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Steven Lauron
Steven Lauron преди 2 часа
No no no it's called nang
yaphet stephan natanael
yaphet stephan natanael преди 4 часа
you spell ng to eng
Purrkitzu преди 13 часа
2:12 ‘Koreans looking at u’ (Me being a Korean and my last name is Ann and my Korean friends last name is Voksloakerbem)
Pablo S.
Pablo S. преди 15 часа
We in Poland have much harder last names than that.
Pablo S.
Pablo S. преди 15 часа
Try pronouncing Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz.
Han Jisung's Floofy Hair
Han Jisung's Floofy Hair преди 17 часа
My last name is Dolor and people say Dollar. And then sometimes people go like, Them: Ma'am doesn't Dolor mean "pain"? Me: Yes My brain: Now I'm in pain.
Lilly преди 18 часа
I think my last name is hard to say because I'm from Sweden... It's "Tengnér" :>
G4Golden Gaming
G4Golden Gaming преди 18 часа
2:04 and 5:46 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Can’t Stop Laughing
james games
james games преди 20 часа
I understand im Filipino to
Rustern преди 21 час
In my father's version of Philippino my middle and last name meant life and taxes lol
GolDie Otaku
GolDie Otaku преди ден
My Grandma's last name is panganiban. The worlds small~
Pheello Kou
Pheello Kou преди ден
Dominic pa, pa, pa, pa, pan, pan panana? uh how do you pronounce that, pancanaban.
Mila Simons
Mila Simons преди ден
In the netherlands ‘ng’ is a sount we use in a word😂
Yukta Agrawal
Yukta Agrawal преди ден
Can someone tell me if my last name is hard to pronounce for you guys?
bau le
bau le преди ден
it's pretty accurate for someone who doesn't know Vietnamese btw it's the nguyen part
lexen quiachon
lexen quiachon преди ден
How to pronounce my name is kiya-chon Quiachon
lettuce boi
lettuce boi преди ден
honestly the names aren't that hard to pronounce it's just our spelling is awful.
Kemo Bashir
Kemo Bashir преди ден
I never have problem with pronouncing things
Anxiety преди ден
dom: confused about *Ng* me: dude.... you have a *ng* in your last name.. pa *NG* aniban.
Dobert Palaca
Dobert Palaca преди ден
I feel ya
Djmini Yt
Djmini Yt преди ден
the letter i think its a letter u know the "Ng" thing? its pronounced "nag" the the a in ng is not meant to be there btw but that's how my mom said on how to say the "ng" letter so yeah
Jacket Chan
Jacket Chan преди ден
Your last name panganiban is a cool last name, panganiban means be cautious or be scared you are literally cool last name
minh vo
minh vo преди ден
You pronounce (nguyen) really good, i'm glad that you know!
Helmet Pigeon
Helmet Pigeon преди ден
My last name is harder
Iris преди ден
I had a teacher, her name was “Ms Ng” we all said it like how you say the beginning of Nguyen. Like using just your uvula to say it.
Allie преди 2 дни
I knew you were Filipino cuz U sound like one
Adwaita Hota
Adwaita Hota преди 2 дни
Hota. “Tah”
sUPa No0B
sUPa No0B преди 2 дни
Haha mine is “Vo” V-oh
SyedPlayz-Games преди 2 дни
I know how to pronounce your name Panganiban I pronounce my last name: Al-KadReee (Al-Qadri) Many of my friends doesn’t know to pronounce my last name correctly because my name is from Arabic I live in Malaysia
Saber Roma
Saber Roma преди 2 дни
KATIE LEE преди 2 дни
my last name being Lee
K I R A преди 2 дни
E O преди 2 дни
My brother had a classmate whose last name was Ng. We pronounced as "Nang" but then again, we were all Filipino kids - the Ng kid included.
Dragon Magic Wolf
Dragon Magic Wolf преди 2 дни
This is how i pronounce panganiban. Pack-an-e-ban I'm sorry 😅
Riaan Janse van Rensburg
Riaan Janse van Rensburg преди 2 дни
myne is a South Africa surname is:janse van rensburg
Michael afton
Michael afton преди 2 дни
Dom: pron? Me:po-....... rn
Jack Callaghan
Jack Callaghan преди 2 дни
My last name is hard it's callaghan
Kathleen Yow
Kathleen Yow преди 2 дни
Ng is pronced eng or mm
Zyke Liquido
Zyke Liquido преди 2 дни
Im filipino so is nang
Veronica Van Haney
Veronica Van Haney преди 3 дни
Veronica Van Haney
Veronica Van Haney преди 3 дни
AbuTheGamer преди 3 дни
yoo my man Black clover's lite
MilesMinecraft505 преди 3 дни
Hey Mr. Pongebob how are ya
SeriousBeaver55 - Zombies
SeriousBeaver55 - Zombies преди 3 дни
My last name is an animal
INFIRESS MAN преди 3 дни
Well for me it was my first name which is “Yeseul” the “seul” has a like a Korean accent to it so ppl can’t rlly pronounce it, so when there’s a substitute teacher I always have to go to the sub before hand and tell her
Noor Ul Ain Effendi
Noor Ul Ain Effendi преди 3 дни
My teachers can not pronounced my first name
Pokemon MineCraft M-C 11
Pokemon MineCraft M-C 11 преди 3 дни
Dustin 2019
Dustin 2019 преди 3 дни
My freind also have weird last name called wijaya so why your freind have name like this? It becuz indonesia have weird name
Dustin 2019
Dustin 2019 преди 3 дни
My freind also have weird last name called wijaya so why your freind have name like this? It becuz indonesia have weird name
TinyT Rex
TinyT Rex преди 3 дни
I got off easy my last name is “de Leon” yes it’s a Spanish last name and I am Filipino
Nicocinema YT
Nicocinema YT преди 3 дни
Wait you guys don’t pronounce your friends parents by their first name? All my life I’ve done it and same with all of my friends
Khadijah преди 2 дни
In desi culture, we dare not refer an elder by their name haha, we call our friends' parents uncle and aunty
Obby Creator Guy
Obby Creator Guy преди 3 дни
Ng is spelled ung
Obby Creator Guy
Obby Creator Guy преди 3 дни
Who is asian and was confused why somany ppl spelled it wrong
dexa преди 3 дни
Difficult name gang, except mine doesn't make sense in any language. It confused a lot of people :)
dexa преди 3 дни
"Danger is my surname."
Megan Ashley Pangan
Megan Ashley Pangan преди 4 дни
I think that Nguyen is just one syllable and is pronounced as how you pronounce it but just one syllable
Megan Ashley Pangan
Megan Ashley Pangan преди 4 дни
wait Panjibab isn't acceptable but it's funny
Megan Ashley Pangan
Megan Ashley Pangan преди 4 дни
well technically "ng" is a letter on it's own in the Filipino alphabet
mr no name
mr no name преди 4 дни
My last name is Sales people said it a salad
JazzyGaming 91
JazzyGaming 91 преди 4 дни
Me: Zajacek-Tieu (Z/y/a/ch/e/ck- Ch/oo) I am Australian, Vietnamese, Chinese. Some of my friends have: Lupinno, (Loopino) Dimoskivi (Dimosfki) Weird. Panjabob (Mr. Spongebob, Panjabob)
dahyuns noodles
dahyuns noodles преди 4 дни
Well my last name is Kyrö so usually ppl say Kyro and i’m like don’t try to pronounce a letter you have never seen before lmao
Noya /Anime lover
Noya /Anime lover преди 4 дни
In my country we don't have last names , it's only our name and our father's name
Anna Tuttle
Anna Tuttle преди 4 дни
OK so my last name is Tuttle And my sister ordered a package and on the box it said tamera puddle
prashant bopte
prashant bopte преди 4 дни
How to pronounce his last name (but..simpler): Pan ga-knee ban There you go-
Hasury Do
Hasury Do преди 4 дни
good job, you nailed the Nguyễn, btw sometimes we vietnamese also use Ng as the abbreviation for Nguyễn
Khloe Nuguid
Khloe Nuguid преди 4 дни
Lol my first name always gets misspelled and my last keeps getting said wrong, Also one of my old classmate's last name is freaking "Dy".
꧁ Эqu1иøx ꧂
꧁ Эqu1иøx ꧂ преди 4 дни
I have 2 teachers with Ng as their last name and I've been pronouncing that as Ung. So did they.
MenBot GT
MenBot GT преди 5 дни
I did it i can do it!
Monster Gamer1104
Monster Gamer1104 преди 5 дни
Domics: my last name can be a tongue twister Me( with a name like Przeciszewska):wut it is EZ
Unpronounceable преди 5 дни
My first name is hard to pronounce... hence my username. So yeah! That’s the reason behind my username that I’ve never told anyone... -cause no one asked-
genzo cod
genzo cod преди 5 дни
I hate when people pronunce my last name maniclay
Luke S
Luke S преди 5 дни
I Did It 😄
Luke S
Luke S преди 5 дни
Btw it was the last name thing
Depressed depression
Depressed depression преди 5 дни
I’m still thinking about what will happen when someone says my name that isn’t Vietnamese, it’s probably funny and awkward.
Jose Paniagua
Jose Paniagua преди 5 дни
My last name is Paniagua and in English it’s bread and water
Gamertampan Banget
Gamertampan Banget преди 5 дни
I think Chinese and Indian names more difficult compare to Filipina
Americans: pongabob Me: panganiban
hernimaniak преди 5 дни
I have no trouble pronouncing your surname
spratham376 преди 6 дни
2:05 punjah bob
Guapo Bread
Guapo Bread преди 6 дни
My last name is ngo and everyone just says it as no. So now I am known as Alex no...
Dani Annie Anne
Dani Annie Anne преди 6 дни
Derpdogo666 преди 6 дни
Hi mr. Toung twister
Dacyn Cornett
Dacyn Cornett преди 6 дни
My name is in Dutch but me and my family are full American and my brothers have completely normal American names and all new teachers or substitutes say it wrong, also I took most of friends 3 years to learn how to spell it.
Sofia Gama004
Sofia Gama004 преди 6 дни
I bet when I'll go to US, someone will say "gEIma" instead of "gAma" The A is like the "MArio" he says in the video, not like "game"
Reg.Esprtns преди 6 дни
Nang- ng- nanggggg HAHAHAHAHA
paco ramon
paco ramon преди 6 дни
Now think in the gilipinos with vasque last names.
paco ramon
paco ramon преди 6 дни
Why all the filipino end up as BGcd animators?
Daweed Wozawski
Daweed Wozawski преди 6 дни
Panganiban means dangerous mine Woszczyna means earwax or wax worker ...
Herro преди 6 дни
Indonesians and Malaysians would pronounce filipino names and last names better than others
lemmy Nyambu
lemmy Nyambu преди 6 дни
Feel ya
Måns Soleus
Måns Soleus преди 6 дни
Them hand signs tho
Krysha Lopez
Krysha Lopez преди 6 дни
if you can't pronounce my last name just call me coochie man :)
ijustcallitcat -lay
ijustcallitcat -lay преди 7 дни
i know someone who's name is Qwyncy i thought it was pronouned as Quincy well apparently it's pronounced as yen yen YENNNNN WTF and i have another friend who's nane iams also spelled as Qwyncy and it was pronounced as there you go yen and sen
janz Clerigo
janz Clerigo преди 7 дни
Rilynn Aurora
Rilynn Aurora преди 6 дни
Your teacher could be domics sister🤔🤔🤔
Yami Yugi
Yami Yugi преди 7 дни
:dominic Pangnagiban here um... teacher um pangs uh pagibbob how do you pronounce that
Zeph Anjelo Ian Solizar
Zeph Anjelo Ian Solizar преди 7 дни
Im filipino
亀ちゃん преди 7 дни
my last name is "nlend" 😶...
亀ちゃん преди 7 дни
hummmm im french and i have a friend who has "Lukuikilu" for last name
Cherry Bear
Cherry Bear преди 8 дни
How dare you underestimate me! As a Filipino I can say It Perfectly
Iggyblast преди 8 дни
Explanation: I know a person who’s name is Ng, he says it stands for Nursyshark. Idk
ash animation and plays
ash animation and plays преди 8 дни
Abellon thats my name and im a filipino
Winnie Pan
Winnie Pan преди 8 дни
This suddenly turned kinda like a lesson.
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