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IPlay4Pro преди 2 дни
Corrona be like
Thee ArtSee
Thee ArtSee преди 5 дни
When my dad or mom tell me to find things I don’t need or use or want then when you come back in an hour you will see half of my room non existent. But when my mom or dad tell me there gonna donate them.....I will hide them till we have a yard sale if it’s something that I think will give me some money sure I’ll sell it but if it’s some pare of worn out shoes then I’ll donate them...
Balagadag Esports
Balagadag Esports преди 5 дни
Being sentimental is a filipino passive skill
Balagadag Esports
Balagadag Esports преди 5 дни
Hoarding to filipino is so relatable
mohsina ashraf
mohsina ashraf преди 6 дни
*domics talking about beyblades*............................. I DID EVERYTHING HE DID TOO!!🤩🤩🤩
ASiriusHpFan преди 7 дни
We have the same parents....
Yay Donut
Yay Donut преди 8 дни
Bro in school, I take off the metal pieces you open the soda cans with and just leave hanging there, and I put it them on my school ID.
zom kat
zom kat преди 8 дни
nails wepons of mass of destructions
Vietti_58 преди 9 дни
I mean like i keep gifts from my ex only becaus i want to have that memorie how she was my first love
R 0 D X G 0 D
R 0 D X G 0 D преди 9 дни
Nadia D.A.
Nadia D.A. преди 10 дни
This is so realableeeeee
Pizza Cåt
Pizza Cåt преди 10 дни
I hate when moms throw away ur stuff bc they dont see u use it like my mom threw away shoes i dont wear but i was planning to wear them this 1 day and AHHH MY OUTFIT GOT RUINED
Waddles преди 14 дни
Yes, longganisa paired with rice and sunny side up egg is called a longsilog in the Philippines
Ziva Animation
Ziva Animation преди 15 дни
Nah Iam in 2020
zachary Donegan
zachary Donegan преди 15 дни
I do the same thing and I also collect junk I really shouldn’t be wasting my money on
ZOMB13BOY 21 преди 16 дни
Did the exact same thing with my beyblades
Fantasy Angel
Fantasy Angel преди 16 дни
My grandma is such a hoarder that she will NEVER clean her house but if you do she loses her mind. She threatened to break my fingers over bubble wrap. She would qualify in an episode of demestic hoarders 🙃
Young Talan
Young Talan преди 18 дни
I’m just chillin watching doms old videos😂
I think is uhhh Carrot
I think is uhhh Carrot преди 18 дни
My dad
The_Lonely_Hufflepuffle_3614 преди 18 дни
Domics:Hmmmm...... Hoardor Me: Hmmmm.......Whore-door
JazzyGaming 91
JazzyGaming 91 преди 19 дни
Relatable (I had spring rolls for lunch one day and people stared at me) I’m Vietnamese/Chinese/Australian
Megan Ashley Pangan
Megan Ashley Pangan преди 20 дни
I love that singing session
Slaten Bridges
Slaten Bridges преди 20 дни
I'm 12 and I still love beyblade ever since I was 3
TrashDragon преди 28 дни
The song killed me
Lint Edgybun
Lint Edgybun преди 29 дни
You hoard stuff like girls hoard insults. If you complement a girl they don’t care but if you call a girl so much as slightly over weight they will remember that forever. Because elephants never forget
Lint Edgybun
Lint Edgybun преди 27 дни
Makka Pakka dude you should have inverted her pelvis
Makka Pakka
Makka Pakka преди 27 дни
I remember I was hanging out with my friends. One of my friends invited this girl who I didn’t know that much. So in my group of friends we like to make fun of each other. The girl did the same making fun of others. So I said your obese as a joke but I don’t want to explain why it was funny at that time. Then she responded with “Do you know how rude it is to call a girl fat?” And then she started trying to punch me for 15 mins
InsertNameHear69 преди 29 дни
Astro Drizzy
Astro Drizzy преди месец
this shit hits different in 2020
Phoebe Lam
Phoebe Lam преди месец
Hahaha that parody is great
Phoebe Lam
Phoebe Lam преди месец
The gift doesn't define the gifter, and they prob tried to get something that you like so obv you would wanna keep it. Honestly for me idc if ppl keep gifts from their exes
{*.a e s t h e d i c c l o u d.*} art
{*.a e s t h e d i c c l o u d.*} art преди месец
0:34 I literally relate to this to the word
Erwin John Animations
Erwin John Animations преди месец
SuchyBober преди месец
pronouncing word hoarder is like (the legendary one) RURAL!
J-Genius преди месец
When beyblades were the rage kids at my elementary kids would launch them sideways so they would roll sideways and bash them against stuff(they beyblades were made of metal), but one kid did it near a basketball court and the beyblade got under someone’s foot somehow and they tripped HARD on it, I think they broke an arm or lost a tooth or something I don’t remember, but anyways the kids were not allowed to bring them to my elementary school anymore. That’s my story bye.
Gale Bogino
Gale Bogino преди месец
Can I please have the Bey blades
RemiDoesArt преди месец
I’m Afraid if horders
Suma L
Suma L преди месец
**Opens closet and everything falls out**
T T преди месец
You just legendize part of your world for hoarders😂 that's aesthetic.
Better Cup Is Dumb
Better Cup Is Dumb преди месец
I hoard every drawing I make and keep them in a box.
shriya koulaskar2009
shriya koulaskar2009 преди месец
how many exs do you have ??
Claudia Baci
Claudia Baci преди месец
Completely agree...if its smth you like who cares its from the ex
curious gamer
curious gamer преди месец
Same. Just hoarding stuff that I might use for some unknown future project.
mrminecraft 3000
mrminecraft 3000 преди месец
a tunstin ring thats the strongest meatal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mouse bm
mouse bm преди месец
Eat later yrp
ChrNX преди месец
Welp now my mind has been changed I’ve hoarded everthing
Just a Random Youtuber
Just a Random Youtuber преди месец
never had a relationship
I Franchise
I Franchise преди месец
i had like 50 beys and i dont do anything with it ill use it when someones wanna 1v1 me
thedosalegend преди месец
The beyblade one is me lol I would pick up stuff on the ground at school or in my house and ask my mom or dad it they needed it. If they don’t need it, i would use it and some hot glue to stick it onto the tip of my beyblade I was born after the plastic gen (2006) but grew up with the metalsaga with gingka and whatnot, that was my jam.
M•A•X преди месец
Beyblades are the god
CubicMind преди месец
I ended up getting a new ring after i broke up with my ex. I like the look and i keep all her notes and things she gave me in a box i rubber banded shut
Mr.Spoon025 преди месец
Yes I remember Beyblades. Those were the days.
Topaz Nightengale
Topaz Nightengale преди месец
Is it weird I hoard boxes? I have like 50 empty boxes laying around my room because I assume I’ll need them for something later😅
manav dhamecha
manav dhamecha преди месец
2020 be like This video
Amethystave преди месец
BGcd said that hoarding was recommended for me
ЕРНАY преди месец
Русские есть?
Alessandro Capurro Lladó
Alessandro Capurro Lladó преди месец
it might be quite ambiguos
No One
No One преди месец
BRUH sop it get some help look acho neck braaaa
TNT Blaster
TNT Blaster преди месец
Gurl: where did you get that from? Me: a great friend of mine gifted to me I never dated
DrexYiii преди месец
Nanana, It was just'a gift from someone'.
G S преди месец
I have never had a gf
gavin the creater
gavin the creater преди месец
Any one else realize Mei hatsumes from bnha season 2 reference
Bottle Boi
Bottle Boi преди месец
Guess I'm a hoarder
Jo* Azta
Jo* Azta преди 2 месеца
OH.MY.WORD! what a coincidence
lemonboy • 9 years ago
lemonboy • 9 years ago преди 2 месеца
Never had an ex or a girlfriend
Jaylen Casson
Jaylen Casson преди 2 месеца
Lol 3:50 look like pp head
Jaylen Casson
Jaylen Casson преди 2 месеца
I hoard all my toys, simply because I have a poor memory and they help me remember special moments.
PhanderWasTaken преди 2 месеца
My whole family is a horder. They each hord stuff
Alana Bochmann
Alana Bochmann преди 2 месеца
Yep same trouble oh hording and I’m gonna have to let go being as We need to move next year; the ex thing I have no idea I’ve never dated
dude gaming productions
dude gaming productions преди 2 месеца
19,000th comment yay
Blue ray 54
Blue ray 54 преди 2 месеца
im a terraia hoarder I also Trash my sand and when i need it i have to run to the desert so now im afraid
RioluGaming 50
RioluGaming 50 преди 2 месеца
Heck no the temple of airjitzu is my favorite set of all time I don’t care if my ex gave it to me I’m keeping it in tact forever
TrashcanOnLegs преди 2 месеца
I have so much random things because I just don’t like to throw stuff away so my room has no space for new things
sir madam
sir madam преди 2 месеца
3 years too early
Dr. Butterscotch PhD
Dr. Butterscotch PhD преди 2 месеца
I have a ring from a ex and I keep it cause it looks cool it's a nice shiny black
xxxtentacion Still alive
xxxtentacion Still alive преди 2 месеца
3:42 I got every beyblade in the world no lie black dranzer the red dranzer lightning l drago Meto l drago and all the beyblade burst
ᅣ ᅲᅢᅧ홋 내구 ᅥ믇ᄂ • 98 years ago
ᅣ ᅲᅢᅧ홋 내구 ᅥ믇ᄂ • 98 years ago преди 2 месеца
once as a kid I kept my train tickets thinking it would be valuable for like 2050
Sadge Gowey
Sadge Gowey преди 2 месеца
No way I am a bit of a hoarder too and don't like wasteing stuff ps. I'm mostly of native American-indian decent.
Wa Meng Xiong
Wa Meng Xiong преди 2 месеца
...oh this was three years ago? I thought it was just this year...bummer... Well, time to share...
Genesis Rodas
Genesis Rodas преди 2 месеца
I keep everythin because think of the hard workers who made that plush
mr. waffles
mr. waffles преди 2 месеца
never sell boxes its stupid just say box not this special item box because who would want a specialised box
100 subs please please
100 subs please please преди 2 месеца
Domics is one of the best consistent animators out there
Emma Angela
Emma Angela преди 2 месеца
4:56 🤣
Definitely Decided name
Definitely Decided name преди 2 месеца
Dominic: inhaling sound The world: oh no
milky_biscuits преди 2 месеца
I have 200000 plushs yes I counted them sooooooo help
Orochi's Life -
Orochi's Life - преди 2 месеца
Everyone: says I'm a hoarder Me: owns 61 beyblades
いちごミルクStrawberry milk
いちごミルクStrawberry milk преди 2 месеца
5:25 no, were in 2020 with covid-19 and quarantine
chris cooley
chris cooley преди 2 месеца
hey have you ever wahcht my hero akeadameya
Wolf_oo1 преди 2 месеца
lol omg me too i have lots of shit xD
Afnaan Sharif
Afnaan Sharif преди 2 месеца
Afnaan Sharif
Afnaan Sharif преди 2 месеца
Andres Arroyo
Andres Arroyo преди 2 месеца
Hell yes beyblades i got like alot of them (most confiscated from teachers)
Charlie Tarter
Charlie Tarter преди 2 месеца
Hoarder Hordor Mordor where the shadows lie
warrior from the deep web
warrior from the deep web преди 2 месеца
Can't believe this was uploaded before 2020
Wednesdayz Suck
Wednesdayz Suck преди 2 месеца
I also used to make a lot of trash metal but then my mum threw them away
Chresola преди 2 месеца
I would just say it’s a gift than if she proceeds then I’d tell her it was from an ex. If she didn’t like it I’m the same as Domy
marianne placido
marianne placido преди 2 месеца
Ohhhhhh.longanisa is my fav breakfast
Gaean Castillo
Gaean Castillo преди 3 месеца
“Have it and not need it and need it and not have it” sounds like a fucking life quote.
Alison R
Alison R преди 3 месеца
My sister HATES clutter but for me, at least half my belongings could be considered clutter (eg a book I liked as a little kid, a pretty wine bottle that I found a year ago, random wood cuttings from DT, clothing and necklace hand-me-downs I plainly don’t like/don’t remotely fit but maybe I’ll feel inspired and turn it into something else/adapt the sizing or maybe I’ll grow to like it)....and she also hates messy rooms (which mine is often). So we always have a constant battle of her wanting to tidy my room and me being too scared to let her cos she’d judge all my belongings and maybe throw some away.
Alison R
Alison R преди 3 месеца
In year 4, I kept the wood cuttings from DT because it seemed wasteful to throw them away when it was perfectly good and straight plywood albeit in weird shapes and I constantly thought I’d find some purpose for them if I decided to do DIY or something. I think they’re still in my cupboard over 7 years later...
Yandere Neko
Yandere Neko преди 3 месеца
Ok the pogs video and this video made me ask if you're a Filipino
Yandere Neko
Yandere Neko преди 3 месеца
Ok the pogs video and this video made me ask if you're a Filipino
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