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Hinata Boke
Hinata Boke преди 12 часа
0:45 what I look like rn... except stuff isn’t going in... it’s all coming back out 😖
Unknown And unneeded
Unknown And unneeded преди ден
I will now permanently pronounce it as jift
Gianfranco Espinoza
Gianfranco Espinoza преди ден
Bro today is yesterday's tomorrow is a song and IT BOPS
ccc310 преди ден
Can't get gifts if you have no friends!
YukonRBX преди ден
i thought how you said jift it was something else then a gift lol
The Other Noob
The Other Noob преди 2 дни
3:34 u can in 2020
random. преди 2 дни
“Shrimpchips, A friend to share shrimpchips with“ Same, same. *Tear rolls from their right eye*
Midas Husken
Midas Husken преди 2 дни
is it a canadian thing to call gifts, gifs
.yva преди 2 дни
its a joke
Itsyaboitheweeb преди 3 дни
Itsyaboitheweeb преди 2 дни
@.yva I know
.yva преди 2 дни
i t s a j o k e
Super Goose
Super Goose преди 3 дни
You see, as someone with ADHD and whose love language is gift giving, I plan months in advance what I'm getting for each special person in my life. I also have a running list of things I know they like, and I work with that. For example, my mom likes turtles, crystals, fall colors, and gardening. Those 4 things alone will last me DECADES. Copper coffee mugs/flower pots, little turtles made of seashells or crystals, raw crystal necklaces, KNITTED turtles (with fall colors). That's what I do, anyway.
Tu Bo
Tu Bo преди 3 дни
No one: Dom: *jifts*
Retro Games'
Retro Games' преди 5 дни
Mans saying Jift.
Retro Games'
Retro Games' преди 20 часа
Yes, I know that.
.yva преди 2 дни
once again,, its a joke 🙃
Seba Lachapelle
Seba Lachapelle преди 6 дни
3:35 umm dom uh can i actually et that pack of tp im runnin kinda low cuz ,quarantine
August L
August L преди 6 дни
I always feel bad receiving gifts or cards or money even if it is my birthday, because of the dumb society that told me your supposed to insist to the giver that they “really didn’t have to” and now accepting gifts right off the bat seems selfish to me (but only if I’m the one receiving, it’s annoying when other people do it too much, and society is dumb).
Aldijana Zukic
Aldijana Zukic преди 6 дни
Jift? My man, w h a t i t s g i f t
Redsun преди 7 дни
This is where white elephant is a thing
Theos Thoughts
Theos Thoughts преди 7 дни
D... did he just say... jift? *JIFT?!*
Abigail Santiago
Abigail Santiago преди 7 дни
Citlaly Palma
Citlaly Palma преди 8 дни
X._KingxExplosionxMurder_.X преди 8 дни
Having no friends has its benifits
Rakoon преди 8 дни
Jift truly beautiful
Cat Burger with internet access
Cat Burger with internet access преди 8 дни
J i f t
8miceinabox преди 9 дни
just buy them an Amazon gift card
Analina Maldonado
Analina Maldonado преди 10 дни
Ya me and my older bro have a system for gifting we ask eachother what we want first so its realy know suprise but so that we know eachother would like it literaly i was on my way to my b day party one year and me and my bro were texting back and fourth trying to find a place for my bro to get roller scates for me😆😆😀
Mega drako
Mega drako преди 11 дни
I WILL NOT CHANGE THE WAY I SAY GIFT OR GIF FOR ANYONE!!! not that anyone cares But if you do care... It's jiff not gif and gift not just Lol jk idc
Random beats
Random beats преди 12 дни
3:35 yes we can
Steam Devil
Steam Devil преди 12 дни
None of my friends got me shit for my bday
Jaden Sosa
Jaden Sosa преди 12 дни
For me just get them something that they have skills with then they will start learning how to use it
Claryo Z
Claryo Z преди 12 дни
Every stories he tell are kinda related to me as well and so I loved all of them.
Fred Robertson
Fred Robertson преди 12 дни
A what.
yousif jameel
yousif jameel преди 13 дни
3:35 yes you can, actually it would be useful a couple of months ago
The Llama Twins Rebooted
The Llama Twins Rebooted преди 13 дни
This is why I get gift cards for my friends
gary chen
gary chen преди 16 дни
in 2020 ooooo toilet paper neat gift
Leon the Lost lizard
Leon the Lost lizard преди 16 дни
Did he say gifs ohh never mind
Carly Hillen
Carly Hillen преди 16 дни
Once my friend got my other friend these awesome book about dragons, (my friend loves dragons) and something else also I forget. But then she was like thanks! I already have that book! XD
Simple преди 18 дни
Simple преди 18 дни
8B 4 Aditya Beck
8B 4 Aditya Beck преди 18 дни
Jift ??
Khanh hoang ngoc
Khanh hoang ngoc преди 19 дни
5:23 LOSES
04 Sky Dela Rosa
04 Sky Dela Rosa преди 19 дни
Dom:* I could've been a millionaire * Also dom:* 1.1 billion total views,7million subs *
MÜJI преди 20 дни
really he said jift
Abdelmoumene abdelali
Abdelmoumene abdelali преди 21 ден
That's really helped me 😁
Sevimsiz Ananas
Sevimsiz Ananas преди 21 ден
"i feel some of you are getting frustrated"no im not frustrated im fucking raging
JazzyGaming 91
JazzyGaming 91 преди 21 ден
Kalvin Young
Kalvin Young преди 21 ден
First thing i did after i heard the toilet paper joke i look down in the comments to find if any one else noticed Dom’s prediction of 2020.
OllieAsimi преди 23 дни
You just called it a jifd
clapxy преди 24 дни
3:34 actually we barley have toilet paper 2020
Violet Gold
Violet Gold преди 24 дни
Jifts lmao
YustInTime преди 25 дни
Timoicot преди 25 дни
Looks I was so confused about jifts
Sineg Studies
Sineg Studies преди 26 дни
China plz stop eating bats
KamrOns Korner!
KamrOns Korner! преди 26 дни
Kenzie King
Kenzie King преди 28 дни
j-ift??????????????????????????????????? *cringe*
AquariuS преди 28 дни
When he said Jift I thought he meant Gif but as Jif ._.
53_hours преди 29 дни
Buy a jift? 0:04
JIFFTHEBIFF преди 29 дни
Anyone 2020?
Darren Lau
Darren Lau преди месец
this year, masks and hand sanitizers would be great gifts
Shikha Shaw
Shikha Shaw преди месец
Say gift not jift
Abdullah King
Abdullah King преди месец
ill dm you your new house address soon
beans преди месец
I remember when I was seven two of my friends bought me the same lego set and we all laughed about it we thought it was funny
sortabl преди месец
It’s not jiffed
Lisa Violet
Lisa Violet преди месец
Take this as an example Imagine you have some food and it has an expiry date (aka, the day after the person's birthday). Would you still eat it after it expires by a day? 🤔
Actual Working
Actual Working преди месец
Lisa Violet birthday presents are different to food
Vee преди месец
All i like during Christmas is the lights xD i just want to drive around looking at all the Christmas lights
jOOrOO преди месец
a jift
Fōx James
Fōx James преди месец
why he say JIFT we say gift in Australia
Anita Haenel
Anita Haenel преди месец
Dom: well toilet paper is usefull now That didint age well did it
Emerald Calabio
Emerald Calabio преди месец
Oh yeah
Jackster Draws
Jackster Draws преди месец
Its like people saying gif like jif
Meena Mathew
Meena Mathew преди месец
dom you succ
Finity преди месец
its ''GIFT''
MjFreak преди месец
Nah it's not that hard. A gift is something you're not obligated to give. So, the recipient will feel grateful assuming the gift is appropriate. How to choose one? Simple! Even though people like to think they're unique (they are) and don't fit the "stereotype" , they often fall into certain demographics. Search a gift that is accustomed for the target demographic and you will have your gift. However, keep in mind they may have already said that they're explicitly interested in something (in this case it's pretty obvious). Finally, what if they've already been gifted this gift? I usually happen to be with them and know their gifts, but just in case, you can include the receipt with the gift so they can exchange or return it if they want. Summary: Deal with the person as a demographic stereotype, or follow their interests and you'll have your gift.
PEêbłe NėE Pugs
PEêbłe NėE Pugs преди месец
I thought he was talking about a photo type of gif
Dale Gerig
Dale Gerig преди месец
JUST GET THEM MONEY or a gift card or something
N4hum YT
N4hum YT преди месец
3:35 Me in 2020: Actually yes you can 🤣
Pessimistic Pickles
Pessimistic Pickles преди месец
When you were mad at GingerPale, you could've said that it's OK because it's your birthday in another country
Christopher Scott
Christopher Scott преди месец
Andrey Is Scared
Andrey Is Scared преди месец
Nobody: Literally nobody: Domics: *J I F T*
Racon Vid
Racon Vid преди месец
I bet he says jif aswell
pinnacle преди месец
jeez I thought it was mockery of people calling gif's jif's
Andrew Huang
Andrew Huang преди месец
why do u say jift instead of gift
Charlie Vasquez
Charlie Vasquez преди месец
I just thought you pronounced gifts like that, and I was ok with that
Matthew Pangilinan
Matthew Pangilinan преди месец
3:35 ehhh.. in 2020, its the oppisite
coreaisoe преди месец
WildF1re Fan
WildF1re Fan преди месец
At 6:08 I paused at the right time because I saw “New Game!” Which is one of my favorite anime’s.
Uzma Shaikh
Uzma Shaikh преди месец
“Today is Yesterday’s tomorrow “ had me thinking for a while
Matthew Pangilinan
Matthew Pangilinan преди месец
hmmm agreed
Jatick преди месец
Sarina Camacho
Sarina Camacho преди месец
Why he say Jift
Miah Tofilo
Miah Tofilo преди месец
I’m sorry but I have to Jift
MrTop Hack
MrTop Hack преди месец
its GIFT
Claire Gehrig
Claire Gehrig преди месец
The way he says gift Jesus Christ
Lightning преди месец
4:10 You are not alone, I do that too
StarLight Games
StarLight Games преди месец
0:07 everyone during quarantine
LC преди месец
I dong know why, but I like the way he says gift as Gifs, instead of gift
MrRant преди месец
little did he know that toilet paper joke turned into a reality
Melinda Richardson
Melinda Richardson преди месец
Dunk преди месец
why cant americans just wash their ass if they dont have tp?
Mango L
Mango L преди месец
I got toilet paper as a Christmas gift last year...seemed funny at first but later turned out to be a god send
A.J. преди месец
I swear BGcdrs are phycics, first MrBeast predicts Blacklivesmatter, now Dom predicts the toilet paper shortage. P.S. In another video Dom predicts people not being able to speak their mind without being criticized!
Nomics Z
Nomics Z преди месец
Shaffa Farhan
Shaffa Farhan преди месец
Me too
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