, it is quite expensive, you can just provide a price a bit lower than the cargo ships?
Viriya Sena Putra
Viriya Sena Putra преди 4 дни
if you can only bring one.
Simone F.
Simone F. преди 4 дни
Ma cosa.... Oh. Ho preso il canale originale. Scusste
Diamondjam 22
Diamondjam 22 преди 5 дни
Apparently this is the best legend rare in the game
YourLocalSun преди 5 дни
It would be worse for girls 👁💧👄💧👁
Kyle Vickers
Kyle Vickers преди 5 дни
banda ms
Gennaro Cirillo
Gennaro Cirillo преди 6 дни
😭 in italiano Please
Ami Gold
Ami Gold преди 6 дни
5:48 that looks like a pig dom.
L R преди 6 дни
8:44 Your stuffed animals are soooo cute 🤩
bananabro's channel
bananabro's channel преди 6 дни
I almost died by the high
Jelena Visic
Jelena Visic преди 7 дни
Uri Rennert
Uri Rennert преди 7 дни
Liliana Williams
Liliana Williams преди 8 дни
Depending on the weight of what you carry you can go so much faster
Yoshi Fan
Yoshi Fan преди 8 дни
7:13 B O O T Y C L A P A N D F L A S H
Hero Draws
Hero Draws преди 9 дни
Thunderous booty clap
Henry Jamison
Henry Jamison преди 9 дни
im dead
Mr Unchaine
Mr Unchaine преди 10 дни
Hm hm note to self challenge dom to basketball for free dunks
Teresa-Rose Burchall
Teresa-Rose Burchall преди 10 дни
Are there people zip lineing next to you
Yzzy World
Yzzy World преди 11 дни
when i see hights, i physically get hurt, idk why tho
Jessie Wang
Jessie Wang преди 12 дни
4:07 yessss this haikyuu reference
Lilia Linneman
Lilia Linneman преди 13 дни
Me noticing the volleyball number nine:KAYGEYAMA Also me:wait Kageyama don’t spike Hinata does HOW DARE YOU DISPRESPECT HAIKYUU
Za Pervetes
Za Pervetes преди 13 дни
Could you possibly make people fall in love with you similar to the suspension bridge effect using this ability?
Bendyy преди 13 дни
Once there was a superhero who appeared out of nowhere... his name was ZIPLINE MAN (the man who used his ability to zipline to become a hero!)
Rachelle Harper
Rachelle Harper преди 14 дни
The question is... is he really sober?
ilija miljanic
ilija miljanic преди 14 дни
5.9 I feel so lanky me in tenth-grade literally 6.2 what you talkin about
• T i f f H y u n •
• T i f f H y u n • преди 14 дни
4:06 Hinata wearing Kageyama's shirt
AVE rodhan
AVE rodhan преди 14 дни
Wait so that guy is 5’10 and he’s the tallest 😂
Papermasterone YT
Papermasterone YT преди 15 дни
He'll be more taller
NatimationArts преди 15 дни
This should be called butts and nuts two the return of the ass
Yay Donut
Yay Donut преди 15 дни
I just pop into one of my friends nightmares naked...
Dustin Harrison
Dustin Harrison преди 15 дни
i would visit my crushes dream but im always naked (im a cat thats why)
anime obsessive
anime obsessive преди 17 дни
I find jomm relatable
Jerry Farber
Jerry Farber преди 17 дни
I think other people don't have faces in our naked is alright with me
The Panda
The Panda преди 18 дни
4ft tall jumping 8ft high Haikyuu is shaking XD
No0.o преди 19 дни
It’s 1:am help
Dennis Savellano
Dennis Savellano преди 19 дни
It’s so funny how the name thunder clap and flash is so perfect
Mazen Ahmed
Mazen Ahmed преди 20 дни
Tall people: I guide others to a treasure only I can posses
John Matier
John Matier преди 20 дни
This video made me want to zip line
Kendagaano Rwabwogo
Kendagaano Rwabwogo преди 21 ден
“Off the ground or just standing” was hilarious
Kharanshu Dalvi
Kharanshu Dalvi преди 21 ден
i am 18 and 6feet 3 inch
Waddles преди 22 дни
I remember my 3 guy friends in them those are the kinds of topic they usually talk about
Pedro Maldonado
Pedro Maldonado преди 24 дни
3:45.... I am 4'9... Shut up
Waddle Dee
Waddle Dee преди 24 дни
I’d be 4 feet tall if I could jump twice my height
David 9-A
David 9-A преди 25 дни
Being 4 feet doesn't hurt
Kesuzen Karido
Kesuzen Karido преди 25 дни
Well this video was very uncomfortable, or at least the part before i stopped it.....
Dumb Dumb
Dumb Dumb преди 26 дни
Fir-Nephilim преди 28 дни
4 feet but jump double my height? Doooope Plus people might be like “4 feet? But you could easily be beaten up!” Bruh I’m in the good part of America, I got guns!!! Yeehaw!!!
Mattias преди 28 дни
I thought I was the only one who saw everything normal in my dreams when the laws of the universe were total fucking chaos
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas преди 28 дни
Booty breathing
Vince Farkas
Vince Farkas преди 28 дни
Ok, let's look at it this way, you have a crush and, you want her/him to think of you . If you appear in her/his dream naked she/he will probably think that she/he is into you. No need to thank.
InanimateObject преди 28 дни
That one guy that's having a wet dream
Silly Rook
Silly Rook преди 29 дни
Haikyuu reference
Poizin преди 29 дни
5:46 *lol upside down hairless cat*
David Lozano
David Lozano преди 29 дни
I love that one piece reference
Kamal Sara
Kamal Sara преди 29 дни
I want film theory to calculate how time it would take to travel from his house to disneyland
Stolen Toast
Stolen Toast преди 29 дни
i would visit dominics tonight in his dream 👁 👄 👁
Thomas Lacraru
Thomas Lacraru преди месец
Jatin Kachhela
Jatin Kachhela преди месец
they are not sober
Adlan Kacak
Adlan Kacak преди месец
i wish i can appear naked to my faourite pornstar`s dream, lololol
John Smith
John Smith преди месец
How about the dream thing instead what you wear to go to bed you would wear in your dreams
Shutterspeedz преди месец
Wait, u alive?
zcubeDbz преди месец
For the dream thing, I'd just visit my long distance gf. Also can I put on clothes after I'm in the dream or am I perma-naked?
BonnieTheFirst преди месец
Have you done Drunken Convos?
Green-Eyed Psycho
Green-Eyed Psycho преди месец
I would definitely rather be 4 feet and jump 8 feet that be awesome
Roman преди месец
5,9 feels lanky to an asain
Senior Hill
Senior Hill преди месец
The pain of being the only one in your house taller than 5'7" and having to reach the spices in the cabinet above the fridge whenever someone cooks is real. Was relieved when they got a step ladder that's literally right next to the fridge at all times. But nobody uses it
wyatt woodall
wyatt woodall преди месец
For the last one just keep going into your crush or gf dream every night
Hudson Paige
Hudson Paige преди месец
what if you put a car on the zip line and get in it
Killua преди месец
Him: flight 5 hours to Orlando Me: 3 flights t Orlando from philly takes 1.5 hours
Mr . Fish Knigtralus The Fish Faced
Mr . Fish Knigtralus The Fish Faced преди месец
Going in my girlfriend's dream now
Dr Funkenstein
Dr Funkenstein преди месец
Lol it’s number 9 not 10 4:08 ;(
Patrick Rotert
Patrick Rotert преди месец
Is it just me or does Domics have every video sponsored
Roinuj Junie
Roinuj Junie преди месец
I've thought of the zipline thing before too! Happy there are other people who think like me!
TrashDragon преди месец
*Inception but everyone’s naked*
37SludgeArchive преди месец
Cheeks clap and flash.
rayyanonthewii преди месец
Oh shit. Now i know
Xxx Drip
Xxx Drip преди месец
I 4 8 and I am a girl
Scott Williams
Scott Williams преди месец
When I was younger I was very short but had a vertical that was absolutely insane... now I'm about 6ft tall and can't jump nearly as high as I used to... I guess lack of actually jumping because I'm not allowed to jump in the trailer home due to cardboard floors. And outside someone new to the area might attract too much attention by jumping over teees.
Kadri. L.
Kadri. L. преди месец
I laughed so much when I was listening to this video, have been off from BGcd for a while and I haven't even realised how much I missed Domics videos. I love your voice, it's so soothing. And these random thoughts videos are so fun and make my imagination run wild along with you guys. Thanks ❤️
Joanne Merritt
Joanne Merritt преди месец
I love domics;)
Fresh and True
Fresh and True преди месец
Idk why but I love sober convos episodes.
Justin Griffin
Justin Griffin преди месец
Umm the average dream last around 2-3 seconds so you're basically watching a gif (NAKED).
boison boingo
boison boingo преди месец
hes gonna thunder clap them cheecks thats what hes gonna do
Rickypol 007
Rickypol 007 преди месец
You can ask for clothes in the dreams?
Fire Fox
Fire Fox преди месец
Есть русские?
UwU_GG преди месец
The going merry
Giogi Kaha
Giogi Kaha преди месец
It was so fucking funny.. I kept laughing.. And their voice is soo coolll
a.m.a.u преди месец
ver los vídeos con subtítulos me ayuda a repasar el poco inglés que se xd
RobPlays16 преди месец
Is it weird to eat pb and j with only one slice? Cuz I do it.
Bad_Puns _Skeleton
Bad_Puns _Skeleton преди месец
The first part was more or less a description of Death Stranding's best transportation system. XD
Ender Dragon prince
Ender Dragon prince преди месец
dude easy solution to the 6 feet problem and it's uses your tippytoes
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious преди месец
I laughed sooooo hard on the last bike part 😂😂😂
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious преди месец
That brief mention of one piece is great
Melody’s Instrumental
Melody’s Instrumental преди месец
1:08 no..... it’s called free real estate 👌
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