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SuchyBober преди 7 часа
hemm, content
am a bot
am a bot преди ден
When this gets recommended to me close to Halloween
TheUWChannel преди ден
I'm 15 and I know what a Kinder Surprise Egg is. And not the lame crap that they started selling over here a couple years ago. My uncle brings them from Australia. It's like Christmas.
Hunter Studios
Hunter Studios преди ден
"OH what a pretty Elsa costume, but she wasn't no lil BITCH the cold never bothered her anyway *fingerwag*" This line was everything
Mrx0mister Yes
Mrx0mister Yes преди ден
You.. You dont take a huge ass bite out of a kinder surprise! You crack it into two pieces take the toy out and from the top eat the eggs one by one!
Trini Palacios
Trini Palacios преди 2 дни
Me at 1:22 dom I can finish anything in one sitting
bill cipher
bill cipher преди 2 дни
Who is watching in 2021
Dudinhotário •-•
Dudinhotário •-• преди 3 дни
Here in brazil... basicly haven’t Halloween;-;
Michael Brokaw
Michael Brokaw преди 3 дни
You...you know we have kinder joys and stuff
Michaela Chan
Michaela Chan преди 3 дни
i saw a killer clown before and fuckin ran for my mom
Itsyaboitheweeb преди 4 дни
Lmao I’m happy I’m Mexican so my family over their can send kinder eggs to me
Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez преди 4 дни
Coming here for the 4th year 2020😂😂 I will edit this on 2021 to see if the corona is gone
Shaheem Nuraj
Shaheem Nuraj преди 4 дни
''But she was no bitch, the cold never bothered her anyway'' -Old man Dom
Teko Pic
Teko Pic преди 4 дни
1:24 not gonna lie or brag but one time at Christmas, my aunt actually gave me and my sister a chocolate bar that big. It took us 2 months and 25 days to finish that. We were hyped kids ;-;. I think she got it at Hershey’s Chocolate World
Jake Hart
Jake Hart преди 4 дни
But I eat kinder and I am an American
Cella !!
Cella !! преди 4 дни
We have kinder eggs -.-
ShadowReaper преди 9 часа
Not the ones with the capsule inside an chocolate egg i had them in the us
Dimension5383 E
Dimension5383 E преди 5 дни
Getting recommended a week after Halloween how convenient
Noob преди 5 дни
bruh americans never ate a kinder surprise they are missing so much
Nell преди 5 дни
BGcd: Guess what time it is
YOU CLOD преди 5 дни
We have kinder eggs now
The Weird Comment
The Weird Comment преди 5 дни
Yes recommended after 3 years during Halloween week even though I already watched it
NOEL SHAGAL преди 5 дни
Are you the grim riper
Arcane 17
Arcane 17 преди 6 дни
here in October 2020
Baguette Man
Baguette Man преди 7 дни
Nani he had a mask
Cedar Pidgeon
Cedar Pidgeon преди 7 дни
Im being a clown for Halloween LOl
LOZ LAZLO преди 7 дни
I got this recommended in spooktober ITS CALCIUM TIME
ASiriusHpFan преди 7 дни
Me too
Jelly Draws
Jelly Draws преди 8 дни
Actually we do have something like kinder surprise egg in america, but they aren’t that, they suck, the only good part is the toy.
jaime rodas
jaime rodas преди 8 дни
sailor moon with sass 🤣🤣🤣
Lightning преди 8 дни
I don’t understand cause this was uploaded in November and it’s in October. Wait I should shut up
katie decker
katie decker преди 8 дни
I remember the killer clown year. those were dark times. dark times indeed
Selina Callisto
Selina Callisto преди 8 дни
imagine being german but hating kinder egg
Mister Dj
Mister Dj преди 8 дни
Were kinder eggs really not allowed in America before why'd they come back
Bray Dee
Bray Dee преди 8 дни
I wish half of my country wasn't super retarded so we wouldn't be the laughing stock of the world.
Jack Donato
Jack Donato преди 9 дни
I'm American and I know what Kinder is... But ok.
Rkingu6 Gaming
Rkingu6 Gaming преди 9 дни
America has kinder eggs tho
waffle lord
waffle lord преди 7 дни
they were banned a few years ago but there not banned anymore
Muzzy Munchkin
Muzzy Munchkin преди 10 дни
why is ur hair blonde in this video
Splintly преди 10 дни
It’s spoopy season again boys
zom kat
zom kat преди 10 дни
acually we do have kinder eggs why does every one say we dont from some body in america
waffle lord
waffle lord преди 7 дни
they were banned a few years ago but there not banned anymore
Sawyer Studios
Sawyer Studios преди 11 дни
I know what a kinder surprise egg is
Bey Godalex901
Bey Godalex901 преди 11 дни
Who else is watching this every day of October
-Killer - Shark-
-Killer - Shark- преди 12 дни
Ik what a kinder joy egg is
Ehren vst
Ehren vst преди 13 дни
i find it funny when americans dont know any aussie or new zealand foods but then the kinder surprise one haha they the best. they do kinds hit different
Alfredo Tinajero
Alfredo Tinajero преди 14 дни
Dom we know in America what Kinder is
Eden Dunn
Eden Dunn преди 14 дни
If your watching this in 2020, October... HEY!
Flamez 900
Flamez 900 преди 10 часа
EmmersAnimates преди 2 дни
The Official Yellow IMPOSTOR for October
The Official Yellow IMPOSTOR for October преди 2 дни
Creamy Orange
Creamy Orange преди 5 дни
raindrop преди 6 дни
Mark Zumperberg
Mark Zumperberg преди 14 дни
tf when doesn't know kinder eggs in America
Grant Miller
Grant Miller преди 15 дни
I don’t like Kinder eggs tbh
GAME HACKS преди 13 дни
TheBiggestCheese преди 15 дни
I miss the chocolate kinder eggs but GOD DANG IT AMERICA WHAT THE HELL??!!
Mask DeMasque
Mask DeMasque преди 15 дни
I really want your costume all jokes aside
Hari Nandan
Hari Nandan преди 15 дни
Anyone watching this on Halloween 2020 Like please
waffle lord
waffle lord преди 7 дни
Giancarlos Lopez
Giancarlos Lopez преди 16 дни
i absolutely lost it laughing 4:14 XD
I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that
I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that преди 16 дни
It's hilarious to hear someone from the other side of the world speak a word fluidly in my language without even being aware of it. "Kinder" in Dutch means "kid"
Thalos преди 16 дни
America: we banned kinder surprise because they're dangerous England: well we banned guns
WheelNite 24
WheelNite 24 преди 16 дни
Can't wait to trick people by coughing in the candy this year :)
Game Blower
Game Blower преди 17 дни
Haaa Kinder Israels Common Candy Good Choclate And Under It A Little Suprise My Favorite Suprise Was A Robot That Could To A Pin Of My Shirt What We Were Travling
Klara_ Targaryen
Klara_ Targaryen преди 18 дни
„Carry Pepperspray“ yes i wish I could but I live in Germany where it’s illegal yeahhhh I know kinda dumb he
Michael Gillett
Michael Gillett преди 18 дни
Halloween is against my religion.
Dorknobius, heir of SPOOKY TOWN
Dorknobius, heir of SPOOKY TOWN преди 19 дни
Why do foreigners thing its hilarious to make fun of the us, cant we get along
KamrOns Korner!
KamrOns Korner! преди 22 дни
Seriously tho, what’s a “kinder surprise egg”?
pokeplayer boi
pokeplayer boi преди 22 дни
I got a frickin slice of pro made nuttella cake once because the lady had no candy
Blackpink Fan
Blackpink Fan преди 24 дни
Reply with Hi
Blackpink Fan
Blackpink Fan преди 24 дни
A_ girl
A_ girl преди 25 дни
I watched this beside my mom and I'm 10,she didn't say anything about all the bad words oof
KNet Ismael Maglinao
KNet Ismael Maglinao преди 26 дни
4:12 im in a group of 4 giving pocket knives to friends for safety and 2 of us have a bat no joke thats wat we r doing
Nickolas Hogg
Nickolas Hogg преди 26 дни
When I went trick or treating I brought c4 and weapons grade plutonium from Craigslist. To counter the clown threat.
The Pleg
The Pleg преди 26 дни
Are full size candy bars rare because its normal to get full candy bars around here
Ching Ching
Ching Ching преди 26 дни
2:59 is this an overwatch reference
Mia Rodriguez
Mia Rodriguez преди 27 дни
Florida has kinder eggs
Parry Hotter
Parry Hotter преди 27 дни
Wait, you guys are getting Halloween?
Parry Hotter
Parry Hotter преди 7 дни
@waffle lord wait I forgot to explain its not about covid but nobody does it in my country
waffle lord
waffle lord преди 7 дни
this video came out a couple of years ago lol
Yay Donut
Yay Donut преди 27 дни
There was this one house that gave out like 5 full sizes to everybody.
Rosie Leaverton
Rosie Leaverton преди 29 дни
2:45 THAT HAPPENED TO ME. I wore an Elsa costume, but it got too cold, so I put on a coat. I remember my mom saying to someone, "Elsa just got a bit cold." 🤣
Gacha_Black Star Richard
Gacha_Black Star Richard преди 29 дни
We know what it is, we have one
hizan ashraf!
hizan ashraf! преди 29 дни
Dollershave.com nice Lol
those damn clowns
NeneYashiro_playz преди месец
we have kinder eggs here ;v;
waffle lord
waffle lord преди 7 дни
they were banned a few years ago but there not banned anymore
Lilia Checcone
Lilia Checcone преди месец
Any Jojo fans?
Austingame101 преди месец
I feel like of all the yourubers I’ve seen domics is the most relatable to me
toki uz
toki uz преди месец
It's funny we have kinder surprised eggs now
SuchyBober преди месец
We (Mid Europians) got Haribo, Kinder, Milka, and Storck Candies
Crewmate White
Crewmate White преди месец
Surprise eggs are the besttttttt
bad omen boy
bad omen boy преди месец
The cold never botherd her anyway ,this line killed me😂😂😂
Marianne преди месец
1:56 Here in Brazil we have kinder surprise
Nicole Burri
Nicole Burri преди месец
I LOVE kinder eggs
hanaphy1998 преди месец
Kinder egg are there kinder joy (that name of chocolate in my country)
kyle sixx
kyle sixx преди месец
We have kinder surprise eggs in America tho 🤭
waffle lord
waffle lord преди 7 дни
they were banned a few years ago but there not banned anymore
Creative ink studios
Creative ink studios преди месец
Dude we have Kinder Surprise eggs in America
waffle lord
waffle lord преди 7 дни
they were banned a few years ago but there not banned anymore
Raging Toxin
Raging Toxin преди месец
Halloween 2020: what’s a trick or treat?
Pixel Gacha
Pixel Gacha преди месец
How are Kinder eggs not safe but guns are totally ok
Moralva Brothers
Moralva Brothers преди месец
I love halloween and kinder eggs!🎃🥚
Banana Dude
Banana Dude преди месец
The U.K has kinder
Samurai Plays
Samurai Plays преди месец
Still don’t know how u see through that mask
And Peggy
And Peggy преди месец
As an american with european grandparents Words cant describe how many times I smuggled kinder eggs over the border (YES ITS LEGAL X3)
radom crap
radom crap преди месец
I know kinder because I’m Mexican
Maria Ordaz
Maria Ordaz преди месец
Yea well u stupid let’s go over there
Jelena Visic
Jelena Visic преди месец
It `s my birfday than
Jelena Visic
Jelena Visic преди месец
KINDER EGG omg I love it whan I was a kid my mum was buying it do you have toys out of theam I DO 🙃
Julia Ithinal
Julia Ithinal преди месец
People can’t finish giant chocolate bars in one go? Really?
Barney Sanders
Barney Sanders преди месец
1:14 what do you mean not even the tiny bitesized ones? I wouldn't expect them to be big
Dead Specter
Dead Specter преди месец
Why are there phobia's perpetuating serial clown murderer's...have you been to lexington kentucky I mean like 4-5 years ago there was a warning to watch out for some guy's up there during halloween hell whenever you went out up there they terrerized kids and young teenagers (including myself) for weeks parents were afraid to let there kids walk to school because they were worried there kid was gonna get kidnapped or murdered
Blueteam 20001
Blueteam 20001 преди месец
America still has kinder eggs
waffle lord
waffle lord преди 7 дни
they were banned a few years ago but there not banned anymore
Miuh ZR
Miuh ZR преди месец
Hello!! Californian here I have kinder eggs😂😂
Tóth Ármin
Tóth Ármin преди месец
In my country, there is no halloween... :(
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Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz 169. Bölüm
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BANDATA NA RUBA X ANDYTO - SANDOKAN freestyle [ Official Audio ]
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