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S. R
S. R преди час
Pineapple pizza gang
Rohert De leon
Rohert De leon преди 5 часа
The first ark was fine and also ggo but ELF ARK OHHHH BABY THAT WAS SHIT
Mrs. Wondertainment
Mrs. Wondertainment преди 8 часа
i like...pineapple pizza and nutella with butter, i like the bad part of an watermelon bc it tastes like the best part of an cucumber bla bla bla oh and a prefer bouldering bc u dun get distracted by the safety shit
Ola Nordmann
Ola Nordmann преди 9 часа
Love sao
Ziyanshafa преди 13 часа
I love Hawaiian pizza and my friend hates it (which is fine if he dislikes it) but he never actually tried it before. So...
Francis benedict s. novelozo
Francis benedict s. novelozo преди 13 часа
I like the ear pods
Jiří Fernandez
Jiří Fernandez преди 15 часа
I bet Dom won't read this comment
Skyin' Wizzard
Skyin' Wizzard преди 15 часа
Well I don't like pizza And ya I just don't so I'm a weirdo?
Dacey Tanaka
Dacey Tanaka преди 22 часа
what yall think abt my gif?
Johan Bardos
Johan Bardos преди 23 часа
When I eat a pineapple pizza slice, I pick off the pineapples and eat them before I eat the pizza slice. Am I the only one who does this?
Marina GuardadoReed
Marina GuardadoReed преди 23 часа
I like pineapples on pizza too
Worku C
Worku C преди ден
i bet domics will never reply to this
bamplays преди ден
get lego lego is the best i have like lego sets 546354546565346354652356856565656656565165368546956 lego is so good buty all lego i love lego can you tell
UpDown 24
UpDown 24 преди ден
I bet that nobody will like this
ninopino преди ден
I bet domics will read this
Leandro Balzano Schroder
Leandro Balzano Schroder преди ден
I love your videos also are you gonna make a video game or board game based on your channel.
Max Welham
Max Welham преди ден
IM UNSUBNG MINT CHOCLATE IS THE BEST like if you agree (edit thanks for 1 lieks0
Cool And Fun TV
Cool And Fun TV преди ден
You lost me at mint chocolate doesn't make sense to me
Emma Rose
Emma Rose преди ден
I know Dom will read this so.... Love your videos dude ^^
Charlie Wells
Charlie Wells преди ден
Kaido Skywalker
Kaido Skywalker преди ден
did i just saw daidus!?
Just Freya
Just Freya преди 2 дни
I... Don't eat pineapples in general (°-°)
Jeremy Flores
Jeremy Flores преди 2 дни
I honestly like pinapple pizza
NoahMations преди 2 дни
I like pineapple pizza to :)
Logan преди 2 дни
I play undertale and roblox. I guess I'm a dumbass 7 year old.
Solly Skunk
Solly Skunk преди 2 дни
i BeT doMicS WoN't loOk aT tHiS
Blitz Banana10
Blitz Banana10 преди 2 дни
7:22 same
swərl преди 2 дни
pineapple pizza lets go
Charlie Kelly
Charlie Kelly преди 2 дни
Pinnaple pizza allll theeeee wayyyyyyyyy
Hamza Eassa
Hamza Eassa преди 2 дни
I Love cat
Hamza Eassa
Hamza Eassa преди 2 дни
Kaycee Engelbrecht
Kaycee Engelbrecht преди 2 дни
I really love mint chocolate ,and thats my opinion
Nurun Nahar
Nurun Nahar преди 2 дни
Damn I love pineapples on pizza
Mason Keener
Mason Keener преди 2 дни
i know im weird for this but i like school sometimes ok dont judge me
James Jensen
James Jensen преди 2 дни
Could not relate until I liked Fire Emblem
Peachy Avacados
Peachy Avacados преди 3 дни
i like a lot of basic girly things and i used to pretend i hated things because of the people who like making fun of people for doing anything but quite frankly i dont care anymore if some gut thinks im basic, cause i mean now i get to actually enjoy things
filipino klown
filipino klown преди 3 дни
When we live in a world where your opinion doesn't matter but someone else opinion is more superior then yours
Simplified Sound
Simplified Sound преди 3 дни
I like pineapple pizza you know what doesn’t belong on pizza? Nothin anything can be on pizza. Unless it’s rice. Or anything that’s no meat or any fruit besides pineapple etc.
mooshy lul
mooshy lul преди 3 дни
domics if you read this and repond ill like all of ur vids
DeMarcus johnson
DeMarcus johnson преди 3 дни
It's basically like when white people say anime is bad when they havent watched a single episode.
lancingdragon преди 3 дни
You can like anything .... BUT PINEAPPLE PIZZA!!!
Justrivolt преди 3 дни
His one mention of a Gundam got me into the hobby for some reason
Han Jisung's Floofy Hair
Han Jisung's Floofy Hair преди 3 дни
The society I live in doesn't accept Kpop.
Ignore This
Ignore This преди 3 дни
My reason by hating hawaiian pizza is just the mix of spiny sweet mixing with the saltiness of the entire pizza.
Lisa walsh
Lisa walsh преди 3 дни
{}{} ___ Have fun watching infinity wars for the 7th time
Loved Crayolas
Loved Crayolas преди 3 дни
Sees nicklback album Me:oooooooooooh yasssss
Yetiboy ____
Yetiboy ____ преди 3 дни
People who have allergies to Hawaiian pizza: In my defense...
iwearwetsocks преди 3 дни
i mean we can all agree that Stadia sucks
シiLoveYou& преди 3 дни
Ew gross xD
chli преди 3 дни
After Dom said "Mint-chocolate doesn't make sense to me" I got an ice cream chocolate ad.
Mia преди 3 дни
Hmmmmmm... *I bet dom will never repl-*
Lukedub преди 4 дни
I don't like pineapple on pizza because sweet doesnt go with savory. That's also why I dont like alot of Chinese food.
Saber Roma
Saber Roma преди 4 дни
Hay yo domics if you readin this ... you the bombbbb
Just Santy
Just Santy преди 4 дни
Things that I like that I think people will make fun of: I used to have plushies from Mario and a avocado from Mitu, I get a lot of clothes in GTA online, and a lot more
jacob the one
jacob the one преди 4 дни
I think domics won’t read this
RAGE GAMING! преди 4 дни
I dont pinneaples if eat to much I get headaches
sweetener-suga преди 4 дни
ok i don't care what people say i love pineapple on pizza!
zoe smith
zoe smith преди 4 дни
mint chocolate is the best.
zoe smith
zoe smith преди ден
@Brubru currently eating mint chocolate chip ice cream...
Brubru преди ден
Funnycatboy3 преди 4 дни
life of game
life of game преди 4 дни
i don't like pineapples on pizza because I don't like sweet things on pizza
Ali Gaming and reaction
Ali Gaming and reaction преди 4 дни
5:29 that fall looks like a wwe oversell 😂🤣
Sophia Maxson
Sophia Maxson преди 4 дни
"Nah girl your friends are losers" *claps*
KamrOns Korner!
KamrOns Korner! преди 4 дни
I bet domics will never reply to this!
AbdullaAnimates преди 4 дни
I bet domics will never reply to this!
Aidzer2 R33d
Aidzer2 R33d преди 4 дни
This video has deep deep truth
My'Kell McDaniel
My'Kell McDaniel преди 4 дни
John Henry
John Henry преди 4 дни
People eat garbage, I wish I cared enough about what people thought of my tastes..
Mahiba Mansoor
Mahiba Mansoor преди 4 дни
Oh my goshhhh I had this one "friend" (she was toxic in the end) who got into Kpop before me. My first favourite group was black pink, and I got into only girl groups. I discovered GOT7 and wanted to Stan them, but she said I wasn't allowed to?! Like, she said since she was a GOT7 Stan, I couldn't be one? Where is the logic in that?!
Jorja преди 4 дни
pineapple on pizza is disgusting it tastes like raw eggs but you know what? if you like it, good job😃👍🏼
Da Pug Lord
Da Pug Lord преди 4 дни
This is a good message, but I feel like theirs one thing that isn't gone into, and that is that some things you may like are self destructive, and it's hard to recognize these things sometimes. There are things that are indeed entirely up to opinion, but that most certainly does not mean that everything is.
Jack B
Jack B преди 5 дни
We need to tell this to the Fortnite haters of the world. Half of them have NEVER played it and only hate it because PewDiePie FllOr GanG BanDwAgON Let us like what we like or the B.R.U.T.E will come back
Ghaca}{ Flan} Wolf
Ghaca}{ Flan} Wolf преди 5 дни
1:14... I'm italian
local egg
local egg преди 5 дни
People really can’t accept other people’s opinions- you think it’s cool?
lilbrotha 999 juice fan
lilbrotha 999 juice fan преди 5 дни
i like pineapple on pizza to
HatDag преди 5 дни
I can see uzaki chan getting angry watching this
Andrei Jacob
Andrei Jacob преди 5 дни
The only reason I don't like pineapples on pizza is that the tomato sauce and pineapple taste weird together
Mr.Realism 111 Mobile
Mr.Realism 111 Mobile преди 5 дни
I love how when he scrolls through the rock climbing comments section at the very bottom there’s a dude asking why he breaths like a refrigerator
XANDER_ED1T5 ! преди 5 дни
I eat pineapple on pizza because its DELICIOUS
FishEmperer606 преди 6 дни
Hawaiian Pizza is amazing
Xxyender9999xX преди 6 дни
i like pineapple on pizza :)
Mumtaz Yusuf
Mumtaz Yusuf преди 6 дни
Cosplayer: hey I like your drawing Domics: oh what’s there blood type Cosplayer: A- Domis: it doesn’t have blood now take that off
Matthew преди 6 дни
forken perverts :0
Purple Wolf
Purple Wolf преди 6 дни
Dom is so damn cool. I wish I was a friend of his 😅 sorry if that's lame but IZ MA OPINION BIATCH
Hexa преди 6 дни
dom makes a video about not judging poeple basing on what they like me:damn this pretty good dom: i dont like mint chocolate me: WHAT?! (you see the joke is its like i didnt even watch the video so you poeple who are calling me out its a joke, idiots)
Dan’s workshop
Dan’s workshop преди 6 дни
Pineapple on pizza is ok accept it or suck!
misuta confusing
misuta confusing преди 6 дни
yo Domics try making this gunpla called GUNDAM SWHARZRITTER (maybe you will like it or not)
that one idiot
that one idiot преди 6 дни
Black olives are the best thing to exist on top of a pizza
c :::
c ::: преди 6 дни
fried rice noodle..? fried. rice. noodle. man, that sounds so good!
Thee ArtSee
Thee ArtSee преди 6 дни
Who needs a therapist when you have this guy! Also thanks for doing BGcd
millgiass преди 7 дни
Hawaiian is pretty goddamn good. Especially if you use Canadian bacon.
OK преди 7 дни
I bet Domics will never read this
Cia Shadow
Cia Shadow преди 7 дни
Domics is never going to read this.
Just Dio
Just Dio преди 7 дни
Hawaiian style pizza is that shit man
rosaru mejia
rosaru mejia преди 7 дни
“ *society man* “ me: *society* O-O
I love Boba
I love Boba преди 7 дни
I don't like mint chocolate either
Gian Marco
Gian Marco преди 7 дни
Americans taking other cultures' traditional foods and changing them but at the same time complain about things like hairstyles being cultural appropriation 😍
PoH Josuh
PoH Josuh преди 7 дни
gordon ramsey said pinapples and pizza arte digusting so they are
Edins Minecraft World
Edins Minecraft World преди 7 дни
I love pinapolpitsu 🍕🍕🍕😻😻
Traitor преди 7 дни
5:25 it has happened to me many times, one time i fell right on my back... it hurt
Trelyn Parker
Trelyn Parker преди 7 дни
I don’t like pineapple apple pizza I try it
Moonlightsweetener преди 7 дни
I love pineapple on pizza!! yum