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Noob Creator
Noob Creator преди ден
Iove u from india
Sudais Khan
Sudais Khan преди 2 дни
That was 😆 🤣🤣😂
Sudais Khan
Sudais Khan преди 2 дни
Gauda man
Platinum Videos
Platinum Videos преди 2 дни
i’m gonna be going to a new school soon because i’m gonna move and idk how to feel
IYS BRO преди 2 дни
This is like his another draw my life
Random dead channel with a profile pic
Random dead channel with a profile pic преди 2 дни
So your 50% Philippine 25% Canadian 10% Saudi Arabian and 15% American U crazy boi
ElmoAnimates преди 3 дни
Agent EagleT
Agent EagleT преди 4 дни
I think all of us experience that
Jorja преди 4 дни
so you guys actually had friends?
Tony Keast
Tony Keast преди 5 дни
I lived in Michigan and now I’m in Australia
Toad Blaster
Toad Blaster преди 5 дни
Maybe your BGcd channel is named domics beacuse your real name is domics
ElmoAnimates преди 3 дни
its cause his name is dominique and comics
Wild Makara
Wild Makara преди 6 дни
Honestly I can kind of relate. I'm only a Sophomore in high school, I'm the semi-socially awkward kid, and I've lived in the same house since before I was going to school (we moved like right before I started pre-K but I still have full memory of the day we left our old house... mainly because of something that happened), but I've been moved around so many different schools. I've made friends in all of them, some I lost contact with, some I kept contact with but it faded, and some I still hang out with. It's always a new experience every time, because you don't know what to expect and you see so many different views from different people while also picking up unique interests from them. I'm finally at a school planning to actually stay in this one thru high school now, and I've actually found a few old friends whereas we focus on the golden days way back when, but I've also made a ton of new ones, some new altogether, and some I knew before but only befriended them now, because I understand their interests from what I picked up at all the other schools.
Lucas Monlux
Lucas Monlux преди 6 дни
Osman Özkan
Osman Özkan преди 6 дни
Wow that was very deep and great
ii.bananagurl преди 6 дни
„NaKaMa“ I lost it
_ danelelel
_ danelelel преди 7 дни
I figured that no one really commented about this but Domics mindset of things is really mature he knows what hes doing and he knows where hes going I actually learned a lot thru his videos. Seriously tho Domics is so chill i wish i think like him
Acqui STAR
Acqui STAR преди 8 дни
Adam преди 8 дни
Inspiring 🔥🔥
statics. преди 8 дни
6:03 I'm dying lmao
Haloair Channel
Haloair Channel преди 8 дни
Franz Argueza
Franz Argueza преди 8 дни
Are you Filipino?
Kristonia преди 9 дни
at 2:25 you said "weesess" instead of "recess"
Omar преди 9 дни
6:10 What does “goruga meh” mean?
Ignore This
Ignore This преди 9 дни
Today is the day before it will say 2 years ago
Aldijana Zukic
Aldijana Zukic преди 9 дни
Ciusdyuddududosiishchckudssicbduaiqpaiqhhxnzcxjckkdmsnjaqqaosgsiwgwyertysfghsf cbnznsbsjjsbueiqppiwoowkqwekkajbbdjshdgff,zmxnxncbvgdhsjskqpalwoieurytbsu dhhvdhuchcvhdhbdvdhdhdhd dhdhdhhddbbdhddjjeowwoooqka,a,mzjziixocoosoaooakak
Kelvin Duong
Kelvin Duong преди 9 дни
mystery dude
mystery dude преди 10 дни
Ya I went to one school for 6 years thin I moved to new school and ahh ya
Jack Donato
Jack Donato преди 10 дни
before, I thought when he said mississauga I that he was making fun of mississippi. Then I saw the sign lol.
Melwin Barreno
Melwin Barreno преди 10 дни
His vid probably give you a lot of lessons
Jelly Draws
Jelly Draws преди 11 дни
I feel like an anime plot device now because I moved three months into the year into a new school.
Dragon-Like -Tendencies
Dragon-Like -Tendencies преди 11 дни
Can we have a video on what the Philippians were/are like? Only if you're comfortable! It would be cool though.
Kimo преди 11 дни
I can relate especially with saudi arabia i move a lot and i am currently in saudi arabia and it kinda makes me happy that u where in the same aspect as me
The-Random- Phan
The-Random- Phan преди 12 дни
I met my partner* because in 6th grade I complimented a guy's fnaf t-shirt on my first day at a new school and joined his friend group. When that guy who became my best friend suddenly stopped hanging out with me I drifted toward my partner and their best friend. The rest is history. *By partner I mean a gender neutral version of girlfriend/boyfriend
Yzzy World
Yzzy World преди 12 дни
ok, your not alone Filipino kid | | V
Aragon, Justine Rey F.
Aragon, Justine Rey F. преди 12 дни
Hey! Are you a filipino! Nice nice... Pilipino din ako!😂😂
Khanh hoang ngoc
Khanh hoang ngoc преди 13 дни
6:10 GArUgaME!
now we're talkin
now we're talkin преди 14 дни
My friend made a friend by giving him a pen
Bianka Catral
Bianka Catral преди 14 дни
omfg im dead 6:00 girugamesh!!! XD
Floppy преди 14 дни
BGcd: *exists* NordVPN: hippidy hoppody this is now my property
hij00_ преди 14 дни
Michael looks like my best friend from 1st grade to 3rd grade in khmer school
Sneha Kc
Sneha Kc преди 14 дни
Can u tell mr which app you use to create animation
Gabby K.
Gabby K. преди 14 дни
*alvin* started as an ****** and stayed that way
Dennis Savellano
Dennis Savellano преди 14 дни
His crew
meep pup
meep pup преди 17 дни
What.....oh.... euh oh well I admit I still thought you did all your animations on your own, sooo °-°
I’m watching this during class... totally worth it 👍
Spensa Nightshade
Spensa Nightshade преди 17 дни
You MOVED TO SAUDI ARABIA?!!!?? I’m from Saudi Arabia well not born from here but you get the point
Spensa Nightshade
Spensa Nightshade преди 13 дни
@Zain Ahmed I know that It’s just not everyone animator in BGcd’s from there so I was just surprised
Zain Ahmed
Zain Ahmed преди 14 дни
There are tons of filipino expats in Saudi
I like Old memes
I like Old memes преди 17 дни
Tbh i know absolutely no-one whos atleast 5% like me - A random fact
Theekshna Jojo
Theekshna Jojo преди 18 дни
Hey..even my story is kinda like this😂 At first I studied my elementary school in India Then moved from India to Saudi to a new school in 1st grade I had to move from that school the 2nd year due to some reason.. So the next school was in Saudi itself I studied there from 2 - 4th grade In 5th I had to move again to India In 6th again,I moved again but to a new place called Oman..I'm now studying here in oman same school now in 8th..😁
Van Mcmanus
Van Mcmanus преди 19 дни
Bro I had no idea that u lived in Hamilton. So do I
Anmar's Gaming
Anmar's Gaming преди 19 дни
That is ware I live
Tech Gamer
Tech Gamer преди 20 дни
Ye guud at acctiebts
Ebi преди 22 дни
9:17 😮😮😮
Alexqurjd Jekdm
Alexqurjd Jekdm преди 23 дни
5:52 / 10:34 This is why i subscribed ANIME
Xeedonash преди 23 дни
I'ma admit that when I clicked on the vidoe i did not at the slightest expect you to be trying to do a British accent so I was just so confused.
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi преди 23 дни
2:40 one piece reference XD
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez преди 24 дни
Does anybody know that person that says garuame plz I need to find him
Lego Geek
Lego Geek преди 24 дни
Maria Mercado
Maria Mercado преди 25 дни
Did he say HAMILTON?!
Ciuwandy преди 25 дни
Nice accent lol
T The Reader
T The Reader преди 26 дни
my family moves a lot so changing schools was kinda normal for me and plus I never really got to attached to anyone honestly I have freinds but only a handful
ez cheats ru
ez cheats ru преди 26 дни
Baubau big bomb
Reyyan Mansoor
Reyyan Mansoor преди 26 дни
I live in the UAE and it's not AF but it's fun here Everyone here is nice but you get tired quick
Marwane Radi
Marwane Radi преди 27 дни
3:54 *but i got trough it*
Lance Adrian Chua
Lance Adrian Chua преди 27 дни
Very nice acsent wuld you like tea hoo hoo 😌☕
potatobrain 21
potatobrain 21 преди 28 дни
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok 6:03
Christopher Russell
Christopher Russell преди 29 дни
I don’t like this
Christopher Russell
Christopher Russell преди 29 дни
It raining and I’m hearing creepy noises
TT - 08GR 981404 Fairwind Sr PS
TT - 08GR 981404 Fairwind Sr PS преди месец
What the hell your just like me
Matthew Tonogbanua
Matthew Tonogbanua преди месец
I thought for a moment Domics is deceased then he came back
I’m the hottest, OK?
I’m the hottest, OK? преди месец
I’m starting school in a few days in person so HELPPP
DARK GAMER преди месец
Michael Gillett
Michael Gillett преди месец
I was bullied as the new kid
Sherri Brown
Sherri Brown преди месец
holy frick you lived in Hamilton dang I live there
BISI I преди месец
I had a friend just like alvin but different,he was possessive and rude.
PIKADEX pro преди месец
im does people that get kicked in the balls by girls when i tried to date them
JC Esguerra
JC Esguerra преди месец
Wow that accent is the combination of British and Australian 0:00-0:10
Aloan Raichu
Aloan Raichu преди месец
I Kracy
BliksemYTX преди месец
(Weird accent) Hello! I’m dead lol
Xx sky Luck xx
Xx sky Luck xx преди месец
I live in Saudi Arabia 😂😂😂. An
Alexander Merino
Alexander Merino преди месец
but i do actualy live in kichener ontario canada
Alexander Merino
Alexander Merino преди месец
when i said i had covid i was joking i just said that because i called out someone who said tat and faked it
Alexander Merino
Alexander Merino преди месец
i live in kichiner canada ontario
Marinn Productions
Marinn Productions преди месец
Sure, I’ll subscribe
Marinn Productions
Marinn Productions преди месец
I live in Canada too :>>>
Sher's gaming Gil
Sher's gaming Gil преди месец
Whoa I didnt know domics was born on the philippines
Helena Mizban
Helena Mizban преди месец
I’m in the “everyone already has their own friend group” situation.... any tips for that?
TJProductions преди 8 дни
@Joshua Rodriguez hey
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez преди 25 дни
That was me in 7th grade. I had just moved into town and I remember someone started talking to me after we did a group project together and I sat with him and his friends. I didn’t really talk but they didn’t seem to mind and eventually they became my friends through middle school. Until I changed schools.
Basil Alfadl
Basil Alfadl преди месец
do you know arabic
XxCyberWolfxX преди месец
So he ur Senpai. Ur best freind
Creepmond Samson
Creepmond Samson преди месец
I lived in Philipines and mov- No i never moved, im still in Philipines
Diamond Alaska Gaming
Diamond Alaska Gaming преди месец
Interesting story
Erwin John Animations
Erwin John Animations преди месец
some kid called me chinese im 100 percent american i have small eyes
jb 123
jb 123 преди месец
Nobody: Domics: you want to here a life leason
Beth Stafford
Beth Stafford преди месец
Bro the way he drew the anime club “hahaha”
Humanity_disappoints_me Vasdev
Humanity_disappoints_me Vasdev преди месец
“I got through it” *kicks kid* No kid no problem!
JND Gaming
JND Gaming преди месец
So you are asia
Platinum Videos
Platinum Videos преди 2 дни
He’s Philipino I think
Sedpaii преди месец
3:24 the teacher there is from little witch academia
Felrrus Sight
Felrrus Sight преди месец
6:41 ....2D.....
BTD Slays
BTD Slays преди месец
Remember when the nord VPM deal 77% off a 3 yeat plan
Neil Mukherjee
Neil Mukherjee преди месец
The an is still an introvert
Sanctuary преди месец
So you're from pH hi!
С Пълна Уста w/ Ина
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С Пълна Уста w/ Ина
Показвания 24 хил.
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Показвания 201 хил.