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Nidhi Singh
Nidhi Singh преди ден
ill watch this vid later
Angell Turuseta
Angell Turuseta преди ден
bucket reaper
Jayden Yamoah
Jayden Yamoah преди 3 дни
haha im watching this video as a school assignment
Aran Castro garcia
Aran Castro garcia преди 3 дни
This video REALLY describes my life
Catree преди 4 дни
Here I am procrastinating while watching a video about procrastination
Katelyn Wolfert
Katelyn Wolfert преди 4 дни
I am literally procrastinating right now... I don’t wanna do LA!
Arif shanto
Arif shanto преди 4 дни
I love watching your videos it's makes me feel happy
K•A•Y•E •
K•A•Y•E • преди 5 дни
im literally procrastinating rn i have 4 homeworks to do and its due tomorrow yay
Draggonwulf преди 5 дни
When you work on assignments that is not for that classes. YOU CHEATED ON ME
XXdEFiAncEx преди 6 дни
Was I the only one who was procrastinating while watching this video? I got a project and a bunch of hw to do by next week 😅😅
LAZAR BLADE ツ преди 6 дни
im watching this while procrastinating lol
vanessa acevedo
vanessa acevedo преди 7 дни
ive had this video in watch later for 2 months no joke
RealPkMax 2021
RealPkMax 2021 преди 7 дни
This is SOOOO relatable
지나가던정재현 преди 8 дни
2:01 Him be like "right so you start going covert opts on your homework Me:*coughs severely*
Serenity Cole
Serenity Cole преди 8 дни
I have missing assignments in all my classes rn but i'm sitting in my chair watching this
Kid Kid
Kid Kid преди 8 дни
R u dead dom
Anshika Sharma
Anshika Sharma преди 8 дни
Wow I am seeing my life animated
Ma 14.2
Ma 14.2 преди 8 дни
My parents asking me in 4th grade elementary school why I got a B in religion (for the first and last time ever). Me: "Sometimes, homework is just important and not neccessary and you feel bad for not doing it in time. And sometimes, homework is unneccessary and you still feel bad for not doing it in time, because your teacher thinks religion is important."
Random Life
Random Life преди 8 дни
Is it me, or is the part about constantly defeating enemies and having to defuse a bomb making anyone else think of Payday 2 when you go loud?
Kaye Hamili
Kaye Hamili преди 8 дни
is the treat yo self part a reference from parks and rec? 💖😂
Its_ Nighmare
Its_ Nighmare преди 9 дни
Dom:procrastination Jaiden:what's that
ugly idiot
ugly idiot преди 9 дни
I have an essay due in an hour
chipstar Mukoba
chipstar Mukoba преди 9 дни
Hello domic, hows everything goin you good?
Lint Edgybun
Lint Edgybun преди 9 дни
Due tomorrow Due tomorro Due tomorr Due tomor Due tomo Due tom Due to Due t Due Du D Do Do t Do to Do tom Do tomo Do tomor Do tomorr Do tomorro Do tomorrow
Avari Cloud
Avari Cloud преди 10 дни
Lol I'm procrastinating right now from doing Spanish homework.
PUGZ DTR преди 10 дни
I like how he used a dull red for his hair because it’s it’s probably not good looking after like a after it got dyed
Bobby Checkfirst
Bobby Checkfirst преди 10 дни
I relate :(
Bhipasha MM
Bhipasha MM преди 10 дни
Im supossed to have a test tomorrow in online school, i told myself 5 minutes till i study then i saw this in my recommendation.
Mr Mature
Mr Mature преди 11 дни
faith is for the ephemeral people
faith is for the ephemeral people преди 11 дни
Ok I'll do it!!!!!
Elmer King
Elmer King преди 13 дни
So that's what it's called:O
Usheskii преди 13 дни
I’ve been procrastinating lately on doing online school through my computer because I get to stay home and do it whenever really 😂
Ebi преди 14 дни
4:20 That got me cuz I need to take a shower
Alexis Autotte
Alexis Autotte преди 15 дни
Can we all agree that school kind of create procrastination since like they put you so Much Time to do a project homeworks that you say I have like 2 Weeks I can watch Naruto or Play Rubik's cube than like there's 3 Days to finish you say I'll Do it tomorrow and again hahahaha schools is so boring I'm a College student and I feel like I want to enter job market and never go back in school job market is way better than school school just create stress I'm so tired of school system it's just create laborer business need Smart peoples Who can analyze well and take down problems not hardworker Who don't use their heads
BadAshTheBoss -
BadAshTheBoss - преди 16 дни
Let’s just say I don’t procrastinate watching domics
anime obsessive
anime obsessive преди 17 дни
DBZ is not lame
Clinton Coulter
Clinton Coulter преди 17 дни
what dragon ball movie i levo dragon ball to
meme cult2.0
meme cult2.0 преди 18 дни
"like mate, stop procrastinating!"
Lakshya преди 18 дни
procastinator checkಠ_ಠ
Mila Mindflayer :P
Mila Mindflayer :P преди 20 дни
due tomorrow due tomorro due tomorr due tomor due tomo due tom due to due t due du d do do t do to do tom do tomo do tomor do tomorr do tomorro do tomorrow
Ptiru преди 20 дни
this video is my middle name
Ibi C
Ibi C преди 21 ден
Me watching instead of animating my next video on my other channel
Mr. Jin
Mr. Jin преди 21 ден
Im watching this while I have a paper, a history project, a math project and test, several biology homwork, and a science test all due tomarrow and its the last day of the quarter. Eh ill do it later
Bethy A.
Bethy A. преди 21 ден
This is the first video I’ve seen that shows procrastination in a positive light, wow
Noel2222 преди 22 дни
So utterly terrified at how accurate this is
JonStryke 26
JonStryke 26 преди 22 дни
No you can't procrastinate on videos the other stuff I don't care about
The LoganLife
The LoganLife преди 22 дни
Soo.. you’re watching this while procrastinating, Y, SAME
Hamid Mehrdad
Hamid Mehrdad преди 24 дни
School: Online Kids: Bored Procrastination: Check Hotel: Trivago
Hamid Mehrdad
Hamid Mehrdad преди 24 дни
COVID: Makes people go to school online Procrastination: Its my time to shine Grades: Its the final countdown
grim reaper
grim reaper преди 25 дни
I came back to this Vid years later, and I’m currently procrastinating on some Spanish and History homework. No need for luck though. Rest assured, I WILL get both assignments done on time.
Neothe1st преди 25 дни
Anybody procrastinating while watching this?
J-Genius преди 26 дни
I never procrastinated. Until one faithful day when I had a math project due and I decided to play video games instead of working. I was never the same again.
Dreamy Moon
Dreamy Moon преди 26 дни
Yes I'm procrastinating watching these,and yes throughout my education in the school I came late to school did the work at the last minute and solved home works in other subject classes but I was a topper all the time mostly 😀 and yes I commented on a lot of your videos at a stretch just today as I found the first video and delayed the time to sleep.Guess I should go and sleep.And being indian we atleast bath for once if not twice everyday no matter what .How don't u????Anyway after watching a couple of videos I can definitely say I'm in love with this channel❤️
Victoria K.
Victoria K. преди 29 дни
2:46 Watching this at 2 am "Just a few more videos"
TraxYT преди месец
Its 10 pm and I have to get 4 weeks of homework done by 2 15 pm tomorrow....the journey begins
Arshad Rahman
Arshad Rahman преди месец
The only thing that I have mastered successfully is the art of Procrastination
A_Nub At_Life
A_Nub At_Life преди месец
Dude through middle school I did all my projects at 1 am and all my homework was done at lunch or art class (nobody cared about anything in art) I understood this video to the next level
Mia Bonilla-Irizarry
Mia Bonilla-Irizarry преди месец
I’ve fallen into a deep whole of procrastinating....... Help
Gordon преди месец
Ahhh, nostalgia
Die Hard player
Die Hard player преди месец
300k like 30k comment
Raccoonator преди месец
300k th like
Woah tugeye
Woah tugeye преди месец
Bruh it's just the starting of school and I already have 4 missing assignments lmfao.
Cassie Winter
Cassie Winter преди месец
One of the funniest videos on procrastination I've seen. 🤣 I appreciate that you make the distinction that procrastination doesn't necessarily mean underachievement.
Gamer-B 2020
Gamer-B 2020 преди месец
If you don’t procrastinate, you must be an alien.
Switch How to
Switch How to преди месец
watching this during covid: "well, im not seeing anyone today. ill be fine" doesnt shower for 6 months
Semaj Playz
Semaj Playz преди месец
Watches video sees ad to overcome procrastination Me:
Mr. Octagator
Mr. Octagator преди месец
Neil Mukherjee
Neil Mukherjee преди месец
i was watching this during my tests
Xinchen Liu
Xinchen Liu преди месец
just realized I was procrastinating on going to the bathroom by watching this video
Xinchen Liu
Xinchen Liu преди месец
I have strict Asian parents I procrastinate a lot I get yelled at I became good at finishing other stuff so my parents won't get mad I get yelled at less
Cami-chan’s Art
Cami-chan’s Art преди месец
I have two tests tomorrow but I'm watching this I didn't even study yet
scott pilgrim
scott pilgrim преди месец
i will acquire this attitude tomorrow
TheFlipnoteGuy преди месец
Pro tip: put this video in watch later, and never watch it.
m i n h o o
m i n h o o преди месец
"like mate, stop procrastinating."
Eirfan Playlist
Eirfan Playlist преди месец
Procrastination my brain: “𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙘𝙧𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙙“ Me: Definitely
Epic Rayman1708
Epic Rayman1708 преди месец
I remember so many people in my math class had the balls to literally do the work while the teacher was collecting the work
Woah tugeye
Woah tugeye преди месец
I'm the people
reyansh godha
reyansh godha преди месец
I am the only one who commented today yay
v0id преди месец
I think my problem is that I just want to postpone that horrible feeling of realizing I don't have my shit together...
mincraft guys
mincraft guys преди месец
What do you mean procrastination
Miuh ZR
Miuh ZR преди месец
Ur telling me at 10 yo he had a French test😂😂
Alex Q
Alex Q преди месец
I’m procrastinating going to bed right now
Miraculous Hunter
Miraculous Hunter преди месец
Hey I know that guy! He lives in my brain!
Nomics Z
Nomics Z преди месец
Anne Ante
Anne Ante преди месец
This is the most relatable video I've ever seen
Alex animates
Alex animates преди месец
Ahm BGcd are trying to say something
Jacob Regacho
Jacob Regacho преди месец
Wait you didn’t have advisory in middle school? I guess I’m lucky
Emaan Sajjad
Emaan Sajjad преди месец
me studying: Riverdale is actually such a messed up series
Ren Tran
Ren Tran преди месец
This is me with my school work schedule. 6-9AM: Too early to work 9AM-3PM: School 3-6: I don't work until after I eat. 6-6:30: Eat. 6-7: Shower. 7-8: I just need a break from school. 8-10: Too late to work 10-x: Sleep
B-Cubed преди месец
Who is procrastinating by watching this video? 🙋‍♂️
Daniel Son
Daniel Son преди месец
Whos here after seeing tim toms video about this?
Caleb преди месец
I have zoom class in 2 minutes...
Rishi aryan lanka
Rishi aryan lanka преди месец
WHAT IF doctors procrastinate about making the COVID-19 vaccine
Jackanimations преди месец
I’m watching this instead of doing homework
Bob DenBeste
Bob DenBeste преди месец
I am procrastinating brusning my teeth
Not Anthony gaming
Not Anthony gaming преди месец
I can't believe dommics i s talking about me
Anika King
Anika King преди месец
Procrastination!!! Is my best friend and worst enemy.
qsetheticsfakegmail? преди 2 месеца
I have to do this algebra test... AAND it's due tomorrow... And I'm still here watching youtube.. 😐
Megan Ashley Pangan
Megan Ashley Pangan преди 2 месеца
what was in the oven and was it good?
Sir Ian
Sir Ian преди 2 месеца
Wait, just gotta do something. I'll do after.
michael crudge
michael crudge преди 2 месеца
Umm... I literally searched “procrastination” on BGcd so I could procrastinate. I have a problem. I literally do anything instead of what I want to do/supposed to do.
Aaron Balchand
Aaron Balchand преди 2 месеца
Me, watching this in quarintene: i have time for this
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