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Im _ Eliezer
Im _ Eliezer преди час
I am not scared of anything if someone JUST ANYONE is with me
abi gail
abi gail преди час
what's chicharon?
Peter Zang
Peter Zang преди 3 часа
who is here when train to busan 2 came out? just me? oh ok...
Mr. Depth Leviathan
Mr. Depth Leviathan преди 5 часа
I have a fear of immortality. Imagine having to roam the earth for eons, no one else there, nothing to eat or drink or play yet still suffering. I hate it. Also, I hate dark hallways and the fears that Dom has with bathrooms are relatable.
Ivy Sullivan
Ivy Sullivan преди 6 часа
Person: how do you not have any hospital bills? I’ve seen you go to the er at least three times! Me an Australian: free healthcare
Sean De Jesus
Sean De Jesus преди 7 часа
I have necrophobia fear of corpses
Aleta Raene
Aleta Raene преди 12 часа
I saw hollow knight on his sign... Deadass the best game ever
Joe Comics
Joe Comics преди 15 часа
A person
A person преди 23 часа
my toilet used to flush really loudly. i would flush it and run out as fast as i can. i thought that a vampire would pop out and eat me.
Mariah Moreno
Mariah Moreno преди ден
The screams give me anime vibes
The hamster stalking you
The hamster stalking you преди ден
I am like this man
E to The Rage
E to The Rage преди ден
3:25 I do the literal same I look at the subtitles and not at the ghost
haha you got- KRILLED.
haha you got- KRILLED. преди 2 дни
When I was younger I was afraid of toilets, I used to think that the toilet seat had teeth and if I saw it in the dark or sat on it then it would eat me 😳😅🤔
Cats are Awesome
Cats are Awesome преди 2 дни
When he’s showing movie coco there is a split second where the movie ‘The Book of Life’ appears and Ma gosh that movie is underrated
NowhereMan_ YT
NowhereMan_ YT преди 2 дни
I scared of going into the friendzone
Im angry
Im angry преди 2 дни
were not scared of the dark were scared if were alone
Thomas quacks
Thomas quacks преди 2 дни
WILDSH0CK преди 3 дни
turn on captions at 6:45
WILDSH0CK преди 3 дни
dang look at this hospital bill hospital $999999 tax $99999 total with discount $9999999999999999999999999999999999 that's it because we are apple
Zay Phantoms
Zay Phantoms преди 4 дни
Tell me why I have that same ringtone 2:37
the blue guy:Mohammad KASSEM
the blue guy:Mohammad KASSEM преди 4 дни
2:36 that ringtone was sick
Swooty преди 5 дни
Idk why people get scared of jumpscares, I think I'm just immune to jumpscares somehow.
Charlie :p
Charlie :p преди 5 дни
1:46 well i’ve been to the ER but only when i was little(cuz i was very dumb) this one time i was running around the house and face planted onto my dollhouse. i needed stitches and everyone in my preschool class complimented my bandaid on my eyebrow. that’s it, i haven’t broken a bone or anything. i was just a rlly dumb 3 year old. actually a did get bit by my neighbors bunny and i went to the doctors to make sure i didn’t have like rabies or something(i didn’t but i remember my dad loosing his shit trying to find an insurance card)this one time playing basketball i bent my fingers backward against the ball, couldn’t move them without extreme pain, and they were black and blue for like a month, but my moms like eh it’s fineee
Tu Bo
Tu Bo преди 5 дни
Can we talik about The perfect british acsent?👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Haha i fooled you
Darth Maul
Darth Maul преди 5 дни
I thought my video broke
nurul khairina
nurul khairina преди 5 дни
I all ready watch the movie Coco and The book of life but this story about family ok 🍿👍🏻
Devin Grubbs
Devin Grubbs преди 5 дни
Oh btw I remade this I didn’t just took a pic then made this my profile I remade it then I pic
Devin Grubbs
Devin Grubbs преди 5 дни
Know what’s funny the horror film then when it started raining then they was moving
Bionic System5
Bionic System5 преди 5 дни
So Your list contains a member of team 10, a dentist murder weapon, and the economy.
PoorNinja _
PoorNinja _ преди 6 дни
Dom lives in Canada so there’s no. Hospital bills
Aydarrn преди 6 дни
There is nothing to fear but fear itself
Laura Cristina
Laura Cristina преди 6 дни
You're not scared of being alone in the dark, you're scared of NOT being alone in the dark
gd nathanael cathleen vid with all piggy,edd,art
gd nathanael cathleen vid with all piggy,edd,art преди 6 дни
Hey i not scard of this movie 2:22
claudia torres
claudia torres преди 7 дни
I have al the fears he has lol specially all the bathroom ones i was like "same"
TheStickManSlayer YT
TheStickManSlayer YT преди 7 дни
When dom is 80 he'll look like he's 25.
TheStickManSlayer YT
TheStickManSlayer YT преди 7 дни
*That ringtone though...*
bloo tube
bloo tube преди 8 дни
Needed to say "spider",dident cha?
Sproodle •lol
Sproodle •lol преди 8 дни
3:40 æúgh = æúgh
XxKittyRLxX_YT преди 8 дни
Turn your captions on at the end, there’s a hint :D
Ariana Cantu
Ariana Cantu преди 7 дни
XxKittyRLxX_YT преди 7 дни
@Ariana Cantu your welcome
Ariana Cantu
Ariana Cantu преди 7 дни
Lol thanks for saying that
Austin Drawbaugh
Austin Drawbaugh преди 9 дни
Bananaphobia: Fear of banana's
Morro Gnome
Morro Gnome преди 9 дни
Stupid spongebob :P
Stupid spongebob :P преди 10 дни
1:57 *jumps of swing as a challenge* People at my school: JUMPS OFF SWING 15 TIMES
Oskar Damsted Fonnesbech
Oskar Damsted Fonnesbech преди 10 дни
Guys watch the White end with subtitles;) Wait for it...
Sarinah Yassin
Sarinah Yassin преди 10 дни
Same 3:25
Aoi Green
Aoi Green преди 11 дни
The blank end part in the end you need subtitles to understand what’s happening
-Boba Beans-
-Boba Beans- преди 11 дни
Wait.... I just realised that I have a fear of death or whatever Dom said- Shi-
Monsuir Bacteria
Monsuir Bacteria преди 11 дни
“i’ll probably never run into a t. rex” probably 😐😐
Crystal Fenicfox
Crystal Fenicfox преди 11 дни
Domics: look at these hospital bills Also domics: lives in canada
Lydi Bug
Lydi Bug преди 11 дни
My greatest fear? Getting screwed over by someone simply because I don't know exactly what I'm doing and they take advantage of that. ...too much?
loqdoesthings преди 11 дни
2:05 the hospital bill of a European be like...
Rapid Fuwrree
Rapid Fuwrree преди 11 дни
I love the subtitles at the end
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer преди 11 дни
Omg awe where you said " it really hit me in the kokoro" i sounded so cute
Lightning преди 11 дни
I am scared of bathrooms and mirrors in the bathroom
James7 преди 12 дни
When someone promise you that they will always remembered you. That's a very big promise
James7 преди 12 дни
This entire video everything you said about your fear are the same as mine and we are in common my family thinking about moving to Canada too! Right now I currently living in Cambodia.
cormac cassidy
cormac cassidy преди 12 дни
Who remembers Domics
Ahmed Pro
Ahmed Pro преди 12 дни
you funny
Fred Robertson
Fred Robertson преди 12 дни
I'm not scared of my credit card debt, I'm scared of the pianos I buy when I'm drunk
Wolfie Animates
Wolfie Animates преди 13 дни
I wasn’t looking at the screen in the end and I thought the video was on pause 🤦‍♂️
weeb degenerate
weeb degenerate преди 13 дни
Was that a Devilman Crybaby reference at 4:25
zukurudo mifune
zukurudo mifune преди 14 дни
Nice one bro Love it But this way or this being forgotten or not isn't actually a path to immortality
Kirsten B Gubi
Kirsten B Gubi преди 14 дни
2:05 yeah me too but for me it’s just because I live in Denmark and we don’t pay for going to the hospital 🇩🇰😄
Jaxxson преди 14 дни
Sugar Cookies I have a phobia of Sugar Cookies
JustKarlYT 14
JustKarlYT 14 преди 14 дни
Did you heard there's train to busan 2 peninsula
JustKarlYT 14
JustKarlYT 14 преди 14 дни
Now that's a fear
JustKarlYT 14
JustKarlYT 14 преди 14 дни
Search mo junji ito
Hypurion Override
Hypurion Override преди 15 дни
Whenever I see this video, I immediately think about the insects.
*Jasalina* преди 15 дни
I'm afraid of School..
viewer rr
viewer rr преди 15 дни
In the white screen part turn on your caption .....he still has something left to say
HIM man
HIM man преди 15 дни
book of life
bommer преди 16 дни
*if i cant see there isnt a demon about to eat me, **_there is probably a demon about to eat me!_*
Tutu Birb
Tutu Birb преди 16 дни
I have Glossophobia, (fear of speaking in public). And Scolionophobia, (fear of school.) *most of you can probably relate*
Sania Amirbaz
Sania Amirbaz преди 16 дни
1:18 *how DARE YOU*
EXPLODED GAMER преди 16 дни
Lol i Broke my arm in the 1st grade jumping off the. Top of the slide like fuckin super man the teacher saw me be an idiot and had a cast fro like a 1 month 😅
David Guite
David Guite преди 16 дни
spiderman's 1 weakness FLIPFLOPS
David Guite
David Guite преди 16 дни
i still love your videos
DonWolf Wolfy
DonWolf Wolfy преди 16 дни
The people who dislike are little babies who cry when they see spiders💀
Koliman преди 16 дни
You're not afraid of falling down, you're afraid that as you're falling down your body will gain enough inertia that will break your bones upon landing And of course most likely dying
sr_zach1 преди 16 дни
Projjwal Mukhopadhyay
Projjwal Mukhopadhyay преди 16 дни
Hey dom. Hey dom. Where did you go?
Serena Slim
Serena Slim преди 16 дни
What the hell is bananaphobia 😂😂😂 I didn't know that something like that even existed ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ
Sherin Hasibuan
Sherin Hasibuan преди 16 дни
the shower thing is real LOL
Bea is Asum
Bea is Asum преди 16 дни
6:39 is the best part for me.
Bea is Asum
Bea is Asum преди 16 дни
Hollow Knight fan.
sami jaiem
sami jaiem преди 16 дни
Dam you vary shiiiipppp
Johnny M
Johnny M преди 17 дни
Good devilman: crybaby reference
Katsuki bakugou
Katsuki bakugou преди 17 дни
2:04 Eropeans be like
LIL Kono
LIL Kono преди 17 дни
Did anyone just stare at the white screen at the end
Papyrus преди 17 дни
I have a fear of evil spirits and scp’s but i know they’re not real
Shan Baker
Shan Baker преди 17 дни
Me fearing the few minutes of the white screen at the end because I don't know what's coming
Kems De saram
Kems De saram преди 18 дни
1:38 pop team epic
Ramya Ramesh
Ramya Ramesh преди 18 дни
I will legit have nightmares of being forgotten ... Thanks to you 😭
Anitha Nm
Anitha Nm преди 18 дни
4:57to4:59 me to
Priss Fernandez
Priss Fernandez преди 18 дни
Stupidies thing i ever done is cutting a small part of my right ear
Lunargachaboy преди 18 дни
I’m afraid of the mirror lol
Le Badger
Le Badger преди 19 дни
I think dying is like losing your progress in a game you’ve spent a reasonable time on
Nonamemohawk преди 19 дни
People who don’t turn CC on: am I a joke to you
Pikachu Person
Pikachu Person преди 20 дни
Who else read the captions at the end
Trollip0p преди 20 дни
7:07 "Hmm. that seems like a hypothetical for another day." how long will it take until it is that "another day"?
Triple A
Triple A преди 20 дни
3:31 the pumpkin meme... if u know u know 👉🏾👈🏾
alpha pog
alpha pog преди 20 дни
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