Live Watchalong! Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

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преди 3 години

We are doing a live Watchalong of ‘Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto’ on Crunchyroll! To watch along with us with NO ADS, Sign Up for a FREE 14 trial of Crunchyroll Premium at
If you’re joining us late, use the timer on the lower left to sync your player to where we are in the episode!

Kelvin J Lee
Kelvin J Lee преди месец
I wanna hear her moan
Aqua Grizzlord
Aqua Grizzlord преди месец
Holy shit Lily was chubby! So cutee!!
Tanjil Sarker
Tanjil Sarker преди месец
i was mainly watching albert doing his card tricks
Mehari Tesfageris
Mehari Tesfageris преди 2 месеца
I want a Big Mac
Elkreliss Prime
Elkreliss Prime преди 4 месеца
Guys this has time be domics best animation yet.
Josh Van Cambare
Josh Van Cambare преди 4 месеца
This aged different....
Najerah Tomaga
Najerah Tomaga преди 5 месеца
the real reason why I hadn't continued an anime... *distracted by an other anime* Nailed it!
Mārtiņš преди 5 месеца
This did not age well (if you know what I mean) 😞
Mārtiņš преди 2 месеца
@ashidenki lilypichu and Albert broke up
ashidenki преди 2 месеца
No i don't. Why?
Maestriny преди 7 месеца
videos that haven't aged well
Tomori S.
Tomori S. преди 6 месеца
Big oof
Fahmida Tajnin
Fahmida Tajnin преди 8 месеца
I feel so stupid 😶
I am not Yona
I am not Yona преди година
Sleightly Musical? LilyPichu? I remember watching their covers before from Shigatsu to Disney. ...such a crossover
shymickey6 преди година
That gurl has suuuuuuch a put on voice.
Becca Ram
Becca Ram преди година
I like Domics a lots
Boofder. преди година
This is so awkward if your not watching it with them
Jazztin Chua
Jazztin Chua преди година
the girl sounds like wolfychu
Ian Ramos
Ian Ramos преди 9 месеца
Psycho Moon
Psycho Moon преди година
What if it is wolfychu? 0_0 thats my new theory :3
Matt Alrec Valdez
Matt Alrec Valdez преди година
500th dislike yeheyyyyyyyyy
Epic4700 YT
Epic4700 YT преди година
Bro why tf you look like a chinese
That Weeb That’s a Slime
That Weeb That’s a Slime преди година
Ian Ramos
Ian Ramos преди 9 месеца
Player 119
Player 119 преди година
offline tv
Galactic GamingYT
Galactic GamingYT преди година
Cherry A.R.M.Y
Cherry A.R.M.Y преди година
I saw this anime on TV back when Animax was there it was a super fun though the series was quite short and one more thing *Sakamoto is just so cool* he always finds out a way to deal with problems with *swag*
Mayumie Aquino
Mayumie Aquino преди година
Just imagine if you had a classmate like Sakamoto.
INFINITR33 преди година
Domics looks like filipino (Yes this is a joke)
AtomicMusic преди година
and strange that they look at the camera because it would seem that you garden and it is too strange I have also dressed well
Hatsy YT
Hatsy YT преди година
Domics u rlly look like a korean
Iwaki_Simp преди година
I actually watched this after watching the anime
Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez преди година
the Beyonder
the Beyonder преди година
doms you look more chinese than filipino
C S преди година
You look more darker skinned chinese to me
Jerekø преди година
14:30 look at his hand put it at .25 speed
florence fiancée
florence fiancée преди година
How do people watch this?
TurboHokage преди година
Domics Should join Offline Tv 🙃
TurboHokage преди година
Who watching in 2019 NANI
Winter Wolf Playz
Winter Wolf Playz преди година
Rahul Deepak
Rahul Deepak преди година
3 Asians staring at you in the eyes as if u did something wrong.
Anj Soliman
Anj Soliman преди година
LiBertY x Domics 😍😍😍😍
D!ZZY Vila Nova
D!ZZY Vila Nova преди година
She is so fuckin' sexy 🤤😍
xxRatPoison aka Natalie
xxRatPoison aka Natalie преди година
She sounds like wolfychu. Wait.... What?
SPRING-LOCK- 34 преди година
Away do you look Korean
emi преди година
Ur voice sounds like anime and wolfychu omgggg
Gwynnie C
Gwynnie C преди година
I fell asleep to JaidenAnimations woke up to this... hmmmm 🤔😂
Kings Time
Kings Time преди година
To be honest DOM mah boy you dont look like a filipino🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐
jyrgn преди година
sacki facki long time long time
Tina Warden
Tina Warden преди година
I'm new here
Amayah Anne
Amayah Anne преди година
*Lilly, Lily, Lillie, Lilli?* Which way?
he he
he he преди година
This video is so eh...I was waiting for the episode to be Played in the corner like it's done in react videos, but that never happened, they just stare at you need comment on you. 🙎
ttv Twinkie
ttv Twinkie преди година
Holy moly domz looks so diffrent from his amition
Sw33tTee преди година
You look like Shin Lim
amodking преди година
I DO NOT support videos with just a time stamp... If you're making a video like this, actually play the video on the side.
Cynthia Macaringue
Cynthia Macaringue преди година
Loving the card tricks Lilys voice is weirdly pleasant... like a cartoon...
W преди година
Omg it's Lily and Albert with Domics pre glow-up I think it'll better if you add their names on the title ^^
[ironic name here]
[ironic name here] преди година
Your voice doesn’t match your face :(
Anonymous 2020
Anonymous 2020 преди година
Lets Be Honest Here, We Want To See Domics Cry To An Anime Sad Moments Montage.
RJN Sinch
RJN Sinch преди година
Lol albert and his cards
Hi Itz Ashi
Hi Itz Ashi преди 2 години
She sounds like wolfychu
ayman 143
ayman 143 преди 2 години
What am i supposed to see here could someone explain it simply
Valerie cazares
Valerie cazares преди 2 години
It's wolfychu!!!!!!!!!!!💖💖💞💞💞💞💞😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tiffany Brown
Tiffany Brown преди 2 години
Who watched it with theme
Trinity Rossyion
Trinity Rossyion преди 2 години
Me but I hot a pic of him but idk will just go to sleep.
Simply Era
Simply Era преди 2 години
Lol domics looks like he hot bullied as kid most Asians that don't look like how Asians suppose to look
YOMOMOMAMA преди 2 години
That girl if I screwed her it will be the best
Nimbus преди 2 години
Domics is less letters... bruh
Dean limitsfree
Dean limitsfree преди 2 години
The girl's voice is like a nightcore
Dean limitsfree
Dean limitsfree преди 2 години
Do a vlog
Jaseque 999
Jaseque 999 преди 2 години
I thought theyw ere gonna watch it on the computer, then they start staring into my soul, JESUS CHRIST
Jaseque 999
Jaseque 999 преди 2 години
Guy on the left 2:44 I love that trick, it looks so cool.
Jaseque 999
Jaseque 999 преди 2 години
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Mlco преди 2 години
Don't click read more if you do you hate your life SO YOU HATE YOUR LIFE!? Well... I'm sorry
12A23Vishnu S
12A23Vishnu S преди 2 години
Domics u have to do something abt ur hair
boba преди 2 години
dom, you're so cute.
theforcebewithu преди 2 години
You guys all look way different then I imagined
Penelope Goodwin
Penelope Goodwin преди 2 години
Jade Co
Jade Co преди 2 години
All I heard was silence
Anonym преди 2 години
My favourite human persons
Cookay преди 2 години
Holy fk, I did not think that was lilly at first glance.. Wud duh hell
Troy преди 2 години
SUB TO PEWDIEPIE!!! преди 2 години
Not going to lie at first domics look ulgy
Chico P.
Chico P. преди 2 години
So thaaaats wolfychu >:3
iixLying преди 2 години
It’s almost 3 am and I’m still watching this.
Julian Lee
Julian Lee преди 2 години
Those were times
FrozenRune преди 2 години
I'm just watching Albie doing little tricks in the corner
Henry Barnes Fitness
Henry Barnes Fitness преди 2 години
You are the ugliest person ive ever seen
Bogdy Yo
Bogdy Yo преди 2 години
She sounds like pikachu
Za wardo toki wo tomure
Za wardo toki wo tomure преди 2 години
peach tea_
peach tea_ преди 2 години
I knew it was albert and lily XD
Maya Plaskon
Maya Plaskon преди 2 години
Omg ur so cute 😯😯
Vika Timmerman
Vika Timmerman преди 2 години
omg her voice
Pierre Fellipé
Pierre Fellipé преди 2 години
I was expecting a white guy with black hair that was skinny 😂😂
Leo Sanchez
Leo Sanchez преди 2 години
the only anime that i recommend is Code Geass
maverick bascos
maverick bascos преди 2 години
Foreveraweirdo 32
Foreveraweirdo 32 преди 2 години
What happened from ur body before?? You were so skinny what happened??? N hate just saying
Pedro Santana
Pedro Santana преди 2 години
Wait you are friends with lily and Albert?
Ko Li
Ko Li преди 2 години
I ❤ you !
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow преди 2 години
I wish I had Japanese frnz
Saorsa Enget
Saorsa Enget преди 2 години
Hey Domics, you've lost weight! I watched your Excercise video not long ago and it's so encouraging to see that you continued chasing your goal!! Good job and thanks for encouraging me to do the same :)
Alien преди 2 години
Hey Dom, I use that or am I thing all the time!
LOLIPICHU преди 2 години
oh shit LILYPICHU ...... awkward.... XD
BebehQueenPotato преди 2 години
Александр Фостер
Александр Фостер преди 2 години
ест русские???
Emily H
Emily H преди 2 години
I just finished Sakamoto Desu Ga? yesterday and I almost cried on several occasions XD
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