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"Cheating" definition provided by google.
Original Music by Christopher Carlone
Twitter: Carlonecmusic
Music of Domics, Vol. 1 (Music from the Animated Series)
Additional Animators:
Shho: Shhotime
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E to The Rage
E to The Rage преди 10 часа
I have never cheated but i help others in cheating all the time cuz them bois strong
Shan A Navas
Shan A Navas преди 17 часа
02:40 he vented and killed
Sydeon Playz
Sydeon Playz преди ден
2:38 white kinda sus
KingCrashWrites преди 2 дни
"The game doesn't give a fuck if you cheat" Pokemon Emerald Bad Egg glitch: "Am I a joke to you?"
citrus tea jam
citrus tea jam преди 2 дни
I was always confused by the expression “fight fire with fire” because... wouldn’t that just make more fire? Or do I have everything very wrong 😅
sUPa No0B
sUPa No0B преди 3 дни
2:38 among us be like
Lemon Melon
Lemon Melon преди 3 дни
2:39 Dom predicted Among us
ccc310 преди 3 дни
Well to revenge cheat, I first need a gf that cheated on me, and for that, I need a gf. :D
dragon boi
dragon boi преди 4 дни
charles wiles
charles wiles преди 5 дни
believer homefree caligula dramaalert
Mr. Melon
Mr. Melon преди 5 дни
If you cheat on them back, that's stooping down to their level, which is one of the worse outcomes
Edins Minecraft World
Edins Minecraft World преди 6 дни
I never cheated on a test before 😀😃😋😋😋😁😁
Hi Hi :P
Hi Hi :P преди 6 дни
Is it just me, or the thumbnail changed a bit? There was a person on the left if I remembered..
Amir Hossain
Amir Hossain преди 6 дни
2:38 Domics, did you time travel and play Among Us?
Psycho преди 6 дни
I could never cheat on anyone because it's so much work like you have to keep up with the lie and I'm too lazy for that
KiddyNamo_eXpld преди 6 дни
If they switch you switch bitch OHHH
xXJemima the SlytherineXx
xXJemima the SlytherineXx преди 6 дни
I’ve got cheated on :( I cheated on one of my tests though ngl
Jose Vix Jayoma
Jose Vix Jayoma преди 6 дни
2:38 .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Red was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .
babyblue bba
babyblue bba преди 6 дни
Nugget Likes The Pretty Lily
Nugget Likes The Pretty Lily преди 6 дни
Im rewatching like all his vids again, they give me life
Violin Bros
Violin Bros преди 7 дни
0:38, Sauske has 2 tomoes during the first Chunin exam, not 3. Nice reference tho!
Simple преди 7 дни
I get a weird among us vibe 👀 2:42
Yung Euro Official
Yung Euro Official преди 7 дни
2:38 among us
hello. преди 9 дни
I have never cheated before. Not like I won't.
Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Heinz Doofenshmirtz преди 10 дни
2:38 impostors in among us be like
Maddie Susan
Maddie Susan преди 10 дни
Yeah, I've only cheated once from my memory, it was an accident. I literally accidentally looked over and saw the answers. I PROMISE IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!
DYNO々 PANTHER преди 10 дни
2:38 Did he pridected 'Amoung us'?😂
kurt matute
kurt matute преди 10 дни
dom swearing is kinda unsettling
Star Car
Star Car преди 11 дни
What if you playing monopoly cheaters edition
rixxsstudios преди 11 дни
Whi want the smoke from raccoon jones lil nigga 😤😤😤😤
Kathe Labayo
Kathe Labayo преди 11 дни
I watched this to rest my brain from studying Persons and Family Relations but then this is all related to the test -_- hahahaha
EXAdam преди 11 дни
0:58 Playing Among Us Be Like...
Julia Kister
Julia Kister преди 12 дни
I've actually never cheated on a test or exam in 12 years of school. Even if the teacher left us some hints on the board I avoided looking at them. I just couldn't bring myself to cheat.
Jayce Fischer
Jayce Fischer преди 12 дни
2:19 was soooooo funny I peed my pants
ii.bananagurl преди 13 дни
The Chunin-Exam joke was lit
Lucidlemonade243 преди 14 дни
domics mom be like: My BoI you done golfed up
JustKarlYT 14
JustKarlYT 14 преди 14 дни
Bruh seriously do you have to still cheating just to answer your namr
Turbo__ Lagg
Turbo__ Lagg преди 15 дни
I did not know Pac-Man was in this video
pinsan ph
pinsan ph преди 15 дни
Boku no picooo
Akira Chan
Akira Chan преди 15 дни
2:37 Domics invented Among us....
bommer преди 16 дни
"I won because you trusted me, and I took that trust and said *fuck you*, I actually wasn't closing my eyes when you went to hide, *bitch*!" *god*
Squeegy Beckenheim
Squeegy Beckenheim преди 16 дни
So cute and funny! :)
LANGIT 556 преди 16 дни
We can cheat without being detected nowadays :/ I guess stealth +100 On tests
MylifeYT преди 16 дни
3:26 he sounds like kermit
Alicia Vazquezg vhgxtx
Alicia Vazquezg vhgxtx преди 17 дни
Naruto reference 0:39
happy days
happy days преди 17 дни
this reminds me of when i was in 3rd grade and i cheated at four corners at the end i was called out so we re-did the last round and i didn't cheat i still won tho so did i learn no...but yes.
GrapeSpaghetti преди 17 дни
lmao ye get him hit em with the ol' one two! show him that heart give it all u got!
The pigeon lord
The pigeon lord преди 17 дни
My girlfriend broke up with me recently because she caught feelings for someone else. I’m honestly fine with that, but the lies she told to cover it rlly pissed me off.
Spike 365
Spike 365 преди 17 дни
I’ve never had a gf to cheat on ever I lonely
Anmar's Gaming
Anmar's Gaming преди 18 дни
I don’t cheated
Egor Chuprov
Egor Chuprov преди 18 дни
2:38 Among us in progress
_ PäwzyDräwzy _
_ PäwzyDräwzy _ преди 18 дни
Omg yes
prince charming
prince charming преди 19 дни
amy winehouse
yeet on my teet
yeet on my teet преди 19 дни
Boku no Pico
Irish Potato
Irish Potato преди 19 дни
Bro I cheated on my homework so much I’m surprised it hasn’t left me
Siraj Garoot
Siraj Garoot преди 19 дни
02:24 I'm pretty sure he is taking about among us
KOJIN преди 19 дни
2:39 he predicted among us!
Kelsey Richardson
Kelsey Richardson преди 20 дни
2:40-We didn't know it but here, Among us was born.
cyberfish Gaming
cyberfish Gaming преди 20 дни
Pls support my channel
NoW tHats A LOtTA dAMagE
NoW tHats A LOtTA dAMagE преди 20 дни
2:39 ....among us in 2017???
milk bukx
milk bukx преди 20 дни
I can't cheat because we're literally only 4 students in the room😓
U Mad?
U Mad? преди 20 дни
‏‏‎ ‎
Cruz Stratton
Cruz Stratton преди 21 ден
Using cheats in GTA makes the game more fun but only on offline mode
Some Random kid
Some Random kid преди 21 ден
My teacher lets us use our note book on tests
Cannon Train
Cannon Train преди 21 ден
1:47, looks like he’s wearing a banana costume......
Paresh Jailall
Paresh Jailall преди 21 ден
2:36 Where my Among Us players at
Tameemah Nabil
Tameemah Nabil преди 22 дни
Bro he literally describes all bollywood movies no joke
Leo Eßmann
Leo Eßmann преди 22 дни
Welcome to the categorical imperative
Lightning преди 22 дни
"Cheating on relation ships" Tbh what is that?
Hopping H
Hopping H преди 23 дни
Ok lets all be real though. That drawing of Sasuke with the sharingan eyes was epic.
Mari Velez
Mari Velez преди 24 дни
2:38 among us in a nut shell
Mark Murimiri
Mark Murimiri преди 24 дни
2:37 I saw white vent and kill on cams
Christian Gaming
Christian Gaming преди 25 дни
Yo comics found amount us before it came out
Meme Lord productions
Meme Lord productions преди 25 дни
2:50 what if you finish the game and your bored so you cheat to have more fun
Fan Girl
Fan Girl преди 25 дни
I cheated on someone..... My exam and my home work
Shevger haear
Shevger haear преди 26 дни
The monopole prank was good
Richard Zhang
Richard Zhang преди 26 дни
I just go hacked in my Among us game and I nearly won
Ricky chen
Ricky chen преди 26 дни
0:28 no words just 0:28...
Wintertail преди 27 дни
3:05 "You're just a dirty hacker, aren't you?"
Mr . Fish Knigtralus The Fish Faced
Mr . Fish Knigtralus The Fish Faced преди 27 дни
The ones that use hacks is noobs
Team КГБ Canal Oficial
Team КГБ Canal Oficial преди 27 дни
2:37 Predicted Among Us Kills
C O R N преди 27 дни
Remember kids! Don't go Netflix and chilling with the wrong girl!!!
gekyume 18.06.2018
gekyume 18.06.2018 преди 27 дни
2:36 man predicted among us
Andrew Grosjean
Andrew Grosjean преди 27 дни
Can you please just not say bitch in your videos.
Michael Paypa
Michael Paypa преди 27 дни
I'm happy because domics know boku no pico, I'm not alone
Chelsea L
Chelsea L преди 27 дни
Yesterday my mom threw up in my dad’s car on the way home from my sister’s flag performance.
Marwane Radi
Marwane Radi преди 28 дни
1:24 that joke made me subscribe
Todos Locos
Todos Locos преди 29 дни
Baron Bushido +2 proficiency to anyone who gets that reference
Zannatul Atia
Zannatul Atia преди 29 дни
2:39 it's AMONG US!!
Golden Holden
Golden Holden преди месец
He’s so passionate about this topic he’s running out of breath
Nino Bien
Nino Bien преди месец
Netorare you mean?
poopy boi
poopy boi преди месец
3:26 Kermit?
Tyler Real
Tyler Real преди месец
2:38 Domics knew about Among us all along
KING LION преди месец
2:51 Sasuke
Cam W
Cam W преди месец
This is really hard for me to admit but I have uno🤣
lucutes преди месец
5:29 lol
•Devaa Chan•
•Devaa Chan• преди месец
At 2:39 Nobody, not even a soul Among us player: " I guess innersloth was inspired by this video, huh..."
Ninth Seeker
Ninth Seeker преди 6 дни
Triggered Dominator
Triggered Dominator преди месец
I never cheat
I Forgot My Name
I Forgot My Name преди месец
Every. Speed. Runner. 3:19
devin rockwell
devin rockwell преди месец
That speedrunner joke was funny (and accurate)
MrYoutbeGiveMeAVid преди месец
2b2t 2:41
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