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Kyra Cruz
Kyra Cruz преди 7 часа
Domics:*waiting in the lobby* The girl : gagawin ba natin yung *koreano* Me: XDDDDDD
Shandy Simon
Shandy Simon преди 14 часа
Gwendls преди ден
I'm in the exact same situation, except I'm still waiting for the visit to Philippines. I don't really know Tagalog, but can understand it, and been in Canada for 10+ years. I guess I'll wait 5 more years
YukonRBX преди ден
when your already in canada -_-
Rascal GORE
Rascal GORE преди ден
mm ang bango! lmaoo
za dog
za dog преди 2 дни
Philapinos are just Mexicans
Lance Oquendo
Lance Oquendo преди 2 дни
Hope to see you here in Philippines when you come to visit again!
Tick Bomb
Tick Bomb преди 2 дни
Never forget this in the Philippines the wifi sucks
Angel -2507
Angel -2507 преди 2 дни
In the philippines we like to think of them as more of a ‘yaya’ rather than a maid. Cuz from my experience they’re more like family
Hamza Ali
Hamza Ali преди 2 дни
4:08 do u love me
Kurt Andrie Asoy
Kurt Andrie Asoy преди 2 дни
A filipino with a beautiful english accent.... Btw im a filipino too.
P_M LIFESTYLE преди 2 дни
masama ang pagsabi ng s//t
why am i so daily
why am i so daily преди 3 дни
who is a pinoy if u are like this comment
Gabriel kristoff Dela Cruz
Gabriel kristoff Dela Cruz преди 3 дни
Iam a Filipino too
berry yumyum
berry yumyum преди 3 дни
Nah uh tagalog is really easy to learn its just a little fast (not faster than Japanese) try saying to ur mom or dad if they can help you to speak tagalog ah ok ba iyon U undersrand that?
octagon Taytay
octagon Taytay преди 3 дни
Oy kung sino man ang nakakaintindi ng koment na ito, marunong kayo mag tagalog
『ブレイク』Blake преди 3 дни
Oh wait you went to Palawan and visit the caves
『ブレイク』Blake преди 3 дни
Im ilocano
Eidan Jan Dela Cruz
Eidan Jan Dela Cruz преди 3 дни
Whos from the philipines but has trouble reading tagalog?
Sourabh Choudhary
Sourabh Choudhary преди 3 дни
I was raised better than this.
Prince Bernal
Prince Bernal преди 3 дни
Domics are you a filipino?
Bruno Busain
Bruno Busain преди 4 дни
Im filipino
John Gabriel Victoria
John Gabriel Victoria преди 4 дни
Im filipino lol but im bad at the subject lel
DheizNoah Torres
DheizNoah Torres преди 4 дни
Who else go here to know where he lived because your filipino
KHODEY Marbebe
KHODEY Marbebe преди 4 дни
Zapparite преди 4 дни
Fun Fact:Filipinos Have Easiest Ego's to Inflate Even the slightest reference will IMMEDIATELLY Give them the must to raid the place after and Brag about how great their country is Even tho like 70% of our population are poor
Panda Chillies
Panda Chillies преди 3 дни
Bb kookachu
Bb kookachu преди 5 дни
Rhaine Dollente
Rhaine Dollente преди 6 дни
Aron Bermudez
Aron Bermudez преди 6 дни
Tagalog na Lang lods
Joaquin Content
Joaquin Content преди 6 дни
Those tricylcles are underpriced
Memellion C
Memellion C преди 6 дни
I can confirm hes filipino
Lukas Tadeo
Lukas Tadeo преди 7 дни
Eyyy......Mindoro, that was the tamarraw statue at the san jose plaza (if Im right)
Gab Gaming YT
Gab Gaming YT преди 7 дни
Mindoro? where in mindoro I'm in occidental mindoro how about you Domics?
FlameBlade Maou
FlameBlade Maou преди 7 дни
Why does Rem have a knife?
infinite gang
infinite gang преди 7 дни
I went to India we’re my fam was and I was kinda amazed of the maids 😂
Russel Madaging
Russel Madaging преди 8 дни
Just an ordinary guy
Just an ordinary guy преди 8 дни
1:08-1:13 had me dying lol
Tofu Delivery
Tofu Delivery преди 8 дни
This whole vid is soo true
Hanns Dheon Doria
Hanns Dheon Doria преди 8 дни
make more comments about like - wat r yu doing here it makes me laugh
hani al-amin
hani al-amin преди 8 дни
josh vlogs
josh vlogs преди 9 дни
0:40 its killing me!!!!😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alexey Koshevoy
Alexey Koshevoy преди 10 дни
Moved to poland, forgot belarusian. Xd
雪tekumiyushii преди 10 дни
As a Filipino, *i love this.*
harry pagador
harry pagador преди 10 дни
Aaaay I'm Philippines too
Jacket Chan
Jacket Chan преди 10 дни
4 for me english,tagalog,cebuano, and my local dialect hiligaynon
MemeAnimal haha
MemeAnimal haha преди 10 дни
Philippine families dont want you to work they want you to relax. Not work.They are super nice
Isaac heinrich Macapagal
Isaac heinrich Macapagal преди 11 дни
Pls make a all tagalog vid
Isaac heinrich Macapagal
Isaac heinrich Macapagal преди 11 дни
Ayyy mmmm bango XD
Ian chalz O Epistola
Ian chalz O Epistola преди 12 дни
Ian chalz O Epistola
Ian chalz O Epistola преди 12 дни
i am fillipino
Darrel's Vids
Darrel's Vids преди 12 дни
I can't even speak tagalog without looking like an idiot. It's like I'm Travis Kraft if he married a German girlfriend who knew tagalog, but couldn't care to master it.
RandomVids преди 12 дни
From the philipens
Spyninja преди 12 дни
Same to me i sometime speak english and tagalog cause i have friends who doesnt talk tagalog
Adimation 1347
Adimation 1347 преди 13 дни
i call it lolo
Paul Velasco
Paul Velasco преди 13 дни
Paul Velasco
Paul Velasco преди 13 дни
Ryan Caling
Ryan Caling преди 13 дни
The tagalog parts feel like watching anime but you know Japanese
Bea is Asum
Bea is Asum преди 15 дни
Gabb Carabido
Gabb Carabido преди 16 дни
Filipinos like me be like: LETS GO TO HIS HOUSE AND TALK TO HIS FAM Also the Filipinos: uhhhh its in Mindoro which is in Mindanao but im from Luzon............. Also the Filipinos AGAIN: never mind lets just play pogs in the middle of the road and avoid getting hit by cars just like always
Cj edward Evangelista
Cj edward Evangelista преди 16 дни
I'm also white some people think I'm American
Eron Paguntalan
Eron Paguntalan преди 16 дни
Im filipino lol who else is filipino
Yasei no boi Gaming
Yasei no boi Gaming преди 17 дни
kumakain kaba ng adobo??
Andre DV
Andre DV преди 17 дни
i can understand tagalog because im a Filipino, I just dont speak it alot.
ASHLEY преди 18 дни
Hmmm ang bango when i let out a fart whattttt ahahhaha
John Daniel Calma
John Daniel Calma преди 18 дни
I speak both tagalog at (and) english.
Ender Blaze
Ender Blaze преди 18 дни
Im a filipino and i cant stop speaking english i was.normal just one year.ago.helpme
Jaybenzon Dayrocas
Jaybenzon Dayrocas преди 19 дни
Wow talaga
SunStarEevee преди 19 дни
Asian here. Chinese to be specific. I can speak and understand Mandarin perfectly fine. But the thing is, my parents come from a part of China were they have a variation of Chinese, and whenever they don't want me to understand what they are saying they just speak in the variation. Its super annoying >:( XD
Mr. Cat Dzoing stuff
Mr. Cat Dzoing stuff преди 20 дни
I speak both but I live in the philippines
PolusCraft CrewBois
PolusCraft CrewBois преди 20 дни
Kamusta ka Dominic! Paano ang buhay mo?
Ry Ry
Ry Ry преди 20 дни
I'm also from the philippines
ÆBKLÆMÊ преди 21 ден
"Ang bango" kung utot XD
the all knowing gary
the all knowing gary преди 22 дни
And my grandma is a little bit German and she compared herself to Hitler even though she hasn't done anything bad she's just a little bit racist
the all knowing gary
the all knowing gary преди 22 дни
I'm a little bit Italian like around probably 10%
ManaPoints преди 22 дни
I just noticed the captions... bruh wtf is "Gago in denim Koreano"? XD I know it's "Gagawin din ba yung koreano" but that thing got me *laughin*
Baby blue Crewmate
Baby blue Crewmate преди 22 дни
Parang si guava juice
Lance Animation
Lance Animation преди 23 дни
Who is from mindoro- : : ¥
IDK Palacios
IDK Palacios преди 24 дни
I sooo know how you feel I went to Guatemala 2 years ago and yeah
Juncsr Roblox
Juncsr Roblox преди 24 дни
I was born Philippines Bohol 😅
Xx vicious kitsune xX
Xx vicious kitsune xX преди 24 дни
Did you go to Amparo yet? Translation:tagalog Naka punta ka ba sa Amparo??
Dale Gabriel Tan
Dale Gabriel Tan преди 25 дни
This is a message to my fellow Filipinos and future tourists visiting our country. Even if your house has maids, please clean up after yourselves in everything you do. I have a maid in my household, but I clean up after myself to alleviate the extra work that my maid has to do when she has other things to do around the house.
Dale Gabriel Tan
Dale Gabriel Tan преди 25 дни
Domics accurately represent in my weak Tagalog communication skills.
Jazper Animations
Jazper Animations преди 27 дни
i love jolibees
Linkz18 преди 27 дни
That moment when you try to take care of your own plate in the Philippines. Philippines with maids:wait, that’s illegal?
Nicholas the Hedjhog
Nicholas the Hedjhog преди 27 дни
If only he could see the state of motherland Philippines right now...
Tobio Kageyama
Tobio Kageyama преди 27 дни
Dom said "In Mindoro" I'm from Mindoro. 😱 I'll find you Dom. Jk. 🤣
Khenjie Dela Torre
Khenjie Dela Torre преди 27 дни
Still watching HAHAHA
Kemo Bashir
Kemo Bashir преди 27 дни
My mom told me the exact same thing when I go to my home country
Prabha Devi
Prabha Devi преди 28 дни
Isn’t this thing in Canada also that waiters clean the plates in restrauants cause it happens in India and other Asian contries
drix playing
drix playing преди 28 дни
Jollibee 4:37
modnar преди 28 дни
Im from San Jose Mindorooooo and that cow is located at Plaza near Pilot school wooooo
modnar преди 28 дни
maria aurora de mesa
maria aurora de mesa преди 28 дни
Svetlana Beilschmit
Svetlana Beilschmit преди 28 дни
Dom your really Relatable im born filipino and raised in the country yet i dont speak well filipino and mistook for a western person dies being short then pale skin af your a good guy
Gavin’s YouTube Account
Gavin’s YouTube Account преди 28 дни
I love how the cup he drew was Jollibee
Lance Adrian Chua
Lance Adrian Chua преди 29 дни
Ay think im right collor
Lance Adrian Chua
Lance Adrian Chua преди 29 дни
Walango ka
Why Peanuts
Why Peanuts преди месец
Why peanuts
Why Peanuts
Why Peanuts преди месец
Why does maids sound like their not getting paid
Dorito Sandwich
Dorito Sandwich преди месец
The maids arent really called maids its "yaya" or helper in other terms. Just wanna say LETSGOPINOY
Erwin John Animations
Erwin John Animations преди месец
Maids am I right that’s why I’m spoiled