Speeding Ticket

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Domics преди 2 години
Not that it makes it any better, but just to clarify, it's in kilometers.
Byron Chavarria
Byron Chavarria преди месец
Miles > Kilometers
- Da CookieAnimates -
- Da CookieAnimates - преди 3 месеца
500th reply get REKT
Inside Cuber
Inside Cuber преди 3 месеца
I gave your five hundred reply
Aarya Kanwale
Aarya Kanwale преди 4 месеца
REEENZ dyt преди 4 месеца
I thought cops in Canada don't pull over people
Nandita Acharya
Nandita Acharya преди 14 часа
1:09 me who has parents who got their driving liscense in their early 40's my parents-AM I A JOKE TO U??
Jyrus Miguel Callada
Jyrus Miguel Callada преди 15 часа
who dafuq wakes up at 4 pm?
Annabelle Valdez
Annabelle Valdez преди ден
domics: gets in trouble with the police also him calls 911
Charlie Wells
Charlie Wells преди ден
This aged well
dondalinger преди 2 дни
i’m actually 14 and 6-3
Turtle :D
Turtle :D преди 4 дни
That cop was a domics fan
Faizannator преди 5 дни
If ur not subd u get a subscribe ticket
KING преди 10 дни
Moment of silence for those who thought he meant mph...
Keyara James
Keyara James преди 10 дни
Wrong. I'm 5'3 at 11.
1ts_arZeel Bt
1ts_arZeel Bt преди 11 дни
I'm not stranger to speeding tickets. Some times I accelerate fast to the speed limit and the cops think I'm speeding.
Ehren vst
Ehren vst преди 13 дни
"you're probably 5 ft 11 by the age of thirteen" b b but im not
J. GRIMES преди 15 дни
*random obligatory comment for exposure hi everyone*
Germ 1
Germ 1 преди 16 дни
1:14 actually I’m 5’9 at 13 🙃
Nari_ Kiri
Nari_ Kiri преди 18 дни
This video is hilarious😂😂😂💀💀💀
fariz nasir
fariz nasir преди 18 дни
My sister doesn't have it and she's 22
Roblox n Vlogs
Roblox n Vlogs преди 19 дни
6:00 Google Captions be like:
PUGZ DTR преди 22 дни
Mr. Um pu punjabob WILL YOU TOO KEEP IT DOWN -SW
krishna devi
krishna devi преди 24 дни
Lmfaoooo I died at 2:40
The Dancing demon
The Dancing demon преди 27 дни
“But you know who isn’t nice? Hackers.” Bruh, there is a hacker that breaks into all the devices in a house and patches them so other hackers can’t break in
Declan Magee
Declan Magee преди 28 дни
Glxckly-_- Puff
Glxckly-_- Puff преди 28 дни
In Domics intro where’s the “I”
Usin Dahal
Usin Dahal преди 29 дни
I cant join the fredarator network
Retarded Human
Retarded Human преди месец
Domics: Hey kid what’s the rush??? Kid: I waNNa paY taXseS Domics: what the fuuuuuu-
ItsVorxzy преди месец
I heard 80 and my jaw dropped until he said kilometers
HyperLexus преди месец
was that a steins;gate reference? 1:38
Sebastian VDK
Sebastian VDK преди месец
ŠŚÆÀQRĒ;&!:2¥•}%ßxčÇiÏR;:/!?¿¡9”€£}]|€ That’s My drivers license
The ArTsy Asian
The ArTsy Asian преди месец
Judge: mr. ... uhhhh Punjibob?! Me who is Filipino and feels the pain and annoyance of incorrect pronunciations of surnames: *deep breathe* ITS PANGANIBAAAAAAAN
DaDudesNerfingChannel преди месец
omg guys I’m first.
Jelena Visic
Jelena Visic преди месец
053 xlunaticx
053 xlunaticx преди месец
In the Netherlands we can only get our licence if where 18 or over so no i think its not that late
Raphael Rosales
Raphael Rosales преди месец
Croude PH
Croude PH преди месец
mister ponjabob? domics: SAY WHA???
Brandon Neal
Brandon Neal преди месец
It's okay... I'm 26 and 5'5ish ... so short 😆 annnnddd didn't get my license till I was 22 but I got my first car and started driving at 20...shhhhhhhh ;) 😆
Johan Jiménez
Johan Jiménez преди месец
The police knew you
Christopher Quinn
Christopher Quinn преди месец
Wait the cops show up to your ticket court dates in Canada? In the US the cop doesn't go to court just you do
Quetzo преди месец
Dom The Hedgehog. Original OC Do Not Steal.
ObedientGamer 1
ObedientGamer 1 преди месец
When I watched this Video,the views was at 69,69,003
Vee Bee
Vee Bee преди месец
When you’re actually 5’3 at 13: 👁💧👄👁
Preeti AZAD
Preeti AZAD преди месец
2:40 this is going to be my ringtone 😂😂😂
joeseph yau
joeseph yau преди месец
In Hong Kong we call speeding tickets is called “ eating beef jerky.”
Mew2melee преди месец
1:16 dude when I was 14 I was 5 feet tall
Neville Islam :D
Neville Islam :D преди месец
In Alberta cop cars used to be Ford crown Victoria and now it’s Ford Explorers
Semaj Playz
Semaj Playz преди месец
I'm 5,5 at 13 and a half....
Cherry Hun
Cherry Hun преди месец
Dom: I’m just here for a speeding ticket how bout u? And that was the first time Dom had a “so what are you in here for” moment
Weird Is the new normal
Weird Is the new normal преди месец
I am not 5’11 at the age of 13 I’m 5’10 at the age of 13
Kai Mason
Kai Mason преди месец
I live in a small town in the great treasures so I’ll see my own classmates who aren’t even 16 or even have a permit yet driving after schools out
Luis Felipe
Luis Felipe преди месец
Ok pangabob
Funtime преди месец
Smh I imagine what will happen if u try to run from those chargers
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson преди месец
I actually am 5’11 at the age of 13
Hiro Davidson
Hiro Davidson преди месец
Ok panganiban may be hard to pronounce for some but seriously, *P o n g e a b o b*?
JG Studios
JG Studios преди месец
why didnt u just call the police instead of 911
Hell Bound Zed
Hell Bound Zed преди месец
See over here in the U.S its a lot simpler you just get shot and it's over
Siobhan Reynolds
Siobhan Reynolds преди месец
Lol Isabelle working at 911
Rogue преди месец
When he said 80 in a school zone for a second I thought he was talking about miles per hour
777THASUPREMEGABE777 преди месец
domics: i hope he/she pronounces it right judge: mr ponge-a-bob? domics: *this is my life now*
kala mardiso
kala mardiso преди месец
Im 13 year old and im stil 4'10
Fearful *
Fearful * преди месец
I actually was 5’11 at 13😂
Sam Duro
Sam Duro преди месец
Vydex преди месец
you should make a video about the "talk" if you ever had one, im 15 and my step mom and my dad was eating taco and they started talking about some really wierd stuff, like ehh how their first time was and stuuff. when i was done eating i just left right away lol
Christopher Causey
Christopher Causey преди месец
im 15 and 5.0 or 4.11
Jojo Fulcrod
Jojo Fulcrod преди месец
I am 5 foot two
•Jenny Begum•
•Jenny Begum• преди месец
I hit pubrity when i was nine now im mad why did that happen D:
phoebe lewis
phoebe lewis преди месец
4:19 the _o h m y _*_G I R T H_* has me in tears
chris ziogas
chris ziogas преди месец
2:53 love dat face
A Person
A Person преди 2 месеца
I just realized that the dispatcher at 4:36 looks like Isabelle from animal crossing.
Zer0 преди 2 месеца
"officer i was going so fast that you are not even speaking to me, this is my after image) im dead
Samuel Tieman
Samuel Tieman преди 2 месеца
If I learned how to hack, then I'd have a number of go fund me's up and running to give to people who had low bank accounts. I'm not all good though. Id still need to make the go fund me's convincing enough to get people to donate.
Blue Hoodie
Blue Hoodie преди 2 месеца
GTA be like:
Seph Zhack
Seph Zhack преди 2 месеца
This is so filipino tbh... Doesn't come in time
Team Phoenix DK
Team Phoenix DK преди 2 месеца
I have been trapped in the Animation side of BGcd... Idk how i got here... But i have no regrets...
Muraaz2 преди 2 месеца
No One
No One преди 2 месеца
M not 5.11 @13
James преди 2 месеца
Allen Samson
Allen Samson преди 2 месеца
I'm 5"9 at 9
danielle playzs
danielle playzs преди 2 месеца
I love just going through domica videos it nice 😊
ItsKaizo преди 2 месеца
HA. I’m 13 and 6’2”!! TAKE THAT!
CrazyNoodles преди 2 месеца
Mr... Pung....pungabob
Mini STK
Mini STK преди 2 месеца
this is the link of my channel. bgcd.info/clip/rV8zAQdYnKHcWXwMgwxtIg.html?view_as=subscriber
Honord преди 2 месеца
The Dodge "Charger" Finally lived up to its name
Juliana Charter
Juliana Charter преди 2 месеца
💨Bye 👋💨YEET💨😆😎💨
Juliana Charter
Juliana Charter преди 2 месеца
P_M LIFESTYLE преди 2 месеца
don't blaspheme pls God bless 🙏😇
P_M LIFESTYLE преди 2 месеца
don't swear please
lawn mowing staircase
lawn mowing staircase преди 2 месеца
me who's 5'7 at 11
killian dent
killian dent преди 2 месеца
Nah I’m short I’m 13 178cm and 63kg
hutch wilson
hutch wilson преди 2 месеца
that 911 operator looked like Isabelle from animal crossing the way you drew her
cool boy master gamer
cool boy master gamer преди 2 месеца
At 3:09 I was laughing so hard
Sebastian Sebastian
Sebastian Sebastian преди 2 месеца
take out the ly in anonymously and it become anonymous search it its a hacker group there mask look like project zorgo but all in all anonymous is first real and big project zorgo is fake
LillianPetals преди 2 месеца
“Ooh my girth” had me dying omg
♤Shannonanimates♤ преди 2 месеца
4:36 does anyone think that the operator looks alot like isabelle?
Vertiel Gaming
Vertiel Gaming преди 2 месеца
Best thing about your video - can watch video at 144p giving the same feel as that 480 p
Purrnimation преди 2 месеца
4:49 who else noticed that she had isabelle hair?
enderodyssey преди 2 месеца
3:08 in 2x playback speed
Scratch преди 2 месеца
Queen Apryll M
Queen Apryll M преди 2 месеца
I'm glad you clarified it was kilometres
Percy WONG
Percy WONG преди 2 месеца
Ethan Lu
Ethan Lu преди 2 месеца
*I ‘ M J U S T A A F T E R I M A G E*
Naveen преди 2 месеца
To anyone who thinks their countries have the worst roads, google 'Indian roads' once
Queen Apryll M
Queen Apryll M преди 2 месеца
To be honest I'm 21 I'm only learning about driving now
Almighty 090
Almighty 090 преди 2 месеца
*Theres a nice little nest for them Dodge chargers to Perch on*
Gaming with Nate
Gaming with Nate преди 2 месеца
im 4ft 9in
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