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Mercy Divino
Mercy Divino преди 13 минути
Captain Infinite
Captain Infinite преди 5 часа
We grew up with pogs and tex Not text on cellphone You know tex right dom??? You're filipino im pretty sure you do I dont even know if thats the right word you use for it, but it ours its dat. Its those little cards made from papers with designs on them, like naruto, dragon balls, Detective conan and other stuff.
Hendrik Jhabel Chavarria Coronado
Hendrik Jhabel Chavarria Coronado преди 8 часа
I liked the part about the beyblades
hakim-plays преди 8 часа
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I've been to the exact same one
Tawfiq H
Tawfiq H преди 11 часа
I watched this video because i was bored.
joyride1982 преди 14 часа
Wait you like beyblades
Brian Bolek
Brian Bolek преди 18 часа
I was literally putting chapstick on when he started to talk about lip balm.
Dr Ola
Dr Ola преди 19 часа
No body gets bored of youtube
Fe4rfulSn4il преди 21 час
I eat when im bored
Dragon Ball ZSHM
Dragon Ball ZSHM преди ден
Sproodle •lol
Sproodle •lol преди ден
4:47 *im a gamer* And being a gamer, its easy to F up in school :/
רואי וסרשטיין
רואי וסרשטיין преди ден
God did it only hurt me when he said chepy lips
Loved Crayolas
Loved Crayolas преди ден
Also me : likes my own commet
Loved Crayolas
Loved Crayolas преди ден
Clicks on this because I’m bored and desperate to find something to do
PixelMade преди ден
Crany преди ден
Me every Saturday
Moonshin .x
Moonshin .x преди ден
here's me watching youtube while being bored. IM BORED HELP ME
Dovonan Trzybinski
Dovonan Trzybinski преди 2 дни
Watching this at 4:58 am and board
Shaheem Nuraj
Shaheem Nuraj преди 2 дни
dom: im too bored to sleep Me: Just watch My hero Academia
Plz subscribe
Plz subscribe преди 2 дни
Try Mexican food
Weeb_7 преди 2 дни
Video has a JoJo reference. Me: Oh, a JoJo reference , that's normal... Wait... *JOJO REFERENCE!!!*
Raphael Etuma
Raphael Etuma преди 2 дни
yeah i see your crusty lips (0 - 0)
Arrow преди 3 дни
Imagine being so bored that you scroll down and find my comment
Smilly Blade
Smilly Blade преди 3 дни
There's two more hollow knight reference then I expected
Mikey lopez
Mikey lopez преди 3 дни
1:19 I laughed hard at this
Super Goose
Super Goose преди 3 дни
Ha! Being bored is the least of my issues in 2020
DeMarcus johnson
DeMarcus johnson преди 3 дни
Nice jojo reference
Razor Rillaboom
Razor Rillaboom преди 3 дни
Who else saw this in their recommended
Camdyn Evans
Camdyn Evans преди 3 дни
Dom: calls me out on my chapped lips Me: oh, I see. Lemme go fix dat- Also me: thanks man, my lips thank you
Axel Sandford
Axel Sandford преди 3 дни
BGcd recommended needs therapy
Jatin Kumar
Jatin Kumar преди 3 дни
Pretty boring video
TheRealxxYT [soon more]
TheRealxxYT [soon more] преди 3 дни
:/ im bored to watch this video
local egg
local egg преди 4 дни
Never bored unless i have no wifi 😌
* King *
* King * преди 4 дни
I wish I could be bored sometimes
It's just AlexYT
It's just AlexYT преди 4 дни
Sigh Silksong not out yet
Kiba Amadeus
Kiba Amadeus преди 4 дни
If you suffer enough you never get bored. Provided there is internet ;)
Nitro Girl
Nitro Girl преди 4 дни
and whas the point of this
mustfa#1 مصطفى#١
mustfa#1 مصطفى#١ преди 4 дни
i know what you can do, why don't you make your own anime
Adi C
Adi C преди 4 дни
Wut he was talking about with the moving thngs around and painting We actually did tho
Hunkie God
Hunkie God преди 4 дни
I dont even have a console to play just laying down doing nothing
Wolfter :D
Wolfter :D преди 4 дни
Looks like I'll be in jail for years.
GTAMemer преди 4 дни
Me when I am bored:welp, time for more domics binging
FighterGirl 205
FighterGirl 205 преди 4 дни
ANYTHING but my homework
Lydia Magiri
Lydia Magiri преди 4 дни
I was bored so I searched 'I'm bored impress me' and this popped up and the same way domics was sitting on the couch was the same as the way I was sitting I was mInD bLoWn 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵 and this is how I subbed
You know it’s serious when you are so bored that you actually feel that studying Is interesting.... Luckily, I have not reached that level yet.
Gamer Griffen
Gamer Griffen преди 5 дни
Did any of you realised the strawberry tree
miko fox
miko fox преди 5 дни
im austrailain?
Panoramic_ llama
Panoramic_ llama преди 5 дни
Ayyy, Silksong reference!!
Hi domics! I just wanted to say how much I like your vids! Your awesome so never change!
Dania Rodriguez
Dania Rodriguez преди 5 дни
Nordvpn always sponsers him
Hollowsingz _
Hollowsingz _ преди 5 дни
Ok so when he was talking about giving his room a makeover that's litterly me every 7 days (Week)
Sam15 преди 5 дни
when im bored xd
Screaming Rowlet
Screaming Rowlet преди 6 дни
Me as a gamer waiting for MH Rise to release
Oshabot 16
Oshabot 16 преди 6 дни
Nintendo Switch
bendycam121 преди 6 дни
im a half introvert/extrovert i can have a stable conversation but still not want to talk to anyone
Ambitious_Reader преди 6 дни
Quarantine was hell for me cuz I'm sporty. Before, I used to go to the climbing gym, to the usual gym, to self defence classes and doing 2 sports classes in school per week. It also made my anxiety worse...
khairy Shaheen
khairy Shaheen преди 6 дни
the sad part is that me as a teenager I have to stick with school and dropping out is considered as a crime in my homeland I wanted to be an artist or a BGcdr but i couldn't and I still can't because of my bad pc and my loads of studies that I have to finish
Jared Cook
Jared Cook преди 6 дни
This was released on my birthday. I'm very happy about this. Thanks, Dom!
Wolfe1986 преди 6 дни
Wait he made this channle when I was born?!?!
DEAD_ POOL преди 7 дни
Anyone here? just staying in home for 7 months and just doing nothing because of china
Jonathan Son
Jonathan Son преди 7 дни
The jojo reference..... just 👌
Mr. Ant
Mr. Ant преди 7 дни
1:27 *focuses feeling power on lips* *s a h a r a d e s e r t*
klever raven
klever raven преди 7 дни
he plays wold of imagination....
Kenzie Ellis
Kenzie Ellis преди 7 дни
Domics shaming us for watching BGcd 😂
Hima Draws
Hima Draws преди 8 дни
Blinking is getting a little boring tbh
Ryan Xu
Ryan Xu преди 8 дни
Wow dom is on another level of bored he was so bored that his head turned s q u a r e
KyleS_On_Osu преди 8 дни
Domics should really play osu. Its a rhythm game. I play it so much and post on my yt Lmao
efawf fawfa
efawf fawfa преди 8 дни
right when he said quarintine ristricts further discoveries a covid ad came up
TheStickManSlayer YT
TheStickManSlayer YT преди 8 дни
"Yeah I see your crusty lips" *H O W D I D H E K N O W*
SK Dahnjin
SK Dahnjin преди 8 дни
2:20 why do I hear willy Wonka imagination
Fay Dunn
Fay Dunn преди 8 дни
How I just typed in bored and pressed Image and I actually seen this..😅
Roberto Carlos Cabrera Castillo
Roberto Carlos Cabrera Castillo преди 8 дни
Im a gamer too
Roberto Carlos Cabrera Castillo
Roberto Carlos Cabrera Castillo преди 8 дни
And btw please DONT GET BORED OF BGcd
Arrowguy преди 9 дни
im soo bored right now, the background music makes me wanna sleep
SickTrixBro преди 9 дни
I just now realized that his intro sounds like the PH sound
DrAfroCat преди 9 дни
That backflip attempt at the beginning 🤣🤣🤣
dubs haze
dubs haze преди 9 дни
Im bored very bored with domics
Star Jones
Star Jones преди 9 дни
He mentioned my lips needing chapstick and I feel so called out
jerameel3 преди 9 дни
Wait are you telling me that i have been living a lie about netflix showing a lot more content everywhere else but not in my area??? Wowww i am totally getting vpn just to watch more shows that do not appear in my area
Priya Mane
Priya Mane преди 9 дни
6.40 that means being bored is amazing we can just come up with like ummm some ideas ........No but I'm bored of thinking that too , whatever , bye
Priya Mane
Priya Mane преди 9 дни
Ad comes up in between saying : bored at home ? Me : naah ! Cuz I'm watching this video
Priya Mane
Priya Mane преди 9 дни
This is the Best and funniest channel never bored watching this
ً преди 9 дни
Yo Domics dude, reanimate regular show's 3 in the AM PM
Indecisive Potato
Indecisive Potato преди 9 дни
Are you assuming that when I’m bored I have free time??????
therealthing преди 9 дни
I don't need a VPN I'm African and I see your crusty lips as well
Samer Richany
Samer Richany преди 9 дни
This video made me bored
Muhammad Syah
Muhammad Syah преди 9 дни
When you realise,yt and youtuber is also a JoJo reference
Dino_Diablos преди 10 дни
Was that Clair? (Idk how to spell her name) Cause I thought you two were a couple idk I just thought that.
Tony Sandoval
Tony Sandoval преди 10 дни
I came back just to see the intro and then I remembered how much I liked domics
James7 преди 10 дни
I thought Disney+ take away Avengers movies on Netflix
Ayush arts
Ayush arts преди 10 дни
4:12 come to bed
Mimi-Chan UwU
Mimi-Chan UwU преди 10 дни
Ik bored af
fReSh bOnEs
fReSh bOnEs преди 10 дни
I thought he only has 7.23k and saw he made a video back 6 years and was uploading monthly. Wrong
Dmg5Hp преди 10 дни
'watching this video was a waste of time' lol
Ji Ji
Ji Ji преди 10 дни
He eats bread 7
He eats bread 7 преди 10 дни
I am bored it’s 5 AM
『B O R E D』
『B O R E D』 преди 11 дни
cora coulter
cora coulter преди 11 дни
The video is based off you
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen преди 11 дни
no you do not see my crusty lips
cora coulter
cora coulter преди 11 дни
But are they there tho
QxMagn3tism преди 11 дни
can bananas fly?
john es
john es преди 3 дни
Maybe in heaven
cora coulter
cora coulter преди 11 дни
Tarun Banka
Tarun Banka преди 11 дни
this guy is just.................... interesting
cora coulter
cora coulter преди 11 дни
Yes he is
Andrej Antonović
Andrej Antonović преди 11 дни
You should get to know yourself better. Get over your insecurities, and jump in endles oppertunities. You are running out of time. Trust me, i know way to many people who regret being bored, or spending most time on video games. Video games are not meaningful. You are just waisting your life. Like really. If you saw what kind of oppertunites await for you, you would forget about games instantly. I mean like, every section of your life could have been much more meaningful. And you should really question if you are more introverted, or for some reason dont like meeting. Like man. You said that you have trouble having eye contact. That means that you forgot to grow up, and you are 29. Avoiding eye contact is just insecuriti that you are avoiding. You should question every bit of youf life, so you can make it better. Maybe if you had more confidence, you would have a girlfrend. Most people have families when 30. You are playing video games. And if you say that you dont want a girlfriend, more fullfilment in your life. Dude dont cure boredom with dopamine injection whit games, cure it with finding more meaning in your life. You are mising too much. You are becoming old man. You cant be child forever. You are going to regret it incredibely. If i oversaid some things, i am sorry. I dont know offcourse how much do this things applay to you. You should read jordan petersons 12 rules for life. You will find yourself enjoying it to the max. And you will never feel bored again. If you do, then you are old, and lived a life. Not when you are still young. I am telling you. You will be much happier. Couse i have a feeling that you dont kniw how much life is acctually. Then listen to psihologists, read their books. Awesome psihologist is jordan peterson. He is incredibly amusing, and he will tell you stuff about yoursekf that you havent even noticed. Go search him on youtube
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