I started playing Pokemon Go...

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преди година

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Domics преди година
3 years late but I feel like it's the best time to play now :D
Bliss Binu
Bliss Binu преди 3 дни
DrAfroCat преди 5 дни
Zasso No Kenja
Zasso No Kenja преди 7 дни
Last comment...
JZX преди 13 дни
Domics my g where was u at during 2016
Rivers преди 2 месеца
I agree
GAVIN PATRICK преди 3 часа
What is your friend code
Titus Sherrell
Titus Sherrell преди 5 часа
Team valor all the way
Megan Larson
Megan Larson преди 8 часа
What team are you on
Lucas plays Gaming
Lucas plays Gaming преди 9 часа
I played in 2016
Yvng Flexo
Yvng Flexo преди 12 часа
3426 7256 1094
Nathan Upton
Nathan Upton преди 12 часа
i got a 100% iv Shundo Charizard & Hundo and its a female
scoxy1986 преди 13 часа
Please ad me Next video il leave my friend code 😁
stephanie fehlen
stephanie fehlen преди 14 часа
Your a bich a hole
snoanle преди 14 часа
add me 951194233384
Djmini Yt
Djmini Yt преди 19 часа
when u said u get 50 coins in a day if your talking the full 24 hours then sorry your wrong but if your talking about else then idk but here is a full day of getting coins: since a day is 24 hours duh then since u said for every 10 min. u get a coin then in a full day you get 144 coins
Brielle Martinez
Brielle Martinez преди 21 час
My parents play. I have my own squad going. Im powerful as i can be. Dare to challenge me?
Logan Batis
Logan Batis преди 9 часа
jesse mendoza
jesse mendoza преди ден
Can I get your trainer code so we can be froendsb
Randomized Videos
Randomized Videos преди ден
Hay Alaska’s winter starts in Late sep early oct
Alex преди ден
I play splitscreen and i got shiny darkrai on both accounts ✌🌟
Day 3403
Day 3403 преди ден
Wait you own a game store
Day 3403
Day 3403 преди ден
2020 is the best version of Pokémon go
No No
No No преди ден
1:41 lmao instal and open
BlaDe_ioannis преди ден
I got this recomended after 3 weeks of downloading it and i found my old acc with rayquaza
KatouMiwa преди ден
i never got to play. i never had data in my lifeXD tho i did hack it once to play on wifi but ehh it got patched shorty after xD
Noah N0 scoop Guy
Noah N0 scoop Guy преди 2 дни
I play and when I was 6 when it started
Noah N0 scoop Guy
Noah N0 scoop Guy преди 2 дни
I still play it
Maximillian Eriksson
Maximillian Eriksson преди 2 дни
I have only played 2 months and i have mewtwo
ツBrian преди 2 дни
ibrahim yusuf
ibrahim yusuf преди 2 дни
ahhh memories
Spa Splash
Spa Splash преди 3 дни
Honestly it is a adult game lol ☠️
Glitch'in With SB
Glitch'in With SB преди 3 дни
i still play it
friendly foxy fan
friendly foxy fan преди 3 дни
Who else has a 2 shiny Charizards
BurnRoddy преди 3 дни
C C C C Covid19
idiovic преди 3 дни
I love how in the story about the shady drug dealer people the lavender town theme plays in the background
Critical _FORTNITEgaming
Critical _FORTNITEgaming преди 3 дни
add me pls 2770 7915 0498
xbox_sweatyboi преди 3 дни
1:53 Bruh I live in Utah and it snowed today... Its october
Josiah Francisco
Josiah Francisco преди 3 дни
Did this just randomly show up in anyone’s recommendations today
Fares Animates Phoenix
Fares Animates Phoenix преди 3 дни
Pokemon go more like pokemon no
Jack Callaghan
Jack Callaghan преди 3 дни
What will happen if I got a gym but there is a rade
Mikhael Matthew Tjahyadi
Mikhael Matthew Tjahyadi преди 3 дни
I played this game for 3 years
Ami's Games
Ami's Games преди 3 дни
can someone be my friend please? :3 it's 346790405157 thanks
Jason lay
Jason lay преди 3 дни
7238 9849 8663 this is my trainer code
Shook Pikachu
Shook Pikachu преди 4 дни
Fun fact: team rocket doesn't care about the other pokemon they been trying to capture Pikachu for 10 or 13 or idk
John Court
John Court преди 4 дни
Poor jiggly puff 🥺
とまとまん преди 4 дни
Logan Batis
Logan Batis преди 9 часа
More like the best, *ahem darkrai raids*
Danny Chocolatl
Danny Chocolatl преди 4 дни
Pokémon go
Danny Chocolatl
Danny Chocolatl преди 4 дни
Yay Pokémon fo
InstinctZ преди 4 дни
Any og pokemon go players with me (2016) like if u are og
2x N0U
2x N0U преди 4 дни
What lvl are you noe
Rocket Genius
Rocket Genius преди 4 дни
Most recent comment.
Michal Puchalski
Michal Puchalski преди 4 дни
Cen we be freands
Rhaine Dollente
Rhaine Dollente преди 4 дни
Im a zapdos team
Ruthless animations
Ruthless animations преди 4 дни
i pLaY pOkEmOn gO , eVeRy dAy
Ivy Noelle
Ivy Noelle преди 4 дни
I'm kid I play Pokemon go
Susan Meehan
Susan Meehan преди 4 дни
I thought the adable was a pokeman
Gacha Saver
Gacha Saver преди 5 дни
I think you can't nominate pokestops yet because of your level! Right now I believe you have to be level 40 to nominate
Drew Sutton
Drew Sutton преди 3 дни
gamer boy Adrian
gamer boy Adrian преди 5 дни
Don wat ur lvl I’m 34
Itai Friedman
Itai Friedman преди 5 дни
you cant nominate until you are level 50 or 60 I think
Logan Batis
Logan Batis преди 9 часа
40 actually
ꍏꈤꀤꀤ- ꌚꍏꈤ
ꍏꈤꀤꀤ- ꌚꍏꈤ преди 5 дни
1:41 Install, *Open*
Katherine Atwood
Katherine Atwood преди 5 дни
i still play , got it in '16, team valor pride
Omar Ali
Omar Ali преди 5 дни
I have been playing pokemon go for 4 years straight
Catsy !
Catsy ! преди 5 дни
The reason noobs are overpowered is because of Corona… There are so many events
Lextek100 преди 5 дни
DrAfroCat преди 5 дни
Aim Aedac
Aim Aedac преди 6 дни
Did Domics just animate himself installing an app he could already open....??
Crimson Red
Crimson Red преди 6 дни
If anyone still plays pokemon go im looking for friends
Crimson Red
Crimson Red преди 5 дни
@Rafael Ruiz-Valdovinos idk
Rafael Ruiz-Valdovinos
Rafael Ruiz-Valdovinos преди 5 дни
@Crimson Red you down to trade?
Rafael Ruiz-Valdovinos
Rafael Ruiz-Valdovinos преди 5 дни
@Crimson Red yoo how you level 28 and started this year? I’m level 27 and started 2016 (I stopped in 2017 and got back into it in 2020)
Crimson Red
Crimson Red преди 5 дни
@Rafael Ruiz-Valdovinos aight
Rafael Ruiz-Valdovinos
Rafael Ruiz-Valdovinos преди 5 дни
Add me I do raids and I gift 9911 3014 7319
Alex Woitalla
Alex Woitalla преди 6 дни
Yo add my code 8841 8336 2088
Rafael Ruiz-Valdovinos
Rafael Ruiz-Valdovinos преди 5 дни
Add me 9911 3014 7319
Jackson преди 7 дни
The raiku is a shiny Pokémon
Jack F
Jack F преди 7 дни
Where my Instinct team at?
Taelephant ;D
Taelephant ;D преди 7 дни
I feel old it’s been a year since u posted this and it feels like just 2 months ago this was still considered a new video 💔
ACE YT преди 7 дни
1:41 Install and open Wha what!??
Christopher Jennings
Christopher Jennings преди 7 дни
Naw red team
The Scorpion Gamer
The Scorpion Gamer преди 7 дни
I don't think pokemon go is good I MEAN IT'S GOOD but I would most likely not play it on my bad phone
Not Enough Ram
Not Enough Ram преди 7 дни
u h4v3 2 B lvl 40 2 nomin8 m8
NA Boi
NA Boi преди 7 дни
Go was no
ron gfty
ron gfty преди 8 дни
I love the gane now
Santiago Alvarez
Santiago Alvarez преди 8 дни
I’m so close to level 24 and I had the game over 1 year
Justin Albert
Justin Albert преди 8 дни
I play it👍
Ell Akari
Ell Akari преди 8 дни
i have a suicune i dont have enough candies to purify it. so i have to battle to get those candies that can be used on any pokemon just so i can purify it. btw i got the suicune after i beat giovanni
Stonedallday Jedi
Stonedallday Jedi преди 8 дни
One time the fb raid chat brought 20 cars to a completely empty parking lot. It can be creepy but it can be nice too
Stonedallday Jedi
Stonedallday Jedi преди 8 дни
What sucks is for some reason I can play Wizards Unite perfectly fine but Pokemon Go gives me the stupid I can't be found error. How does that make any sense??? Asshole niantic
Yorkshire_Tea_innit преди 8 дни
You flexing quite a bit in this vid. It's a little off putting.
DrAfroCat преди 5 дни
Nah u just bad
Roberto Carlos Cabrera Castillo
Roberto Carlos Cabrera Castillo преди 8 дни
Well not only kids play cause pokemon is an old game
sofi ༄
sofi ༄ преди 9 дни
Im a lazy walker and DAMN pokemon go made me walk 5km like every day (might not be much, but definetely an improvement)
Ajib Rehan Lomondaya
Ajib Rehan Lomondaya преди 9 дни
:domics heahahahahhahheahh yeah i down lol
Jonathan Kima
Jonathan Kima преди 9 дни
i am level 40
DrAfroCat преди 5 дни
Good 4 you
Mario Castillo
Mario Castillo преди 9 дни
whats your trainer code im at level 30
ahmad shazerain zahar
ahmad shazerain zahar преди 10 дни
Can anyone tell me their pokemon go code pls
Wenie Tan
Wenie Tan преди 10 дни
Install Pokémon go already have it it’s says open
Lè Karen God
Lè Karen God преди 10 дни
Who else has Fire Vulpix, Ice Vulpix, Ice Ninetails, and fire Ninetales? I have em all xD
Simple преди 10 дни
Yooo Insence now cost 40 cents now so 😂
KCAAZ 02 преди 11 дни
Do you still play?
JustKarlYT 14
JustKarlYT 14 преди 11 дни
You like this game because tnx to James and Jaiden influenced you into this game(Which make you addicted to this game
super kid vlogger
super kid vlogger преди 11 дни
Aiden Conrad
Aiden Conrad преди 11 дни
haha sans laugh 2:11
pure_ doveaX_FN
pure_ doveaX_FN преди 11 дни
Can we play Minecraft together pls
I Am Some0ne
I Am Some0ne преди 11 дни
I only has a dragonite
s o c
s o c преди 11 дни
what team are you?
Mario Castillo
Mario Castillo преди 9 дни
im on team instinct
MIAKY преди 13 дни
is there anyone here like me who cant play it cause there are no gyms or poke stops in their country?
Brennan Caron
Brennan Caron преди 13 дни
2:16 finally i found someone who understands me
Qgwh3 Ggu8
Qgwh3 Ggu8 преди 13 дни
Im still playing
Croquette преди 13 дни
what team are u
Joloing преди 13 дни
Croquette преди 14 дни
can i friend YOU?
Perkasie PC Repair
Perkasie PC Repair преди 14 дни
I’ve been playing since the start
Jelle Mobach
Jelle Mobach преди 14 дни
Your literelally me
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