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maxairopirounos преди 5 часа
Darius...Eat your heart out ''Garen''
Mrs. Wondertainment
Mrs. Wondertainment преди 9 часа
german is my native language and i hav no problems with that. english is one of the things i'd like to hav everyday, which...aint gon be possible... bc i am not a richy so i'll never be able to breathe air around *american* trees. but anyways one day somebody will help me out of this pun and about the bat: what about the word bun? its sort of a bread and... a hair style....yey so english is pretty easy, easier than german, for eg you only use the for literally anything. we got 3: der die and das. no, die does not relate to dead. jus tipe it into google translate german and boom you should be able to find it out by yourself. anyways, there are certain stuff germans complain about...for eg if its "der, die or das" nutella. or if you eat it with or without butter. we dun got candy corn which completely ruins my life and i've never been to taco bell b4 and i never ate doritos. we dont got walmart or thrift shop and i'd love to experience al of that but *NOOOO* life aint fair. anyways i am 14 yo, a gurl and i already speak 5 languages. yes i do at such a young age and i can say: if you aint got any problems with the pronounciation, it gets a loooot easier, and i hav to see others struggle how to say something meanwhile i mastered it in a second. i wish i could...ugh nvm nobody is ever gonna offer me such a monee wasting trip of my life. yeh i could do literally anything in english, i mean i speak british, american and australian anglish, lets dont forget canadian. i know how i should act...or more could...but anyways i wanna learn japanese, chinese, russian, portugese and a lot more. of course i learn the basics, thats why i said 5, bc i already "mastered" them: english, german, french, polish and spanish. i hav not a single problem with french meanwhile you try to say door in german or tada in french ~ voila ~, i watch yt vids from ppl with accents knowing they'll never be able to lose them. thx for reading! ~ i miss america as if its my home but i was born in germany ~
Yra преди 12 часа
“raining cats and dogs” doesnt mean its raining loud cats vs dog
Manu Pili
Manu Pili преди 13 часа
more nostalgia to eat
Game Blower
Game Blower преди 16 часа
No English Is Ez
MaBigBoi преди 18 часа
Want some real challenge? Try Turkish idioms lol.
White преди 19 часа
6:15 - * A Piece of Balut* nice reference Domics
Muhammad Junaid
Muhammad Junaid преди 21 час
My native language is urdu english suckssss!
Rogue Gamer
Rogue Gamer преди 22 часа
The raining cats and dogs comes from when roofs were thatched with hay. Cats and dogs would rest there, when it rained hard, they fell through, raining cats and dogs
Tingcraft преди 23 часа
1:58 Ok you’d turn so that your blind eye would be facing them/it. You’re turning a blind eye
Jonathan hutchinson and Mr. Dancer
Jonathan hutchinson and Mr. Dancer преди ден
Cats and dogs eh, sounds kinda Asian to me
chrislol преди ден
Wouldn’t be caught dead. Even if you were dead you would still be ashamed for doing or wearing something
chrislol преди ден
Turning a blind eye. There is only one eye blind so you turn the blind eye so you can’t see the person or incident with the non blind eye
Tempest Jewel
Tempest Jewel преди ден
the cats and dogs thing came from when people had thatched roofs and the animals would hide on it when it rained and if it rained too hard the roof would fall through
Yingo Flamingo the Potato
Yingo Flamingo the Potato преди ден
You complain about a lot of stuff
Antek Operacz
Antek Operacz преди ден
In poland the idiom piece of cake is Bułka z masłem Bread and butter witch makes sense Spreding butter on bread is ez
Monster Berger
Monster Berger преди ден
Raining cats a dogs was a thing lost in translation
Gabriella преди ден
"I slept like a baby." Translation: I slept horribly, have you seen parents with babies? They don't sleep well, trust me.
England Solomon
England Solomon преди ден
There was a cheat code in GTA Vice City called 'catsanddogs' which made it rain heavily (ofc)... And my 9yr old dumbass looked up to see if it was really raining cats and dogs when there were no cats and dogs in the game...
INSIGHT LABS преди ден
English is not quite difficult for me even though I am from India. Choose any one of the hundreds of Indian languages.
BakerBrotherBooks - The Kid Biz Experts
BakerBrotherBooks - The Kid Biz Experts преди ден
The goody two shoes is used in a mean way similar to calling someone a no shit sherlock
K I R A преди ден
english is to hard ??? did you ever know french exists
Dream Team
Dream Team преди ден
4:47 exept if you are talking about a p*ssy
Jasem AlBalghouni
Jasem AlBalghouni преди ден
Rural is hard to pronounce Me laughing in my Arab accent because us Arabs say r from the gum right behind the teath
colton jensen
colton jensen преди ден
"Turn a blind eye" means that you are blind in one eye, and are thus turning that eye towards the situation in question, so as to avoid seeing it.
mellamo conminombre
mellamo conminombre преди 2 дни
buen video eres dios =D
Jamir Pridgen
Jamir Pridgen преди 2 дни
Stop beating on the bush get the hell out of here and the real sponsor this video is
DannaEva KellyXu
DannaEva KellyXu преди 2 дни
xXElizi GraceXx
xXElizi GraceXx преди 2 дни
"uhg, i wouldn't be caught dead in a top like that." "don't worry, *I'll make sure they won't find your body.* "
Meena Mathew
Meena Mathew преди 2 дни
Dom the very definition of idioms are that group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words and you know it you did this just for the sake of makeing vids and money u dont Give A S*** about it (thats perfectly fine not to be mean here but just pointing out )
Cherry преди 2 дни
So like in 3rd grade one of my classmates always told me to say "idiot" and I would always say "idiom", I kinda regret saying that???
Cloudyボイ преди 2 дни
Oh just believe me the old Dutch idioms are way more confusing and wierd
Keti Mamulashvili
Keti Mamulashvili преди 2 дни
Dominic: English is hard Georgian: Hold my Saperavi wine
Koichi Hirose
Koichi Hirose преди 2 дни
ok that tofu 86 part got me
Warren Wilde
Warren Wilde преди 2 дни
Thanks, I have aspergers and this kinda helps
Logan Munier
Logan Munier преди 2 дни
Wait, I've always used "it's all downhill from here" to mean that things will be easier from here on out, that the hard part of something was over and you can relax a little. Nobody has ever corrected me, so I thought that was right! Am I the only one who uses it like that???
mlac m'I
mlac m'I преди ден
He's wrong (kind of). "Going downhill" is usually a bad thing, but "it's all downhill from here" is almost exclusively used positively it seems, with most exceptions being when used as a play on the "going downhill" version of the idiom. At the same time though, thefreedictionary gives two meanings to the phrase, where one is bad and the other good, oddly enough. Confusing, but nonetheless, *you're doing it right*.
Jackson mclemore
Jackson mclemore преди 2 дни
Dommy dommy, their saying turn a blind eye as in, even if you didnt see me murder that guy, your eye is blind so you DEFINITELY didn't see me put a stick of dynamite in that guys a**
Mariela Moreno
Mariela Moreno преди 3 дни
yo aqui aprendiendo expresiones que no puedo pronunciar ¡¡¡¡¡
Mahiba Mansoor
Mahiba Mansoor преди 3 дни
We were learning about figurative language and I asked my teacher if she could show this to the class lol they loved it.
Animals are awesome
Animals are awesome преди 3 дни
Well won’t be seen dead that just makes it make more sense. You don’t feel something and you still don’t want it.
cat the impostor
cat the impostor преди 3 дни
oh dont worry ill make sure they wont find ur body
Edwarss idk
Edwarss idk преди 3 дни
Well,currently I'm studying English by myself and I could say it is easy (some things are hard not everything is easy) Idioms are easy if you learn it through context the sentence "piece of cake" for example also exist in my native language Spanish "Pan comido". Spanish has lots of slangs and that is te reason why people get frustrated with my native language. If I get frustrated with English sometimes I don't wanna think how hard must be learn Japanese German or Chinese.
Little Pixel
Little Pixel преди 3 дни
Well If english is hard, French is impossible !!
kuswerdz animations
kuswerdz animations преди 3 дни
Break a leg... nah... break an arm as well. Maybe break your back, too.
Wahid Muharram
Wahid Muharram преди 3 дни
I would say English is my half natives cause i live in a non English country
Niranjan A
Niranjan A преди 3 дни
I'm the 234 THOUSANDTH person who liked this video
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin преди 3 дни
Brenda Guerrero
Brenda Guerrero преди 3 дни
What does it mean when someone says everyone does not like wool
Alfiee преди 4 дни
"It's raining cats and dogs" comes from when back in the 50's I believe, dogs and cats would get on the roofs of houses I think and because of the material, when it was raining, or had rained the prior day, they would slip and fall, hence the term, "It's raining cats and dogs"
Alex Kilin.
Alex Kilin. преди 4 дни
IN GREECE WE HAVE A TERM MEANING ITS RAINING CHAIR LEGS (close to chairs and tables) Βρέχει καρεκλοποδαρα
Anti LittleKingRyan
Anti LittleKingRyan преди 4 дни
For the piece of cake he meant he meant eating a cake
Sewii OwO
Sewii OwO преди 4 дни
Domics: English is hard *laughs in german*
Kubu преди 4 дни
2:07 Domics telling you to be blind lol
The Chef Boo
The Chef Boo преди 4 дни
The "turn a blind eye" is because you would act like you saw nothing, as if you have 1 blind eye that you turned
Lijiang преди 4 дни
‘You’ve probably heard these words before but I’ll show you what they really mean’ when I say... Lol relatable
Ploaper преди 4 дни
its raining slimes dont kill them even when they attack you
Cash Creations
Cash Creations преди 4 дни
Did anyone else hear a small "*eah*" at 00:12?
Leo Tobey
Leo Tobey преди 4 дни
I just find domics after a long time, I look at the video and nord vpn is here
Diana Mmsadeghi
Diana Mmsadeghi преди 5 дни
please make more idiom videos!!😩😍
Christina Hamilton
Christina Hamilton преди 5 дни
3:04 *i turned myself into a pickle, morty*
Mycilium Resistance!
Mycilium Resistance! преди 5 дни
I wish I wasnt American honestly America is the worst
Pluslattice 143
Pluslattice 143 преди 5 дни
And then you find me that i am an italian (so i i wrote wronge you know the why) but i understand dom 😂
Myste Vezina
Myste Vezina преди 5 дни
I skipped doing ELA to binge watch domics.. we are currently learning about figurative language
Bobbie Cole
Bobbie Cole преди 5 дни
My teacher uses as an example for fifth graders
miles jeizel
miles jeizel преди 5 дни
My teacher send this to our gc but little did they know I watch ur animations 😂😂
Felix360 преди 5 дни
"All downhill from here" may denote going down in levels other than the physical. After all, in a flood, you don't want to be in low-lying areas. Further forward, your earnings, your happiness, or your health might be on the decline, going down.
Wild Makara
Wild Makara преди 6 дни
I see it as going down the hill meaning out of control like what Domics said, but all the fun ways he mentioned of going down a hill are the accomplishment. To do that you need to go up the hill first. It'd be like the 'uphill battle' where it's hard, but worth it. The hard work to bring a sled up the hill would be an example, because then you get to have fun going down the hill, but if you don't make it all the way up and trip and tumble down or drop the sled and have to chase it back down to bring it back up. That's the falling downhill part.
Grazy NOMI
Grazy NOMI преди 6 дни
You think that english is hard. Try learning finnish just for fun. Pliz
Ice internet
Ice internet преди 7 дни
3:51 that's kinda racist
` Sonosomi `
` Sonosomi ` преди 7 дни
⠀ ∩ \\ / ) ⊂\_/ ̄ ̄ ̄ / \_/ ° ͜ʖ ° ( ) /⌒\ / ___/⌒\⊃ ( / \\ U
Riacel Miguel
Riacel Miguel преди 7 дни
Piece of balut got me hard
Global Dank
Global Dank преди 7 дни
Before I continue this comment, I'd like to thank our sponsor NordVPN.
Lemon Eater
Lemon Eater преди 7 дни
piece of egg
Lemon Eater
Lemon Eater преди 7 дни
chinese people its raining cats and dogs puts out cauldron "pls dont get offended its a joke"
Kindly Help Me To Reach 5k Subscriber's
Kindly Help Me To Reach 5k Subscriber's преди 7 дни
*I pray whoever reads this becomes successful*
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou преди 7 дни
That intro 😂
Ahmad morid
Ahmad morid преди 7 дни
In Afghanistan we say it's raining rocks
Robot Pay
Robot Pay преди 8 дни
Proof u never tried to learn french
AquariuS преди 8 дни
"Oh don't worry, I'll make sure they don't *find your body."*
Hamza77k преди 8 дни
am i the only foreigner that learned English so easily or English is hard for native speakers
Rakoon преди 9 дни
"Let's stop beating around the - bush get the hell out of here"
Zoé Rocskár
Zoé Rocskár преди 9 дни
in hungarian we say "esik az eső, mintha dézsából öntenék" which is. it's raining so hard it's like they're pouring it from a barrel, which is pretty fitting imo
david elliott
david elliott преди 9 дни
najah builds
najah builds преди 9 дни
This really helps me because tomorrow is my first periodical test Tnx😊
bommer преди 10 дни
no u, Chinese is harder :3
Alex Caberte
Alex Caberte преди 10 дни
Noice vid
Emily Holden
Emily Holden преди 10 дни
i before except after c
zachary tulloch
zachary tulloch преди 10 дни
The cats and dogs idiom is because when it rained hevily in the past the cats and dogs would fall through the roof
thysonITA преди 10 дни
english is probably the easiest language to learn
Madblocks21 Duke
Madblocks21 Duke преди 10 дни
I forgot all about this
Eric Marshall
Eric Marshall преди 11 дни
Please make an idioms part 2
Ro - Girl
Ro - Girl преди 11 дни
I'm not native english..And I find it the easiest language in the world..I Speak 5...
Elimaka Mwenya
Elimaka Mwenya преди 11 дни
I before e except on Tuesday's and on full moons
Anolishos преди 11 дни
My teacher said find idiom video this video came up 💀😂
Kheecia Louise
Kheecia Louise преди 11 дни
My classmate say ur a filipino u just live in canada
Samrudh Praveen
Samrudh Praveen преди 11 дни
english is hard mandarian chinese is simple, fun and easy :(
Yzzy World
Yzzy World преди 11 дни
i saw " A pice of Balut " good one well it cant be an actual piece tho, but I like the soup :D 6:13
Alicia Bauduin
Alicia Bauduin преди 12 дни
The blind eye idiom is based from history when english general Nelson (who had one blind eye) was being signaled by another ship to not attack the Dutch because they were outnumbered. So instead of just outwardly disobeying his commander, he just turned his blind eye toward the ship. P.S. He one the battle
Snappeyh преди 12 дни
0:12 shark puppet??
Johnly Pasco
Johnly Pasco преди 12 дни
At 6:14, my heart went ooops hihihi... I AM VERY PROUD OF BEING A FILIPINO :) Thanks for involving BALUT hehehehe
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