Live Watchalong! My Hero Academia with Jacksfilms!

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Live Watchalong! My Hero Academia w/ Jacksfilms

We are doing a live Watchalong of My Hero Academia on Crunchyroll! Sign up for a FREE trial of Premium at OR and watch along with us

If you’re joining us late, use the timer on the lower left to sync your player to where we are in the episode!

CookedRice преди месец
Why can’t we see it and we have to watch them talk and then a timer 🥺
Semaj Playz
Semaj Playz преди 2 месеца
Ngl the whole first season of this show is literally filler. The second season is much better
Derrik Beltran
Derrik Beltran преди 2 месеца
Didn't know you did a face reval
mon IGGA
mon IGGA преди 3 месеца
1000th comment ele
Realxy преди 3 месеца
The awkwardness is through the roof
KUSHI28 преди 3 месеца
Why does dom look like the most generic filipino chubby kid with alot of gadgets... i know this cause im also a generic filipino chubby kid
jjef преди 4 месеца
Do they do more episodes?
Mohamad Hersi
Mohamad Hersi преди 5 месеца
Angel Solis
Angel Solis преди 5 месеца
It feels weird seeing Dom in person
Tachan преди 6 месеца
1000th comment baby
Fletcher Warren
Fletcher Warren преди 6 месеца
Damn Jordan is so cute, I'm immediately in love.
FropicTv преди 7 месеца
this lokks retarted wout acc watching xD
Froxyn преди 7 месеца
Juanma Yay
Juanma Yay преди 7 месеца
I would’ve liked if fou showed us am just watching you react😑
Diane Dale
Diane Dale преди 5 месеца
I don’t think they can without being copyrighted or even worse sued
Casey Matthews
Casey Matthews преди 8 месеца
I think someone should watch this without watching along, and just edit the funny moments super akwardly
Synthenic преди 9 месеца
WAit isn't he the one that said wearing shoes inside the house was just weird?
Tristan Guilfoyle
Tristan Guilfoyle преди година
Ive watched through bnha so many times that i just listened to this with my eyes closed and could remember the situations just by what they were saying.
twobin54 преди година
I LOVE BOKU NO HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Irene Chi
Irene Chi преди година
It’s so funny when u aren’t watching the show with them, but they have so much information and daily yet i still have no idea what’s happening
Dirty Dililo
Dirty Dililo преди година
Is it me or does it seem weird without the cartoon Domics?
1_Takoyaki _1
1_Takoyaki _1 преди година
I wished they watched more but there is probably no chance.
1_Takoyaki _1
1_Takoyaki _1 преди година
I love seeing Dom trying to hide his laugh when talking about "Boku no Piko". For people who don't know, it's hentai.
Tomato Salt
Tomato Salt преди година
Dom and jack are a full level reverse. Jack white shirt and black headphones and dom is black shirt and white headphones
LuekInANutshell преди година
I watch this to react to reaction I've seen the hole thong already
SSJ Deeva
SSJ Deeva преди година
I can't focus on the anime when Their constantly speaking
Sarah's EPIC World
Sarah's EPIC World преди година
All weebs please come too the comments I just want to be friends ;-; XD
なおTomori преди година
You're , how do I say this. More round than how you used to look
Mathias Frostad
Mathias Frostad преди година
i wish we could see the anime
vicki2006 преди година
Jokes on you, I have the showed memorized because its my favorite anime
Lucas Tassie
Lucas Tassie преди година
**sees jack** "includes paid promotion"
Fudge Gaming
Fudge Gaming преди година
You are ummm.... Cool
Matrixinity Gaming
Matrixinity Gaming преди година
Why you are so fat now
Azurine преди година
Dominic you're fat af lmfao.. jk
Lima bean turtle
Lima bean turtle преди година
Canada is not a country -jacksfilms
nb cb
nb cb преди година
Dom will forever be awkward lol
FLAMESIS преди година
this is super weird even for me.
FLAMESIS преди година
jack doesn't seem like the anime type.
Рэй Брэдбери
Рэй Брэдбери преди година
Нихрена не понятно, но было очень интересно
I C U преди година
Anime sucks
noodleboi panda
noodleboi panda преди година
I thought jack had more subs ._.
Peepee Poopoo
Peepee Poopoo преди година
8:25 🤦‍♀️
Okaauio преди година
apelsinas преди година
Forehead man brings intelligent boy to watch his weird cartoons
Kiko Capili
Kiko Capili преди година
you look like a anime
saltyturtle преди година
oh hey me and domics use the same headphones
Maariya Nr
Maariya Nr преди 2 години
If you constantly watch jack you kinda forget how extroverted and animated he really is and tbh his watchalongs with Dom remind me of the fact. I find this an odd combination since we know Dom to be introverted and not entirely used to the camera, but I still appreciate their friendship and interactions and they're both respectful towards one another!
1TwoThree преди 2 години
Dam I miss it already finished that anime
Aletro преди 2 години
I watch mha on hulu
Sarah's EPIC World
Sarah's EPIC World преди година
Aletro Same
Logan Mozingo
Logan Mozingo преди 2 години
Dom does not look like what I imagined.
░̸̆͊░̴̐̄░̷́͂░̸̈́̚░̶̎͠ преди 2 години
So awkward without the anime
Ezekiel Gomez-Goldberg
Ezekiel Gomez-Goldberg преди 2 години
Advertisement ends at 1:33:08 Jk! Jk!
Boom4011 преди 2 години
this some really realistic animation dom
Crest Fall
Crest Fall преди 2 години
Feels SO good rewatching this episode (of MHA).
Bangman Army
Bangman Army преди 2 години
Lida is best Fight me!!!!!!!!!
Marco преди 2 години
i ida
Marco преди 2 години
ack_ward human
ack_ward human преди 2 години
I like how the girl shirt says eww she's probably uncomfortable
lememein преди 2 години
Stop clapping jacksfilms your not pewdiepie
Varma преди 2 години
Video evidence of Dom gaslighting Jack.
Lorêna Martinez
Lorêna Martinez преди 2 години
What’s wrong with Domic his like always shacking his head does he have turrets?
Skyz преди 2 години
Naruto please guys
twinArmageddons преди 2 години
i thought it was acadamia
Tyler Bowman
Tyler Bowman преди 2 години
Looks like a porn interview
G30RG3 преди 2 години
Why is that its a free trial it still says u have to pay
Will DG
Will DG преди 2 години
Lol this would of been a lot more interesting with the screen showing
Insky преди 2 години
U rally look like korean xD
Sandy Cakes
Sandy Cakes преди 2 години
I had to pay for crunchyroll
Edfyr преди 2 години
Anthony Malle
Anthony Malle преди 2 години
Why couldn’t they have gone to the next episode that is when it happens
Trash преди 2 години
I love the part where those three girls are never mentioned or shown at any other spot in the video
WATCHA GACHA преди 2 години
*sees my hero academia* click
tsblessed преди 2 години
Haha I have that white head set too.
Simography преди 2 години
My favorite anime and my favorite 2 youtubers
okki mudi
okki mudi преди 2 години
Dom shake litle more you hair
JPC преди 2 години
dom I saw your videos couple years ago and damn what have you been eating with all those million dollars lol
Anton M.
Anton M. преди 2 години
it's two dicks on a couch it's two dicks on a couch it's domics and jacksfilms and they're two dicks on a couch
Admiral Kizaru
Admiral Kizaru преди 2 години
Soo that's why Those filipinos called you a Korean...
Koro Kun
Koro Kun преди 2 години
they didn't show what they were watching 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬
Rakul преди 2 години
wait domics and jacksfilms in a video
Jude andem
Jude andem преди 2 години
Domics' face before and now lo
Jude andem
Jude andem преди 2 години
Looks great I cant edit
Daniel Y.
Daniel Y. преди 2 години
Is dom the Asian guy
TGPX преди 2 години
Im that one guy who notices the Hyun's Dojo tshirt
Player 1
Player 1 преди 2 години
Dom: just plzzz start the anime Jack: duuude chill
Boarhaven преди 2 години
boku no hero? nananannanana NO you meant boku no pico right?
Kable R
Kable R преди 2 години
1:02:58 Dom you Troll XD how dare you agree to boco no pico straight up xD
Ellquin преди 2 години
They couldn’t even hear it they didn’t have headphones eww I’m so sorry girls that’s so awkward
Bruu преди 2 години
What the fuck jack It says i only get a 14 day free trial I aint putting my credit card in that for 14 days
Curry God
Curry God преди 2 години
Detroit smash!!
Amberlyn Jane Dato
Amberlyn Jane Dato преди 2 години
Dominic is so cute!❤😢
Rodrigo Carvajal
Rodrigo Carvajal преди 2 години
1:02:56 Boku no Pico 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hey im pretty nice
Hey im pretty nice преди 2 години
I'm just waiting for season 3
Luis Gabriel
Luis Gabriel преди 2 години
When you start im already done season 1 and 2 of My Hero Academia😁😁😁
Vivek Adhikari
Vivek Adhikari преди 2 години
Sub or Dub?
I don't mean it but,
I don't mean it but, преди 2 години
Woah he got chubby
trak преди 2 години
5:26 JACK: onnee... me: *pauses video* hmm *looks at jacks face* woah holy crap
Kaela Zakrajsek
Kaela Zakrajsek преди 2 години
Is he Japanese? Ik he’s Filipino but he also looks Japanese
Grant Adrien
Grant Adrien преди 2 години
Is that season 1?
Lacer1k преди 2 години
Why does domics sound so different
dan da
dan da преди 2 години
why does domic look super awkward and uncomfortable
Bruno Rabago
Bruno Rabago преди 2 години
Hella late but he is very introverted.
Daisy Clark
Daisy Clark преди 2 години
Mrs Tweedy's chicken pie
Mrs Tweedy's chicken pie преди 2 години
All might is not Alright...
Reid Feldmonkey
Reid Feldmonkey преди 3 години
Dominic looks questionable
Tomas Roque
Tomas Roque преди 3 години
1:02:57 I know Domics said this as a meme but I would love it if you reacted to all 3 Boku no Pico episodes.
Silent Shadow
Silent Shadow преди година
my question is does Jack know it is a meme. It would be surprising for him to not know a meme but I seriously could not tell if they were both playing along or if he seriously believed Domics that it was a great anime.
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