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sunflowersひまわり преди 15 часа
i wanna be taller. a- i hate getting mistaken for a kid, especially when your japanese and people call you a ‘loli’. an overused nickname of mine is, ‘cute little tsundere loli’. FOR FUCK’S SAKE im 4’3 and 15
Kenaz•ω• преди 16 часа
*cries in 4'7*
svtgarnet преди 17 часа
I totally lost the genetic lottery.... I'm turning 18 next month and I'm 4'9 It is literally the worst thing ever. People don't take me seriously, they usually think that I'm 12, I can't find clothes that fit me. It really sucks, I've cried several nights because of this because the worst part is, I can't change it.
SmartDog преди 18 часа
Now u r 30 Boomer 😂
Mary Marcelyn Mateo
Mary Marcelyn Mateo преди 22 часа
I'm more shorter 😊
Milk Bread
Milk Bread преди ден
"Wh! hh! Wah! Oh dear! When did this happen!? I must have been unaware of my physical appearance for the past 26 years of my life! How could I be so blind?! Thank you, from the bottom of my hear, why a stranger I had just met. Thank you for enlightening me with your brilliance and informing me of this important and highly relevant matter! I will now indulge my time into this epiphany that you have bestowed upon me."" Mhm
Mad Existentialist
Mad Existentialist преди ден
I'm 4'11 and 15 ahhh it sucks im hoping that i'd grew taller when im 18
weep freind
weep freind преди ден
Hey Dominic my name is dominik
The Carnotaurus King
The Carnotaurus King преди ден
Im happy im short
Kingofdark777 преди ден
I’m 13 my younger bro who is 10 is as tall as me and it’s so annoying he just comes in my room to take my clothes because the fit but he is fat though
Kingofdark777 преди ден
He is 48 kilograms
Ethan Molar Gonzalez
Ethan Molar Gonzalez преди ден
Dominic? Domnick is my middle name.
i'm wifin' justina valentine
i'm wifin' justina valentine преди ден
I stopped growing at 12 or 11. You'll get used to it soon enough.
i'm wifin' justina valentine
i'm wifin' justina valentine преди ден
I stopped growing at 11. 😂
Kirk Yuri Malveda
Kirk Yuri Malveda преди ден
Me: 5'9
Bloodhound преди ден
You would be considered a antihero, not a superhero but not a supervillain either
Richie.Kaspbrak преди 2 дни
if i had a pound every time someone called me short i would be poor
ZAYAN.E.X. E преди 2 дни
Luke преди 2 дни
So how short are you?
Uk Bantz
Uk Bantz преди 2 дни
I used to get called short all the time, but through quarantine of 6months of literally sleeping, I had a massive growth spurt. I’m 16 btw
Mad Existentialist
Mad Existentialist преди 8 часа
@James Quinn thanks!
James Quinn
James Quinn преди 17 часа
@Mad Existentialist I wish you the best 👍
Mad Existentialist
Mad Existentialist преди ден
Whoa i hope i get the same grow spurt and reach just the average height of 5'4 im from the philippines btw and im only 4'11 😢
James Quinn
James Quinn преди ден
@Uk Bantz yeah I remember that happening to me over a summer, I was about 5’5 and I grew to about 5’9. I’m 16 now and a little under 5’11.
Uk Bantz
Uk Bantz преди ден
@James Quinn like 5’10 but I was like 5’6 before.
Loukik Kadam
Loukik Kadam преди 2 дни
I'm small too between children's of my family..
Garbage zone
Garbage zone преди 2 дни
Nice mob psicho 100 reverenc
Jack Of Hearts
Jack Of Hearts преди 3 дни
I'm 5'6 and I feel like I'm short ? Is it short . ?
simmo blox
simmo blox преди 3 дни
14 yrs old and 4 ft 9 -_-
Risc преди 3 дни
Me: luaghs in 6’9 I’m not actually 6’9
Ilike Chesse
Ilike Chesse преди 3 дни
Bro if i get a dollar for a time i get called fucking small i would be rich as fuck boi, but who calls me that they get punched or just hurt ;)
Weeb_7 преди 3 дни
Me . Tallest girl in class That one girl who is the shortest and has the AUDACITY to ask me "Can I have 10 inches of you, ma'am ? " Idk how she don't feel embarrassed or kind of awkward.
Weeb_7 преди 3 дни
This includes that weird feeling that she is asking to be more than friends.
Jimin's Armpit
Jimin's Armpit преди 3 дни
Jimin's Armpit
Jimin's Armpit преди 3 дни
I bet I am short than 97% of people here. (I'm 149cm)
Leanflare преди 3 дни
I’m 18 and my life would’ve be so much better if I had been 20cm taller. People who don’t think height matters to both genders are completely ignorant. If I was taller I would’ve had lots of friends, a girlfriend, and an overall better past 5 years. All I can do now is cope or rope.
AviorStudios преди 4 дни
im 4'11'' :'( but im still 12 :D
Bunny Mask
Bunny Mask преди 4 дни
I am sorry but I am tall I can't relate 😂😂
Letong Xu
Letong Xu преди 4 дни
I'm tall I'm 156 cm in middle school :)
UvUxn преди 4 дни
I'm that walking lamp post...
Raelyn _.
Raelyn _. преди 4 дни
Me: have height 4'2 My lil sister: 4'8 Also me: I hate my life..
Renza Iris
Renza Iris преди 4 дни
I related a lot to the first minute of this video as a tall girl
Anonymous преди 5 дни
gloria kim
gloria kim преди 5 дни
cats in gaming
cats in gaming преди 5 дни
Well I'm screwed once I go college
cats in gaming
cats in gaming преди 5 дни
When I become 20 have to crafts for adore so then I have to buy toll doors to catch in the house
cats in gaming
cats in gaming преди 5 дни
You stop growing at 24
SeriousBeaver55 - Zombies
SeriousBeaver55 - Zombies преди 5 дни
I'm exactly 5 ft tall *W O W*
SShort преди 5 дни
I’m also short
I Am Nalaiko
I Am Nalaiko преди 5 дни
bruh lowkey its kinda annoying being tall
I make trash videos
I make trash videos преди 5 дни
When I was a kid I was very tall I'm not bragging just saying.
justin davis
justin davis преди 6 дни
i got called you are short 10425 times and i got called a potato 127065 times and i counted it
haakaza преди 6 дни
im 20 and im 5'3. bruh
Leanflare преди 3 дни
@haakaza It probably doesn't happen in non-western countries.
haakaza преди 3 дни
@Leanflare seriously? but most of asian people is under 6’0. ah damn. im far too short
Leanflare преди 3 дни
I’m 5’7, anything below 6 feet is considered short.
Job Tungol
Job Tungol преди 6 дни
Hello Domics Iam a Filipino too
Lia Brooks
Lia Brooks преди 6 дни
laughs in 5’3 all my friends are 5’6 and above
Nixツ преди 6 дни
0:30 look ate his eyes
Zaid Hernandez
Zaid Hernandez преди 6 дни
Yunno what....vegata is a manlet...I mean he's like 5'5 and has lots of muscle.... he's my role model
ThisIsGamming преди 6 дни
im 14 and 5"7/8 ish
Aimee Winbush
Aimee Winbush преди 6 дни
Dominic: complains about being short Me, a tall girl: pathetic
omerowo преди 6 дни
Litterly me
Eekker преди 6 дни
peoples comments here have made me at 5'5.5" feel tall
Måns Soleus
Måns Soleus преди 6 дни
I'm in taekwondo to
OGEA Din преди 6 дни
1:58 your talking like prince ea
Nandini Guleria
Nandini Guleria преди 6 дни
i am a girl 13 years and height 5 ' 7 its good at times but also bad at times and i can totally relate with the clothing part i half of the time take all my clothes from men section same goes for shoes but they got pretty good style, bigger unlike he girls clothes literally so shortttttt in length...{sorry if i am being offensive}
Jed Edward Gomez
Jed Edward Gomez преди 7 дни
Cause we are filipino man!
Just Clapzz
Just Clapzz преди 7 дни
I'm so short its unbelievable. My dad is 5,8 and so will I be. All my friends tower me. I just hit 5 foot and all of my friends are at least 6 rn
Elijah Hsu
Elijah Hsu преди 7 дни
yo this video is my life story
Gabriel Jimenez
Gabriel Jimenez преди 7 дни
Im 5 feet 5 inches and im good about my self :) Yes im tall and im 11 almost 12 in november 23
-_- преди 7 дни
It’s really fun getting laughed at in front of my entire school for being short No, no i don’t have feelings of hatred to myself because of that Definitely not. I do.
TMRapp преди 7 дни
Not to flex but i'm 69 inches tall
Aish Thapa
Aish Thapa преди 7 дни
When people look my baby hands even tho I'm 21 Le people 👁️👄👁️ awwweeeee
Monetization lol
Monetization lol преди 7 дни
Be careful with shortness comes great thickness
Ebrahim Albanna
Ebrahim Albanna преди 7 дни
i am 158 and u?
Sebastian Arvellino
Sebastian Arvellino преди 8 дни
If I got a dollar when someone call me short, I. Would be broke
mdnrkhan 1629
mdnrkhan 1629 преди 8 дни
Do you buy clothes from kids section?
Cyrowyd преди 8 дни
My brother 5,8 My sister 5,5 My mom 5,4 Me 5,6 17M I am a late bloomer because I haven grown a mustache/ beard yet so maybe??
slix преди 8 дни
I always parkour lol in the kitchen
slix преди 8 дни
If someone tries to mess with me I got da boiz
slix преди 8 дни
This is exactly me but I don't eat much cuz I don't stfu
Uma fujoshi
Uma fujoshi преди 8 дни
When your parents are short you are short, but your brother, for some reason is tall, he is adopted.
Ravation Chris
Ravation Chris преди 8 дни
Short people are jokes. Hehe short people.
Jozer73 преди 8 дни
Who else is watching in 2020
Keyara James
Keyara James преди 9 дни
*Laughs in 5'3 at 11*
Renan43 преди 9 дни
I am 3cm taller than dominic, this means I'm tall right?
aes преди 9 дни
Greggnog Fernandez
Greggnog Fernandez преди 9 дни
I dont mind my height im short but i dont care
Selma Khaldi
Selma Khaldi преди 9 дни
1:48 tobio be like:
Melwin Barreno
Melwin Barreno преди 9 дни
I’m a Filipino and I’m just like domics hahah u know what I mean right??!!
lale Oezkaya
lale Oezkaya преди 9 дни
It’s been 4 years, did your height change?😂
Ancient Aspirer
Ancient Aspirer преди 9 дни
Sir over there you're buying women's shoes. And me as a girl with large feet gets shoes from men's section. But no one can really tell the difference. They look mostly the same.😂
EXAdam преди 10 дни
Wow same goes to me Im only 15 and My height is 5 feet..😐
Manali K or just Manu.
Manali K or just Manu. преди 10 дни
*park jimin has entered the chat*
Aaron Miguel Nagal
Aaron Miguel Nagal преди 10 дни
Dom in Canada: I am Short Dom in the Philippines: Hey, I'm on average height.
giulian’s art
giulian’s art преди 10 дни
I’m 4.10 I’m also 9
Original преди 10 дни
so relatable
Ason Frederick
Ason Frederick преди 10 дни
When i feel bad about being short i just remember kevin heart has a smokin' wife.
Ju Ki
Ju Ki преди 10 дни
I accept my size after a person annoyed and insult me for a year. Luckily I saw this person only one day in the week. (We were in the same school club) I hated this one day so much. But I told no one about him and I thought " The next time this person will be nicer to me". After a year he stopped comming in the club and I was happy about this ending. Now he is in my class and he ignores me and ignore him. I hope we can clarify it someday.
Ju Ki
Ju Ki преди 10 дни
Everyone in the commnts: I'm so small! Me: How much is one foot in meters?
ima lemon
ima lemon преди 10 дни
im short too
Izabela Pereira
Izabela Pereira преди 11 дни
Me: *laughs in 5'2''* that's just so accurate
Someone Someone
Someone Someone преди 11 дни
I'm 5 feet, 4 inches. I'd say I'm average for a 14 year old.
pert преди 11 дни
Im 14, only 5 feet tho
Rigved mumbaikar
Rigved mumbaikar преди 11 дни
Thanks for this video Dont know BGcd suggest me this video sp late
Ramon Hadisoemarto
Ramon Hadisoemarto преди 11 дни
Im short, have short parents, i do Taekwondo, do Breakdance i literally thpught ur talking about me
Mitsuba Sousuke
Mitsuba Sousuke преди 11 дни
Im 4'11 and I want to murder everyone who calls me short.
werdzom преди 11 дни
im short but with big hands and big feet...
Digit преди 11 дни
My friends dad called me short stack at my friend’s birthday party.
Rauhal преди 11 дни
Hey Dom, You're kinda short
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